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Joined: 6/11/2011
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings Page 1 of 2    (1, 2)
That was the day I lost my idealism, my innocence, my faith in my government protecting me, being truthful to me, and/or really giving a crap about me as a citizen. The things that happened that day were unimaginable....I don't think even a crazy movie producer could have thought up what those terrorists did.

I miss the old me who used to feel safe in my own country. I don't now.
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/10/2011 11:06:44 PM
such a sad day for so many...

i remember all those innocent victims who had such horrific deaths and feel for all the family and friends they left behind who have been scarred for life by the actions of 19 maniacal terrorists.
r.i.p. all...
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/10/2011 11:12:45 PM
In spite of having lived through other disasters, for some reason this was the one I had a hard time believing at first. We watched it on the news (living on the Pacific Coast then), and it was devastating to think about all those whose lives were so impacted. Not just those in the towers, but their families and friends, as well.
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/10/2011 11:57:01 PM
--hopefully this turns out to be a thought as much as it is and has been a feeling for ten years--

I really loved my friend Christophe. He was smarter than me by a long shot, funny, knew four languages even though he was American. He was learning Catalan, his fifth, when I knew him. He walked with a limp, some defect from birth that we never really talked about but caused him some pain. It remided me of an affliction from decades past...something that causes twisting. Polio maybe. But I never knew.

I laughed one day when he met me at the train station after a ride to my apartment in some dark neighborhood in Barcelona an hour away from where he lived. He looked like he was suffering worse than normal, or maybe walking with a gun pointed in his back, but in a fit of perfect Three Stooges timing, pulled a coat hanger out of his jacket that he had forgot to remove when got dressed. He waited the whole time just to pull it out in front of me and have a laugh. We taught together during the week, drank to excess a lot and were always together in Spain for the summer of 2001.

We had it figured out so well. We leave every three months. A quick boat ride to Morocco to look like travellers, not illegal esl teachers and near professional ex pat drinkers. We grab a couple other teachers, legal ones, Europeans for good measure and head for the ferry docks at Zahara. We hop the boat at 9am, get the all important stamp on the passport, maybe wander a bit through the markets of Tetuan, eat something if we're brave enough, buy a carpet or two to ensure safe passage through the market places and vendors, then back on the boat and back to a life we had dubbed, "all wrong but lots of fun".

I had been teaching at a university in the States, Christophe as well. We both had become what we set out to be, and both decided it sucked. We left the States within days of each other. We met in the kitchen of a hostel on our first night, drank wine, sherry, murderously intoxicating absinthe from green cups with sugar and ice. We watched pick pockets in the Placa Real work under Gaudi lamps hazing light into their dark corners. We stood where we were sure Miro stoood when drawing birds. We watched people near Els Quatra Gats pretending to be statues for money from tourists. We never once asked what the hell we were going to make of these impossible flings.

Sept 11 was another trip to Morocco day. 9am boat, land in Ceuta, battle some crowds hawking junk, drink some sweet as hell tea out of dirty little cups. We walked together with some other teachers, European girls. They liked us. We liked drinking. I think they were German. Christophe spoke German. I prattled along in Spanish. We wondered how anyone could live in Tetuan without a decent bar.

I remember walking through one packed streets with markets full of hanging meat and bird parts still feathered and bleeding. I remember very well a Moroccan kid calling me fat in Spanish. "Tu es gordo," he said and laughed with his friend. "No soy Gordo!" I said. He was shocked I understood. He said "Si, tu es. Tu es Americano". I laughed and never bothered to explain what Canada was. I had lived in the states for 10 years. The only people I ever knew or loved had been American. I loved America. What made me love it most was all the cruddy little shops in the wierdest corners of the Moroccan market that had Coke posters or Michael Jackson music playing....and my American friend who spoke so well to everyone and who's limp caused him so much pain while walking, shuffling, through strange markets on African ground. I thought of perfection in moments of unforgetable love.

We stayed in Tetuan longer than usual that day. We heard prayers on loud speakers ring through the city. Everyone stopped, bowed, prayed all in the same direction. We needed a drink and to get back to Barcelona, to the Bar Marsailla where we could drink with the usual crowd. The girls who liked us would come with us, we'd all drink together and know what it meant to be an ex pat. It didn't matter that we had classes to teach or bills to pay or lives we had dropped off the edge of a cliff from in our home countries. We had nothing to lose.

