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I am debating about joining a running club ($$$). I can use the challenge but running is also something I like to do alone after a stressful day or an early morning wake up. Has anyone made the switch from solo to group?
Joined: 8/13/2010
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What are your experiences with running clubs?
Posted: 12/19/2010 6:43:50 AM
I just started running and joined a club. I loved it, we ran only once a week and the other times I ran on my own. It's a lot of fun running in a group.
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What are your experiences with running clubs?
Posted: 12/19/2010 7:17:14 AM
It costs that much?

I'm sure every running club can be different but I know some that don't cost much, nor have too many rules.

I run solo and if I wanted somebody to run with I'd find someone. Sorry I'm not of much help. But if you feel you need the motivation, by all means do it.
I also like the relaxation aspect of running. Which is another reason I don't want to have too much structure around it.

The Running Room has bi-weekly, free group runs. People split up into different groups each according to their abilities. The runs start and end at the various store locations.
It's free so you might want to check that out, and maybe find a partner you could run with at other times?
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What are your experiences with running clubs?
Posted: 12/19/2010 9:03:41 AM
Oops, sorry.

I'm afraid they don't have stores in New-York. They do in a few states but not in New-York.

Well, there might be other stores or associations doing similar things. You wouldn't have to sign up for anything, or at least not pay for anything, and get group runs.

Hope you find what you want
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What are your experiences with running clubs?
Posted: 12/22/2010 7:29:20 PM
I used to walk with a GBLT running club that had a bunch of walkers attached to it. They were one of the nicest, friendliest groups of people I've ever met. You didn't have to be an official member to run/walk with them, they welcomed everyone. Of course, they hoped you'd become a member and membership gave you certain privileges. They are called Front Runners and I know there's a group in New York. It's $30/year and you don't have to be gay, just gay-friendly.

I don't know if other running clubs will let you run with them without paying, perhaps on a trial basis. If so, you could try it for a little while and see how it works for you. If not, you could try running with Front Runners and see if you like running with other folks and if you do, either join them or a different group.

I walked with Front Runners for about ten years. I was in a lesbian relationship when I joined, then split up with my GF. Then I met a guy I really liked. I was worried that when my gay friends found out, they'd shun me, but they were wonderful. Not only were they accepting of me, at one point I was encouraged to run for president of our group because I'd been involved for quite some time. I declined because I couldn't take on the responsibility but it was a real testimonial to how accepting a group they were. "We don't care who you are dating, we just want you to be happy." they said.

Eventually my work schedule interfered and I haven't walked with them for several years but I still keep in touch with some of them.

I liked walking with a group on a regular basis. Our local group runs two evenings and one morning (Sat.) a week. Depending on the size of the group, people will break up into smaller groups depending on their abilities. When the group is small, they will try to have a length and pace of a run that includes everyone. Sometimes those who want to run further will run with them and tack on extra length at the end. When the group is larger, people will split up according to their abilities. Your participation in anything is up to you. Some people are very regular and dedicated and train for marathons, others are less regular or more casual about it. All of them are friendly, supportive, and encouraging. They're a great group of folks. I don't know what other running clubs are like, but these were some of the finest folks I've ever known.

Good luck.
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