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Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 2
the upside down slide backwards from the bottomPage 1 of 30    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30)
that's one of my fave writes of yours, booboo
I adore merry go rounds and bounce houses, too

I ain't got too much to say
but, I reckon that's okay
sometimes less is better
double helix that and twist the ladder

pretty much on a mission to find the best local fish taco
corn or wheat are both great but hold the cilantro
tortilla's don't stick tween your teeth like bread
and shrimp fajitas really ain't all that bad

Zappa said that the Greeks don't want no freaks
pretty sure that's false since ya dance with me
oozo tastes like black licorice if I spelled that right
c'mon, c'mon all spongedivers unite

the cucumber sauce is what makes a gyro
toss it all inside a nice warm pita, yanno?
what's that that y'all say about lamb?
graze 'em on garlic and it's better than ham?

I ain't a catholic but I'm pretty close
I'm just missin the holy ghost
ain't jesus's fault
I reckon ya can blame it on the pope
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 8
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/12/2011 3:12:45 PM
guess it's just us again, booboo.
yanno you ain't ever gotta look for love while I still got a breath left.
to me your heartbeat is more golden than any treasure chest
now, back to the blues..
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 11
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/13/2011 2:35:11 PM
she does it on purpose
I don't even bother gettin haircuts
perfectly manicured eyes
startin' just below her thighs
I gotta get a sign that says "don't tease the doggie"
and all women should wear sundresses.. yes, please
Joined: 12/20/2008
Msg: 12
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/13/2011 8:20:30 PM
My god she writes like Hopkins.

Final Flight

At the summit
exulting in my strength
I strode, reckless,
out onto the high ledge,
feeling fey
with all of the mountain
holding me high as if the conquering hero
held aloft by the freshly subjugated

Then it took me
the wild wind of this white world,
its icy howl
sucked breath from body
and shook my spirit and sanity
in a searing ecstasy of pure sensation.

My body, battered by the blast,
and I am cast,
rough over winter's white waves
down towards the canyons gape

Far below somehow still alive
I struggle to survive the pain,
my body shattered
I hear, suddenly from on high,
clear above the tumult, a cry,
wind ripped, wild as this storm
a great eagle soaring high,
riding rippled wings

Oh my heart sings,
to see this glory of the sky,
valour and joy flying high
immersed in,
indeed, part of this tempest

Tears stream, as her clarion cry,
is flung defiant into the heavens
her spirit rising high above those that plod this earth,
She calls us out
and I with wounded limbs gasping
cry, my final request.

Grant me the grace of your soaring spirit
for this, my final flight
so that I, can fly defiant,
singing this same raptors rapturous song
as I am taken into the night
and the void of all knowing

David Cale
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 18
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/15/2011 2:41:25 PM

Who's Hopkins? I tried to e-mail dude but apparently you don't like American chicks doing that.

Ain't that the cat from that Jodie Foster movie, Booboo?
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 20
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/15/2011 4:07:46 PM
it's really quite amazing
that I can spell chihuly, actually
ya can pretty much chalk that one up to P
I only hang out with women smarter and prettier than me
Joined: 12/20/2008
Msg: 22
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/15/2011 9:26:44 PM
Charles Manley Hopkins who wrote with a flowing style where you would not want to take a breath and pause in the middle of a poem.
His most famous poem was called "The Wind Hover"
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 26
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/16/2011 9:36:46 PM
you bang your head again, darlin?
told ya ya never gotta look for love while I'm still breathin
ain't got no arrows but I'm great at foot rubbin
burnt my quiver hangin out with cupid
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 29
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/17/2011 1:47:50 PM
and some of us ain't got a backspace button that ain't worn out.
and that insert button really sucks when ya hit it.
I keep my fingers away from that side of the keyboard.
dunno, booboo.. I'm just kinda bored

Pretty sure that invitin' Annie wasn't a mistake tho..
think I'd serious member up to watch that girl go
know what I mean?
I mean, seriously

ain't no league
it's all about intrigue
and beauty is in the eye of the beholder
I'm still bettin' on the river

texas poker is simply a hospitality
shove it all in lately?
guessin it takes more than a quarter and pullin the lever
chuckee cheese has got that shyt covered
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 32
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/19/2011 3:55:52 PM
maybe.. but you could drop me off in nebraska and I'd find my way home..
just so yanno
I only bothered readin you
canadians don't tip anyway booboo :P
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 34
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/20/2011 2:28:45 AM
yanno I'm just hangin out practicin rubbin feet
some nerves are dermal and others are deep
yup, I taste ya everytime I sense vanilla
got the whole house filled with candles

