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 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree huggerPage 1 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Part 1

It was right before midnight
there was nothing better to do
but stare out the window
and drink my rum and coke
I called for you
For 20 min I yelled for you
but you never came home
I wonder if those dogs got a hold of you
or did the loggers get you

You showed up at my door step
when I first move here
I rose to the occasion
and gave you my soup
The next day
you where in my lap
making those funny noises
now I sit here and wonder
where have you gone?
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 1/27/2011 6:23:25 PM
Part 2

It has been four days
I left a rotisserie chicken out for you
It was still there when I got home
I think I'm going to poor a drink
damn bottle s empty
no way to get to town
Man I m starting to miss you
the way you play
that noise you make
every one told me
that your kind are thieves
I know all you wanted
was something to eat
tomorrow I'll go out
and look for you'
hmmm where?
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 1/27/2011 8:54:57 PM
Part 3

The snow
its falling hard now
i can hardly see out the front window
my electric
its gonna be through the roof
I'm so bored
maybe I'll work on some writing
here is some thing
I think its a Haiku

Its another day
just like every other day
not a lot to say

winter snow is on the ground
wind is blowing all around
the tree's sleeping sound

There leaves are missing
there is not time for fishing
spring is worth wishing

new life will emerge
years of memory's are purged
soon the seasons merge

I like it
Its getting late
still no sign of him
not sure what to do
I guess I'll just sit here and wait
It's the DAMN waiting
Just so you Know,
the dog got your rotisserie chicken
I'll leave another one out to night
Just in case you can read
my thoughts
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 1/28/2011 8:57:05 AM
Part 4

I got up early
to look for you
the wind
it was blowing
as it usually does
in the mornings
I thought I saw your tracks
in the snow
by the little clearing
but the snow covered them
there is such a siclence
like death
a blanket covering me
There is no sign of you

I walked for an hour
all over the woods
I'll look for you tomorrow
damn look at all this snow
my ears hurt
my feet are cold
I think I'll have some coffee
take a hot bath
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 1/28/2011 6:36:52 PM
(read on read on) es
Part 5

The dream I had
would not go away
The thought of hunting season
invaded my head
as I woke from
a sound sleep
What if hunter got you?!
I could just see some one
making a hat with your fur
it was just the other day
I herd the dogs
I went out in the snow
Looking for you
for two hours

what was that?
I herd shots
I fear the worse
Joined: 5/27/2004
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 1/28/2011 8:08:16 PM
Dangit...I love this guy!

More! MORE!!
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 1/28/2011 8:42:54 PM
(ok ok)

Part 6

I walked to work today
its was snowing hard
I waked the road this time
Hoping I would find you
Maybe you got hit
by a car
I was thinking your
dead body would be
lying there, somewhere
on the side of the road
vulture food
food for maggots
and dogs
the wind hurt my eyes
I could hardly see
maybe I missed you
I walked all the way to work
In this crazy snow

I stopped by the store
bought another bottle
The Trader too
I was thinking
I would build you something
When you come home.
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 1/29/2011 2:07:37 PM
Part 7

When I got to work
the lock was frozen again
I couldn't get my key to fit
froze my ass off for an hour
before finally getting in
It dawned on me while
I was looking through
the microscope
I haven't seen
or talked to anyone
in two weeks
No wait three
Dr Auston, I think
was the last person
I've spoken too
in a while
its empty
in here
just the rambling
of some cages
I'm invisible
Damn someone left cats here
I hate cats
they kill things
maybe I should call some one
maybe tonight
when I get home
Have a drink
a smoke
try not to think of you
I Hope you'll be there
when I get home
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 1/29/2011 4:10:46 PM
Part 8