We walked back to the docks and heard celebrations coming from restaurants, mostly men, cheering, watching tv. We assumed futbol. Some guys called us names in English, Spanish and Arabic. Christophe caught all of them and translated for me. He was scared. He asked someone what was going on. We caught a tv in a restaurant for a minute, just enough to see the buildings on fire. It was just long enough to know that they would collapse, that people would be killed en mass. It was just enough of a glimpse to know that every little Coke poster hanging in and every Michael Jackson song playing around every little shack selling rotten meat in every manky corner of the world would for the rest of my life mean more to me than any flag ever could.

It took hours to get back to the docks. We had to run but Christophe couldn't and our German girlfriends left us behind for their own safety. They said they would call the police for us when they could, but I knew it wouldn't help. At the end, I carried him on my shoulders back to the port through allies and roads and streets that ran adjacent to the crowded streets. We saw people in their houses, eating, ignoring the action just outside their doors. Someone offered to drive us. We said no and kept up in the direction of the boat.

This should end fictionally. We should make it to the boat, realize our lives were ours to control and our destinies were in our own hands. It should end with us going back to our countries, pursuing our careers, our lives and our inevitable futures and finding happiness and joy but never forgetting fate and its allies. And somehow we would always look back at sept 11 as a day that changed us and the world forever. Put a bow on it.

But that's not what happened. We did take the boat back to Barcelona. We did make it to the Bar Marsailla that night. We had somber drinks with a few friends. Our girls never returned. We simply didn't have that much fun. We tried. I tried for several more months. Christophe drank more and more and I knew it was from pain in the many forms it took in his body. I simply couldn't drink enough to match him. It made me sick. By december I couldn't look another student in the face. Children, adults, anyone of any age who couldn't speak English was a death sentence to me. Christophe flew home to California the day before Christmas. By New Year's, there was nothing and no one for me in Europe and all I wanted so badly was to have a connection to someone and somewhere. I gave up, came home, finally watched what happened on endless news reports still cycling after three months. I understood none of it. I had nothing. I missed Chris so much. The fictional change that should have happened that day on the boat back to Barcelona, did occur. It's still occuring. It just takes time. Everyday I think, what next?
 Island home
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/11/2011 12:00:01 AM
Thoughts feelings and beliefs are what caused it
What has driven the aftermath

My thought feelings and belief tell me
Its more important to understand
Than to simply remember

The fact there were so few perpetrators and so many victims killed and traumatized
Encourages me to aim towards reducing the victims

My remembrance includes the wrong thinking on both sides
As well as the right thinking
To learn from it
To honor those that came before and those that follow
Joined: 5/16/2011
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/11/2011 2:38:06 AM
I remember I was working with babies at the time........I'd been playing with and hugging them all morning,but suddenly just fell to my knees and started just cuddling each and everyone of them. I remember feeling sad for the families who lost a loved one. I prayed A LOT that the rescuers would find more ALIVE than dead. On my hour break I called home and spoke to my Mom.......couldn't stop telling her I loved her. Ran out and bought Alan Jackson's "Where were you when the world stopped Turning" soon as it came out. Started watching more "I Love Lucy" and "Father Knows Best" reruns. It was SUCH a scary time. But,you renewed my faith in the American spirit. In the late 60's (my earliest memories) and 70's,you'd see the American flag waving proudly EVERYWHERE!! seemed like our American pride just fizzled out.As sad and heartbreaking as the circumstances for it WERE,suddenly,overnight,you saw American flags flying high and free and PROUD everywhere again....even from cars' antenias!A gararge just down the road from me spray painted,"We Will Never Forget" on the outside of it,complete with a flag. Toby Keith sang,"The Angry American" in honor of it. You STILL see flags waving proudly for us all.........they may have taken a LOT of irreplacable people and things (Twin Towers,for one) from us.but they can NEVER take our freedom!! I LOVED the chorus of "The Angry American"....."And,Uncle Sam put your name at the top of his list and the Statue of Liberty started shaking her fist,And the Eagle will fly,And there's gonna be Hell,When you hear Mother Freedom start ringin' her Bell,and it'll feel like the whole wide world,rainin' down on you,brought to you curtsey of the Red,White and Blue.". In other words...WATCH OUT! WE"RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT!! They may have stolen some precious,irreplacable things ,as well as innocent people from us,but they CAN'T take our freedom! That's what they want,but sadly for them (happily for US!)......they will NEVER have it! That's a cornerstone of our wonderful country,and....THAT's a positive (if you choose to see it this way) thing out of the whole mess.
Joined: 9/1/2006
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/11/2011 8:34:20 AM
I still get choked up and teary when I think of the moment when I saw the second plane hit the tower. The shock and fear was so very close to home for all of us.