I make ya belly laugh and rub your back
feed ya off the grill so I don't pop your stack
dip ya like my doughnut in a steamin hot bath
don't think I even need to add anything to that..

oh yeah.. and I don't need eyes to see ya, booboo
I close 'em and look inside ya like a stevie wonder tune
no problem lovin ya blind.. yanno I got your scent
this might not be great.. but, look at whatcha spent :P

Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 39
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/21/2011 5:41:05 PM
booboo likes johnny cash

I Was There When It Happened Lyrics
Artist: Johnny Cash
Album: Johnny Cash With His Hot And Blue Guitar

There are some people,who say we cannot tell,
Whether we are saved or, whether all is well;
They say we only can hope and, trust that it is so,
But I was there when it happened and I guess I ought to know.

Yes, I know when Jesus saved me (yes, He saved my soul),
The very moment He forgave me (yes, He made me whole);
He took away my heavy burden (yes, He took my sin and),
And He gave me peace within (gave me peace within).
Satan can't make me doubt it (he can't make me doubt it),
It's real and I'm gonna shout it (I'm gonna shout it);
'Cause I was there when it happened (oh, my Lord),
and I guess I ought to know (yes, I ought to know).

Now, I don't care who tells me, salvation is not real,
Though the world may argue, that we cannot feel;
The heavy burdens lifted and the vile sins go,
But I was there when it happened and I guess I ought to know.
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 42
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/22/2011 5:07:07 PM
I surely do love you, booboo. ain't even a question to me.
doesn't matter if anyone else understands us..
I ain't warmed up one lick. see if I can ramble somethin, tho..
pretty dull here. ain't promisin nothin..
kinda got Gypsy in my head with that hurricane down in the islands too.
guess she's a big girl. still worry though.. goes with the unconditional.

Dueling Banjos has already been done. Dueling Easels ain't.
That one's mine when I get in the writin mood folks. Claimin that one
right here and now. Ain't never needed a copyright myself.
I'm just entertainin' booboo, not tryin' to gather wealth.
Only mentioned about a 100 times that I only write for one person at
a time if I want anything to come out decent. Get a few people in my head
and it's really hard to write songs. Even bad ones. I simply can't multi-task.
Women seem to be able to do it all day long without even thinkin about it.

Reckon I ain't tellin nobody nothin that's news.
And ya really gotta focus when you're writin blues.
If ya ain't got wet cheeks while you're writin it, ya sucked.
Tell ya that before ya get started.. no need to wait til you're done.

yeah, I ain't got nothin..
too kicked back to even butter a muffin
got too many people in my head
can't get focused, like I said

dunno how many times I've said I have the best women on the planet
tellin ya somethin else right now too.. that ain't no accident
rule number one is never lie to 'em
then ya ain't gotta recall whatcha did or said

right ladies?
finally startin to get warmed up anyways..
I don't foresee writin duelin easels tonight
but, what the hell.. tis monday right?

rule number two is kind of a triple
happy tummy, good rub, and shut up and smile
most of the time the less ya say to a woman the better
and fellas.. I'm tellin ya.. half of our comments they don't think are clever

battin a 1000 here now.. :P

rule number three is kind of a no-brainer
it's really important to be best friends with your lovers
those are the ones that you remember forever
shoulda figured I'd slide a lil blues in here somewhere

yeah.. copyright this. hahaha
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 46
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/23/2011 11:30:46 AM
whatcha talkin about, willis? you're already ready.
anybody told ya that you're beautiful lately?
tampa bay's like a lil soho now plus dali
and they built a huge new museum just for chihuli
bout forgot where I was at.. I'm 20 minutes from Ybor City
ya can view the street art while ya dip a cuban in your coffee
that place went total freak art with the invention of the yuppie
I ain't been there for awhile 'cause I ain't had the proper company
you'd love it though.. you see art made out of anything
got a couple festivals where they close off the streets
yup, gonna start up a tour service just for the geeks :P

edit: shoulda been an R in geeks..
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 48
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/24/2011 11:40:23 PM
well, P says I ain't notorious, I'm nafarious
and I reckon she knows me best
cinderella wears rattlesnake boots the way I write it
guess ya never met a modern day debutante

you're about to though..
fixin to take booboo to the ball
just gonna drop her off cause they won't let me in
guess they got issues with guys drivin pumpkins
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 49
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/25/2011 4:59:41 PM
well, that don't look right.. I know how to spell nefarious..
wonder if I did that on purpose..?.. who cares, I guess..
yeah, you try writin this shyt sans spellcheck
I ain't gotta worry cause lil boo's got my back

Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 51
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/26/2011 12:41:29 AM
what's a book, booboo?

got the blues on and I still ain't got nothin
startin to suck too cause it's almost the weekend
ah, nevermind.. only booboo understands
might have to recruit sarah to give me a hand
(you're really gettin good young lady.. I ain't a critic.. but, yup)

well, changin my income to 150,000 didn't change too much
could make it a million and I'd still only attract the touched
guess that'd sound better if I said the rubbed
might as well put my hippie pic back up

maybe I'll go sit in a lobby somewhere and read a cosmo..
I mention these ten buck dark shades are sportin bifocals?
I ain't much into oakleys and lamborghinis
close my eyes and I see wild mustangs, baby

gonna have to check in at the outer banks
prolly need a wet suit but I'm cool sans tanks
wanna be my tour guide come next season?
or do I gotta use the concierge at the local tavern?

hahaha got myself laughin there, darlin..
I'd better quit. :D
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 54
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/26/2011 1:37:21 PM
yeah.. booboo's bday is sunday. I WAS workin up to that. :P
now I've no clue what kinda cake to bake ya now, darlin..
yanno baklava goes straight to your boobs. angelfood.. yeah, that's it
nah, down here we prefer biscuits..
bout forgot you're experienced at strawberry shortcakin
homemade whipped cream is definently decadent
pretty sure there's some of those negative calories in that
if ya eat aphrodisiacs it simply burns off fat
where the hell is jack lalanne at?

kk.. booboo's bday is out of the hat
the line starts here to kiss her sweet ass
open the presents and then cut the cake?
this is premature oralation.. her bday's sunday
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 55
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/27/2011 3:27:50 AM
still a day too early for a bday party
guess this is a hurricane party
hope those scrawny horses don't get washed away
sad enough they don't toss 'em a few bails of hay
yanno I'm gonna have a pocket full of sugar cubes
lil boo can ride 'em while you film for utube

film still a word?
has anybody heard?
I've still got some 35mm that needs developed
fell outta my memory drawer and I've no clue what's on it
the next query I receive will no doubt be "what's a darkroom"
I can see it comin already.. the times they are a changin, booboo
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 59
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/28/2011 1:32:39 AM
mornin, darlin. happy birthday.
I've been waitin to write you a special card and this is whatchu're gonna get.
I don't have a clue what it's gonna say either yet. It's a surprise party. :P

got reservations just over the border in tennessee
is this kinda short notice to ask ya to meet me?
ya can dam.n near walk over so's I can rub your feet
guess my head's in johnson city and not at the beach
(this ain't gotta be good.. I tell booboo she's special everyday)

prolly ain't a cyber flower girl.. are ya, darlin..
be kind of a waste of time sendin ya a dozen of 'em
and I'm still sittin here with absolutely nothin to write
so, figured what the hell.. bed and breakfast outta state?

ain't a single problem takin ya home to meet my kin
you and lil boo'll fit right in
these women all carry a wooden spoon around just for guy whackin
the fella's and me gotta camo our beers.. that's why we're out grillin chicken

yup, even go to church with y'all on sunday
guess if I don't catch on fire it'll be ok
maybe even deep fry y'all socialites a turkey
wo wo wo... stay away from the kitchen, ladies!

guess it ain't much of a birthday song
but ya can come home with me anytime ya want
everybody already knows ya and loves ya
that's why I'm out drinkin from the trunk with the fellas

just realized that I'm half trained already
just ain't been whacked with a wooden spoon lately
hey, that really stings
know what I mean?

never hurts to be administered a lil discipline
and god knows I require a strong woman
the kin'll all know why you're whackin me
ya won't even have to say a dang thing

this is writin itself now lol

talkin picnic tables with checkered clothes
pot lucks and lots of gals wearin hose
think they play texas hold 'em not bingo
dunno cause I'm out in the parkin lot with the fellas.. yanno?

we all know better than to show up stinky at church
get a couple of those spoon whackins and ya kinda learn
but that's what the tailgate party's for after the hail mary's..
tellin ya.. every gal around there has a wooden spoon at the ready

kinda dangerous for me to even ask for such punishment
but there really ain't any doms around here and I'm feral sans discipline
my kin all know this so it's a very open invitation
ya won't have to say a word bout why I'm tied up in the barn, darlin..

think I'll close on that.. happy bday, booboo.. but, pretty much happy everyday.
every single day. and don't worry.. I ain't gonna touch the shine.
might haul a lil in the truck but I ain't gonna imbibe.
that's a surefire way to get my ass tossed deep into purgatory..
told ya I was half trained already..
whatcha think? 1 or 2 weeks of therapy?
how many whackins am I requiring?
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 61
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/28/2011 10:19:47 AM
hey! booboo! Know why 77 is so much better than 69?
Cause ya get 8 more.