I see your not home yet
I gota lift from this guy
I couldn't understand a
thing he said
lucky it was only 5 min
he kept telling me about
a bolt.
some of these people
they don't call it the
Appalachians for nothing,
wow there an e mail
from a chick
its that indigo child person
she brings back memories
they called me that
an Indigo child
don't know how old
I was
I was a child
they put a
prob in my head
I still have a the scare
I tell people its a birth mark
from as long as I could remember
I was goin to a D R
They'd hook things up to my head
take blood, x ray me
make me take tests
with blocks and
charts, graphs
they even made me go through a maze
asked all kinds of questions
even questions about
my dreams.
then they'd
give me drugs
I had to take a special bus
and go to the special school
not the one for stupid kids
the one for the really
special kids
the really really smart ones
The MGM programs
we study things like how
to build a rocket,
the cosmos,
human anatomy
I'm only 8
Then when I was 14
I told them all to
shove it up there asses
and got the hell out
I've been trying to
be normal ever sense
Maybe I am special
I've always thought
I could talk to animals
like they could understand
what I'm saying
Its a feeling
something deep
When I was 20
I was waking with
this chick named Debbie
and a stray dog got hit
right next to us
I walked over in
with a knot in my stomach
I felt like puking
I grabbed it
and held it up to me
and wished
for it not to die
I really wished hard
it stood up and ran off
One person freaked
started calling me Satan
A Devil worker
Debbie just stood there
so maybe there somethin to that
I don't know
I know YOU can hear me
I know you can hear
my thoughts
Good night be safe
my friend
Ill look for you tomorrow
Joined: 5/27/2004
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 1/29/2011 4:53:28 PM
Loving it so's a river of cold oatmeal, expired salsa and some pearls of wisdom tossed in for flavour.

This is the kind of stuff I dig.

Keep 'em coming, pardner.
Joined: 1/10/2010
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 1/29/2011 5:01:27 PM
I wish POF had a "LIKE" button like Facebook does... I would have hit it!
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 1/30/2011 7:47:03 AM
thanks you :)

part 9

I woke up to sunshine
a scratching on my window
could it be?
Damn its only a bird looking
pecking at the glass
The sun feels good
I haven;t seen you for a while
warm my bones sun

Sunshine on my face
Wrapping my body in warmth
Rays caress my soul

just something I thought of
No singe of you
I quite putting chicken out for you
a week ago.
The dogs kept getting it
Its a good day for a hike
Ill go check that tree you always
use to climb
Id walk through the woods
you would leap on my back
scare the crap out of me
then run down my paint leg
scurry up another tree
you sure where happy
out there.
I really should call my dad
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 1/30/2011 10:16:37 AM
Part 10

I'm out in my woods
I love my trees
there huge
that's why i bought this place
the trees
I Think there pretty smart
when the weather gets bad
they go to sleep
for four months
out of the year
then they wake up and make babies
until it gets cold
when it gets cold and miserable
well back to sleep
sound like a perfect life
I love this place
its a perfect playground for you
last an axe came through here
was 1901.
way before my time
way way before your time
way before anyone I know's

You can see the difference
the other properties
there trees are puny
I use to get letters
from lumber companies
when I first moved here
asking me if
I want to
sell my trees.
Id write them back
I'd get a little index card
and write two words
F*ck you
Then mail it back to them
It gives me a chuckle
I think they got the message
I haven't got one in a while.
The only thing I see
right now is white and
sun shine
no sign of you
I think Ill head back to the house
That guy shot that bear
gave me all that meat
He said he shot a coyote too
ask me if I wanted that
It was a young bear so I took
the meat
I really need to call my Dad
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 1/30/2011 10:07:10 PM
(thanks )

