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So I used to go to this goth-ish type club. Had some friends who got me into it, they served really good bourbon, and I was in my mid 20s, having a good time. Great people there by the way.

Once a month they'd have their "Leather and Lace" night. Most of the time they had a volunteer or two that'd set up a "Torture Garden" on a raised part behind the bar. People would stand in line to get their hands tied up to this tower thing and get whipped (generally having a choice of gender of who the whipper would be).

So I figured, what the hell. Gotta try it once. Twice to see if I like it. Three times to make sure. So anyway, on the fifth time I'm strapped up on this, there's this little red head gal strapped to the other side all moaning and getting into it, and I'm thinking, "this hurts, there's no pleasure in it."

So that's when I found out I'm not into S&M, just sayin'. A friend of mine commented that it took someone else having a good time with it to convince me and makes fun of me because of it. Good work conversations to say the least.
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