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I can see why he liked taking time to set things up exactly as he liked.

You see, placing a body a specific way wasn't just about his pleasure in doing so, but in my pleasure of feeling it as well.

Eyes blinded by silk and mouth gagged, you are left to feel only with your remaining senses, heightened pleasure, making you squirm as you feel the rope on your body...stomach flipping with the anticipation of every touch, fingertips grazing my skin for a second makes my mind race of where else those fingers will touch...I pray soon.

Hands bound together, like a praying Madonna...

Pulled up towards the sky

Back arched opening up my body to receive what ever other pleasures he might bestow upon me in this vulnerable state and position. Nipples hard. A trickle of wetness runs down my excitement obvious...

I can hear him moving around me, breathing hot heavy breath upon my body...a body thats senses seem nearly ready to explode at any contact.

But I know better...for I am to stay put...don't move...let him look...see me as I am.

Spread out upon a table for his viewing and pleasure..

For you see, it's not about's not about's about him observing the beauty of a body bound by his hands the control the power...and I know if I am good and do what im told.

I will be rewarded.
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Bound An Erotic Short Story
Posted: 7/5/2012 10:23:52 AM
Nice! I's NOT always about the sex! It IS about the mind working overtime and being that largest sex organ we have! WELL done!
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