part 11

Its getting late
I think your trying
to talk to me
Your thoughts invade my thoughts
I cant stop thinking about you
I m going to take a hot bath
I love sitting in hot water
takes me back
Back to The Hot springs
I would call that
the good ol days
but I would have to
force my self
Today are the good ol days
You would like the hot springs
you like water so much
its hot water
just right water
you would Dig it
Imagine you walking
around the hot spring
with me?
The chicks
I wonder if you
would get me chicks
the chihuahua
sure didn't work
I spent many a day
at the springs
deep creek hots springs
I miss that place
I think that is the only thing
I miss about cali
Those were some good days
just soaking in those rock pools
relaxing drinking a beer
The sound of the water
shhhhhhhhhhhh awesome
It was always a happy place
good energy
Hot water seeping out everywhere
it was like a tropical paradise
It even had three very dwarfed
palm trees
and oasis
in the middle of a desert.
I had plenty of good times there
I only lived 3 min
to the trail head then,
20 min to the springs
Down the dragons backbone
Then down MO FO
to the springs
and relax
I can tell you some stories
about that place,
I lived there 13 years
Dave, me and Dough
then there was Rhonda
and Vaness
She gave a pretty good massages
We called ourselves
the Capricorn club
we where all Capricorns
Our birthdays lasted
Yes and then there was Andrea
she was well......
that's another story
that was a while ago
its all good though
Besides Andrea
Dave was the last
person I saw
of that
social club
There was a guy
wonder what happen to him
He a opened a pot club
just a little outside
Vince Beach
medical marijuana thing
big deal in
That was his baby
that was what defined Dave
anytime you had a conversation
with Dave
you where sure to discuss
the Pot club.
The Feds came in
busted his balls
put him in Jail for a day
and told him to standby
we might press charges
He was paranoid for years
they never did
He lost all his pot though
When I last saw him
he stopped by my place
in the village
gave me his rock collection
told me he was
headed for BC
not sure where
I think he said
outside of Vanderhoof
I'm not sure
He heard that you could just
go there and pick out a piece
of land and homestead it
for like 20 bucks
He herd the Canadians don't
hassle you there for pot
He was gonna grow a garden
Start a new life
I wonder if he's been deported yet
Sorry I'm just rambling
its getting late
You know
I can feel you are here
your sprite
If you where dead I think your sprite
would come back here.
Well I'm going to bed
be safe where ever you are
good night
Crap I forgot to call my dad
I have to remember to do that
I hope the sun's out
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 1/31/2011 8:24:27 AM
Part 12

When I woke up
my house sounded
like it was melting
dripping everwhere
the sun is out
the icicles where
shrinking in mass
I look out my window and
what do I see
There it is
I'm so glad to see you
Land land land
There's land
right in front of my
Not just a little patch
but huge stretches of it
No snow just a little
I haven't seen you for awhile
Im going to
embrace you while your here
There's rumor
of another storm
and then you will
be covered white
I always say the key
to a great day
is to soak in a hot tub
when you wake up then
soak up some sunshine
with a good cup of coffee.
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 1/31/2011 8:54:32 PM
Part 13

Hey Im home
Guess we have a Goat
I got home from work
and there was this
God Awful noise
coming from the
Hollow (holler)
It sounded like a baby
being butchered
from the toes up
I mean really
It was horrible
worse scream
I ever herd
I get down there
and there's a goat
tied to the tree
My first thought
was food
you can eat goat
but there's a note
I open it up
and it reads

Hi This is my Goat
Her name is Faith
she hurt her leg
My dad was gonna
kill her
They say you help
Could please help her
we love you.

Then there this picture
a photo
of this little 7 or
8 year old little girl
with the goat
Both are
glowing and happy
kids all smiles
and I swear the goat
is smiling too
so nix the food Idea

I owned a goat once
That was a while ago
when I lived with Karen
back in the day
when it was cool
to just live together
not get married
well Karen decided to
do the 4 -h thing with
her kids and they bring
this goat home.
We had it for as long
as it took the good
lord to create the world
7 days
On the first day goat created territory
Guarding and bucking everything in site including
my neighbor
on the second day goat created a feeding place
dividing the side walk into the pooping place
and eating place
my neighbors side being
the pooping side
my side being the eating side
On the third day goat crated car art kicking in
the neighbors car doors and hood
on the forth day goat created creative gardening
by eating my neighbors garden
On the 5 th day goat created water holes
by kicking a hole in my neighbors
water tank
on the 6th day goat looked out and saw
that it was good
On the 7th day goat was dead
yep walk out
there it was
feet sticking strait in the air
I only thought that happened
in the movies
so that my experience
with goats

The dogs seem to like
this goat
I guess where stuck it
at least for
What's a hippy
without a goat
If you where here
you would play
with her
that would be funny
a goat and you.
the only thing
Goats smell
Joined: 3/18/2008
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 2/1/2011 5:00:04 AM
'what is a hippy without a goat' true...
and maybe this time this goat
will like your neighbor too.

enjoying your sharing.
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 2/1/2011 10:03:48 AM
( how do you like your bear cooked?)