I still ain't got nothin, darlin. Sittin here tellin lawn boy bout hurricanes from
the past. We had 40knot winds yesterday and got 3 inches of rain. Just another normal summer afternoon in paradise. yanno? Glad you fared well too, cj.
Bout forgot jersey was on the shore. lol Dunno as I've ever seen a cane predicted
on such a straight arrow of a path. Lucky she died down before she got there.
I've seen 'em just stop in their tracks and gather up steam over the tropical waters
for days. Nobody knows where those are gonna go. Bout the only thing ya can do is head inland and wait. These things can cut islands clean in half. Prolly repeatin myself.. but, hurricanes are mother nature at her best. Nothin to take lightly.
Flash floods, storm surges, high tides, lightning, 150 mile an hour winds and she'll toss a few tornados in just for a lil bonus. Really ain't nothin ya can do cept be ready before she gets there and watch. Waterspouts are quite an awesome sight, too. Tornados filled with water. Sure booboo's seen a few. Plenty of sand between her toes.

I mention that I like pinky toe rings?
dunno why, but it's kinda one of my things
don't really need a reason for what's attractive
some shyt ya just call nature cause it is what it is
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 63
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 8/28/2011 3:17:50 PM
perfect example of me bein able to pay attention..
that was booboo tellin me to shut up without her gettin the spoon out
and stickin me back in the barn. moo
well, it was..
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 71
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 9/3/2011 12:54:00 PM
No Smoking. I'll tell lil boo sure as shyt..

You've always got me even if it's not in the biblical sense, booboo.
Goes with the unconditional. Thought I covered that, darlin.

headin towards the equator where there ain't but one season
had a few good ones already but that's another perfect reason
days don't matter when ya toss the calendar and change your name
Is this tuesday? nobody knows.. but, they say there's a chance of rain..

whatcha call those gals carved into the bows of sailboats?
anyway, when I get down there I wanna be the guy that carves those
think brizo told me once but I can't recall the word..
words ain't my first language, incase ya ain't heard..

prolly get a tat that says I'yam what I'yam
do the chicken grillin thing on the side at a tiki stand
maybe toss down a couple stanzas for the local band
gonna need a bow thingy model anyway and I know how ya tan

Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 74
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 9/5/2011 3:27:13 PM
lil late now.. but, mcd's has got a 50pc nugget for a 11 bucks this weekend.
I think it ends at midnight. Still got time to get a bucket of nuggets if ya run.
This is simply a public service announcement for those who are close to a drive thru and got kids and/or 11 bucks. Those suckers are good. Can I do a nugget ad on pof? Get lots of sauce. They're all good. Anyway, run if you're still tryin to figure out supper tonight.
Well, not run.. tis drive thru advice.
half y'all prolly got mcd's on your gps.
50 nuggets for 11 bucks. remember ya heard it here first.*

*disclaimer.. may vary by location.
Joined: 5/12/2006
Msg: 77
the upside down slide backwards from the bottom
Posted: 9/6/2011 1:15:14 AM
They should make a vanilla softener sheet for the dryer.. now that
ya got me thinkin, darlin. :D
Got a tube of rolo's now too.. all kindsa supplies on hand. hahaha

Still can't believe squeaky's flyin out to LA to be on judge joe brown, booboo.
Guess I should be glad it ain't somethin like jerry springer or dr. phil. I might
come up. yanno it? wowsers.. the company I keep down here by plant city..
gotta admit.. plenty of material when I get back in writin mode. tellin ya.. this is entertainment that just writes itself. Guess I should tell y'all a few tales about
some of the local "florida natives" that I've dated. Have to entertain booboo with that another time. Gonna be a long story.. been down here quite awhile now.
And I'm fixin to be in the mood to write some Indian Princess ditties.
That model from boston who lives across town's gotta couple comin, too.
yanno, the cucumber/melon one that love at first sighted me.
Want me to do this here or start a new thread, booboo? lol
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