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Yesterday I was listening to CBC radio and there was some discussion on an increase in sexual viruses among Albertans. The credit for the rise of sexually transmitted disease was credited to the increase traffic of online dating since 2000. In an effort to educate the public of the transmission of sexually transmitted viruses, Alberta health came up with Plenty of Syph:

The intro to the site goes like this:
Welcome to In moments you’ll be connected to plenty of profiles, greetings and genital sores from hot local singles infected with syphilis. There are number of fake profiles with specific viruses each carries. It’s pretty graphic and to the point.

Alberta syphilis awareness website parodies name of PlentyofFish dating site
CALGARY — Faux-dating site Plenty of Syph, part of an Alberta government campaign to target the province’s rising syphilis rates, tells people “to be a part of something infectious today.”
But it’s an ad campaign one company — real dating site, — doesn’t want be associated with.
Alberta Health Services, along with Alberta Health and Wellness, recently launched a $2-million awareness campaign that includes radio and television ads, as well as the Internet site,

The name is similar to, a Vancouver-based online dating site that boasts 32 million users worldwide.
“While we believe that educating the public about sexually transmitted diseases is imperative, such blatant disrespect for a private company’s brand is shocking,” Kate Bilenki, chief operating officer of Plenty of Fish, said in an e-mail. “I am surprised that we were not contacted prior to launch of this campaign for any sort of consent. “Whichever agency is responsible for this campaign is clearly very disrespectful. I would encourage them to come up with marketing ideas that do not damage a quality brand.”

Alberta officials stand by the campaign, suggesting they haven’t received any complaints.

“Alberta Health Services has not been contacted by, nor received correspondence from, Plenty of Fish,” Shannon Evans, spokeswoman for AHS, said in an e-mailed statement.

Alberta’s rates of sexually transmitted infections are the highest in Canada.
Syphilis has spiked in recent years, with 279 new cases in 2009 compared with 77 cases five years earlier and only two in 1999.

The Plenty of Syph site, which launched in early June, features a number of racy, fake profiles, mimicking a regular dating site to educate visitors about the infection. One fake user, beardedclam_69, a 19-year-old from Edmonton writes: “Let’s not waste time. I like doing things in person;-) msg me now and I’ll show you my 4 sexy tattoos, 2 hot piercings, and 50 small bumpy rashes on my body — and if your lucky I’ll let you graze your tongue over each and every 1!!! ”On the bottom of her profile page, a list of her syphilis symptoms is given, while treatment and testing centres in Alberta are also included on the website.

The campaign, however, has also angered users of the Plenty of Fish website, said the company, which shared some of the e-mail complaints it received with the Herald.
“I have watched you build your brand for several years, and have always been impressed with your business model, and couldn’t believe that a government-affiliated program would be so bold as to attach such negitive [sic] scare tactics to your hard-earned brand,” wrote one patron of Plenty of Fish.
Other users had similar complaints.

Dr. Andre Corriveau, the chief medical officer for Alberta Health and Wellness, said although they’ve heard a couple of “slight” concerns, he’s only gotten positive reviews from his colleagues. “People think that it’s quite innovative and unique, and it actually gets us some results,” Corriveau said, noting they’ve had more people show up for testing in both Calgary and Edmonton. “Those numbers are higher than they’ve ever seen,” said Corriveau, crediting the Plenty of Syph campaign and another one titled, Don’t You Get It. Research prior to launching the campaign told the province it needed an edgier campaign to appeal to 15- to 24-year-olds, he said, noting the young people wouldn’t respond to a traditional ad campaign. “That’s a group that is very heavily into social media,” he said. “(Researchers said) they live in a different environment and that dating sites were very, very popular, so if we wanted to catch their attention, using a mock dating site might be one way to go.”

David Finch, assistant professor of marketing at Mount Royal University, said the campaign is an effective way to attract the target age group. “It’s a very shock-centric campaign that cuts through because it is raising inherent questions with that target group,” Finch said. As well, he said parodying a company is a good way for promotion. “It’s an in-joke with that audience, so it’s very effective,” said Finch. “In that sense, you are leveraging someone else’s brand equity to drive your message. The value of parody works in that way.”

The campaign, which is the first element in a three-year action plan by the provincial government to target sexually transmitted infections, had 14,000 visitors in its first week.
The Calgary Herald

When I first heard this on the radio yesterday I was thinking of how much the name was similar to POF and the message it carries for those of us on this dating site…lol. What do you think about this campaign?

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Plenty of Syph????
Posted: 8/11/2011 9:25:16 AM
I haven't a problem with the campaign, although I wonder if targeting one of a great many such sites will get them some lawsuit grief ... but that's their problem if it does.

The general expection we read about on these websites, especially for those who have been in previous relationships, is to hurry into the physical phase. The 'Rule of Three' -- having sex on the third date -- is often cited, which to me is bizarre. I see no reason any new relationship, regardless of the age or dating experience of the participants, shouldn't follow the same common-sense guidelines we recommend(ed) to our kids or grandkids: wait six months to a year to be sure the relationship is stable and a good one, and then be strictly monogamous.

I like the idea of both partners getting current medical clearance for STDs from their doctor before becoming sexually active together. It is not only a safety feature and shows consideration and responsibility, but if anything emerges later on, you both know after when (if not from where) it was contracted.

Just my point of view, but to the main focus of this thread ... I think people need as many reminders of the risks and prevalence of STDs as possible. Then if they still decide to behave recklessly, that's up to them.
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Plenty of Syph????
Posted: 8/11/2011 9:56:48 AM
heehee. I saw some ad on the tv yesterday and it was a quick second but you hear him say "yeah plenty of fish has something for you alright" or similar.
It's too bad to drag their name into it, but I don't doubt it to have some truth.
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Plenty of Syph????
Posted: 8/14/2011 9:02:03 AM
interesting that there are no threads to be found in alberta or anywhere else for that matter.
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Plenty of Syph????
Posted: 8/15/2011 10:14:59 PM
The photo caption contest in the Metro paper of today was referring to Plenty of Fish. That was cuter I shall say.
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Plenty of Syph????
Posted: 8/15/2011 11:08:04 PM
those albertans are all a bunch of cowf*ckers.

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