Part 14
Another Day
Its so good to see you
sunshine for another day
Wow an E mail
Its from that indigo child chick
she is nice
I like the pic
the one with
the purple hair
wow she has a lot to say
somebody that writes
not just three or 4 lines of
meaningless babel
but complete sentences
means she's a thinker
huh a thinker.
I wonder how she would like you
I wonder what she would do
if you jumped on her back
like you did me

Wow I 't is awfully quiet out there
I don;t hear the goat
Usually I here the goat
I better go check on her
What he hell
The goat has managed to
tie herself complexity up
hog tie style
Just laying there silent
for the slaughter
I don't get it
When you can walk
around and do what you want
eat what you want
you yell and scream
for attention
but when your bound
and should be screaming
you just lay there
I don't get goats
aw man forgot to call my dad
really need to do that
Oh ya
I left some of that bear
stew out just in case
well you show

 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 2/1/2011 5:46:03 PM
(Cheereooo )

Its all about sacrifice
you give a little
you take a little
The other day
I called in sick
I wasn't sick
really what happen
The sun was out
and the color green
my favorite color
was everywhere
and I went out side
and sat in my camp chair
and felt the rays of the sun
caress my face
and I fell asleep
and when I woke
I was 39 min late
so I just called in
temporary spring fever
my bad
well today get to my car
and somebody has ran into
it with a 4 wheeler
no note
just a dent.
I guess pay back its a B I T C**
its all all about sacrafice.
Had I'd gone to work
no dent
instead soak up sun
have a good day
I guess it was worth it
I hope that a 4 wheeler didn't get you
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 2/2/2011 6:16:52 PM
Part 16 part 15 up there ^ gotcha POF

The bear stew is missing
that was the first thing I notice
when I woke
Did you eat it
the dogs have been inside
Was it YOU
You usually knock when you
come around
I was going to call my dad
but i forgot
He's doing old man things
at the beach
He's in 80's
I'll have to wait to call him
Today would be a great
day to call in sick
I think I have learned my
I thought I saw your tracks
wondering off into the bog
The snow is gone
just a little patch
here and there.
I need to go to the store
all Iv got is
some pickled eggs
a chunk of slightly moldy
sharp cheddar cheese
from Vermont
a half of box of stale saltines
and three cans of sardines
in mustard sauce
I'm out of everything even
dog food.
I think Ill get you a rotisserie chicken
Need to get some water too
Last night was rad, crazy
I did not think it would
ever stop
it was the BEST
The storm
I love powerful storms
I thought of a poem
while I was laying
there listening;
this is how it goes

Strong wind blowing through huge trees
Branches cracking, falling down
Loud thunder cracking, booming
Lightnings blinding light

Lightning hits trees makes toothpicks
Splintered wood flies like shrapnel
Steaming smoking Burning wood
Lightning, death for trees

Thunder Echos Shakes the ground
Thunder Gods smiling downward
Sounds of distant thunder nears
Young trees love big storms

so that is it
its called a
a Japaneses
I love
 eddee shaw
Joined: 7/24/2007
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 2/4/2011 7:42:03 PM
I left some cat food in bowl
it was still there
in the morning
I think you
have gotten spoiled
to many rotisserie chickens
I guess

that word
I think its the most
positive word
in the world
Think about it
when you here
some one say
usually you are smiling
Its the most positive word
for sure

I once knew this man
he was a Mineconju lakota
type of Suez Indian
I'm 1/4 blood, Nez Pearce/ Pomo
met him dancing pow wow's
in one of those
multi - nation gatherings
I worked wildlife Rehabilitation
at the time
I turned him on to
big deal if your
an Indian
ask any of them
His great grand father
lived with him
Indians are
very family
orientated . they
take care of there old
its there thing
They called him Grandfather
He looked 100 and 30 but
really like 99 Nobody really
He had long
silver gray
dark sun withered face
like leather
with deep wrinkles
small honest eyes
That shown
through the generations
of time he witnessed.
He was a Heyoka
medicine man
he still believed
in the ghost dance
He spoke his native tongue still
knew the lango
One day
I was working with
a Red tail Hawk
after securing the creature
He came up to me chanting
and burning sage then place
a very old necklaces of beads
around my neck
They where from the Spanish
His great grand son some what
told me that
He thought that men
who stand with Hawks
are very wise men
to know. He was
I still ware the beads
I still feel that honor
every time I touch

Got another E mail from
that girl
She has really
good things to say
When I read
her e mails
I think
of that
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 2/5/2011 7:06:56 PM
part 18

Took a walk in the wood
I thought I'd have another look for you
had a conversation with he trees
about God the bible
some times a
tree will give
you good input.
I've Read the
I mean really I've read
starting from In the Beginning God Created
The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all Saints Amen
not just once not twice
Many times,
That what you do
when your really
really Bord
and you have
not seen a soul
in two months
and your seeking
and the only thing you have
is a bible.
I don't recommended it
doing it that way.
Reading the whole bible
cover to cover
20 times
not good
Leaves you with questions
One of the first
questions I have
Is how killing your son
not just killing him
but Crucifying him
That is one of the worst ways
to die
If you think
about the process
if it were up to me
Id conquer sin
in a different way
I guess I don't get
the whole sin thing
Some Indians told
me once they did not
know sin until white man
brought it to them.
Jesus He seemed like
pretty cool dude
I think we could
use him around
here now
you know healing
making wine out of water
doing all the cool stuff
he did
If he was still here doing all
that stuff
people would believe
I know a lot people
think he is here
and Invisible
the Holy sprite thing
I'd just like to see it
Must be the science thing
Ive got going on
analyze analyze
That is what I do
Enoch He's my Favorite character
in the bible
I really doesn't say a lot
about him but what
it does say is powerful
it just says He walked
with God and
God took him.
but really I have never seen
miracles describe in the bible
although I delivered my daughter
and that was a a miracle
Iv seen Lightning hit a tree
turning it to splinters
that was a Miracle
Iv seen Double rainbows
and those where miracle
So that was my conversation
with trees
tomorrow new day

I should try calling
my dad
he's probably back
I had the weirdest
dream last night
about that Indigo
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 2/7/2011 8:42:21 AM
part 19

Hello house
hello dogs
hello goat
hello birds
Hello friend
I thought I herd you last night
I called for you but
all I herd silence
you usually come running
my mind is playing tricks
The Days have been nice
they go by faster when
they are nice
sunshine green again
snows all gone
its mild
almost warm
Been thinking of
a sweat lodge
There are willows
by the creek
I just need twelve
I use to sweat every day
keeps sickness away
It cleanses you
clears your mind
brings you to
a center point
I was tought this
by a Cherokee couple
Morning sun and Three Feathers
who over wintered
with me one year
These two traveled
by donkeys
Turbo and
Anna Belle
Most stubborn donkeys
on the Western Hemisphere
These Two spent there time
traveling up and down Cali
with there donkeys packing
tepee's and what ever they
need for the trail
Turbo was spooked
by a diamondback
reared and shoved
his leg through
a cattle guard
So I let them hole up
at my place in the
It was a good winter
Morning sun tought me
While Three feathers
read poetry.
we hunted
and gathered
prepared a garden
sang lots of song
played lots of music
a very Magical
Turbo Got Better
Then April came along
They left and headed
for Lake Tahoe
I m sure we will cross
paths again
if not now well
in the next
maybe in another lifetime
Here's some Cherokee
Oh see yoh
suh no day
day lay ga la sss
Nay he
ooh jay hee
knew go he luh ee
Ooh hah
yea he ss dee
Oo hah
yea he ss dee
Cherokee song
played with a
I keep tripping
on that dream
My dad
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 2/7/2011 7:34:30 PM
Cherokee phonetic spelling of the above song


If anyone knows Cherokee
 eddee shaw
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Ramblings of a confused tree hugger
Posted: 2/8/2011 8:35:03 AM
Part 20

Last night I looked out
over the meadow.
I thought I saw you
way out there
the green glow
of your eyes

Flying around my
my porch light
was a moth
Just fluttering around the light
something besides
I watch that thing for
an hour.
just fluttering
Then I asked it
a question
When is spring
it looked at me
and said
Do You think
I'd be out here
if I was gonna
freeze to death?
and then it called
me a dumb ass
some moths can
be rude
Animals speak
really they do
I learned how to
predict earthquakes
from birds and ants
and storms from ants
and trees
and wind storms
and tornadoes
from butterflies
and dragonflies
and any jay
will let you know
when there's trouble
ravens and crows
will tell you where
there is something
good to eat
and show you
where there is
listen to silence
and emptiness
that will tell you something
wild fire coming
blizzard .

Be safe my friend
I hope your listening out
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