One of the proudest moments I've ever had as an American was when I heard what the passengers on the third plane had done. They were so brave. They knew the plane they were on was about to be used as a weapon of destruction and they decided to die on their own terms.
Joined: 3/6/2011
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/11/2011 8:54:37 AM
i remember all of us coming together after 9/11, at least for a short time. i wish we could continue to be like that, but of course eventually the politics causes dissention. we are completely polarized today politically then we were 10 years ago. reading "Pittsburgh Vixen's" story overseas honestly made me cry this morning, like all the things that day 10 years ago came rushing back to me in a flurry. i don't think i realized that day the whole world was watching the events too. i was caught up only in the moment as an American citizen. we won't ever forget that terrible event, and we all must remain vigilent. life goes on but it is a different world after that event, innocence lost forever.
Joined: 10/17/2005
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/11/2011 11:09:56 AM
I'm a home health nurse and as I was traveling to my first patient that day I had the radio on in my car. I heard the report of a plane crashing into a tower of the WTC so when I got to my patient's house, I asked her to tune in a channel that was broadcasting the event.

The patient I was visiting was an Ethiopian immigrant who did not speak English and she did not understand what she was watching on TV. She thought she was watching something that was happening right here in Columbus and suddenly became quite afraid that members of her family (also living here in Columbus) were in danger. I can imagine her confusion as Columbus has some pretty tall buildings.

I did my best to explain to her that the images she was viewing were from New York City. No matter, she was still very afraid and I don't think I'll ever forget the look in her eyes as we watched the 2nd plane crash into the other tower. Of course, in the meantime we now know that the people responsible for those horrific events of the day were nothing more than extremists ... truly not your every day folks.

I mourn the loss of innocent life that day and as I have in the meantime lost my son, I can truly identify with the people who lost immediate family as a result of the attacks. And now to the part that probably won't be one of the more popular things to say in this thread, but they are things that occasionally must just be said.

As I watch the many TV shows being broadcast in memory of those who innocently lost their lives 10 years ago in those buildings and in that Pennsylvania field, I can't help but also mourn the loss of all the innocent lives we have in the meantime taken based on the mistakes we have made as a result of what happened that day, lives we have taken in nothing more than pure revenge of what happened that day.

It's such a shame that we have wrought so much death and destruction on so many other innocent people (who truly had nothing to do with what happened that day) not to mention the incredible loss of death and maiming of our precious military.

When will they ever learn ... when will they ever learn?
(To the tune of 'Where Have all the Flowers Gone")
Joined: 3/5/2011
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/11/2011 2:40:15 PM
I find it more sad now than in 2001.....maybe without the shock i am able to
take it all in on various levels....911 and all of this worlds evil are just plain
Joined: 2/4/2011
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/11/2011 10:37:16 PM
Thankyou for allowing such a thread.

I'm in Australia. My heart continues to go out to all those affected on this day 10 years ago. God Bless you all. xxxxxxx
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/12/2011 6:59:44 AM

One of the unsung heroes of 9/11 was a guide dog, Roselle, a yellow Labrador who led her blind owner, Michael Hingson, down 78 storeys of the North Tower and to the home of a friend.

Read more:

Good dog, Rosie. Really f'cking good dog.
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/12/2011 8:05:00 AM

One of the unsung heroes of 9/11 was a guide dog, Roselle, a yellow Labrador who led her blind owner, Michael Hingson, down 78 storeys of the North Tower and to the home of a friend.

Read more:

Good dog, Rosie. Really f'cking good dog.

As I remember, other people followed them down the stairs as well. There were the SAR dogs as well, and the 'ordinary' family pets who helped their families overcome and get past the worst of the traumas.

Lots of tributes to all of them online the past several days.
Joined: 12/22/2011
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/11/2012 6:02:57 AM
it´s something that nobody who was over 12 or so on that day will ever forget as long as they live. I remember many images, of course hearing about the first plane hitting WTC, everyone was dumbfounded, then seeing the second plane on TV live coverage, hit.
I recall thinking, the terrorists, and bin laden, have just signed their own death warrant . This is too much and the US will not let this stand. the smaller terror attacks,. e.g. on USS Cole, maybe, but not this.
I recall the words of UK PM Tony Blair, this is not only an attack on the US but on thë western world & democracy

Canadians that day did something nice for a change and made us proud. when the US shut down US airspace and would not allow any more aircraft to enter that space there were many dozens of airplanes carrying thousands of passengers inbound to the US from all over the world that had to land SOMEWHERE, and could not land into the US. Canada welcomed them and many people in small towns like Gander, NF opened their homes to hundreds and hundreds of strangers
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/11/2012 6:24:00 AM
I had just walked into work when my boss came screaming down the hall about a plane hitting one of the Twin Towers. At that time, we had no idea what was going on -- lots of different theories being batted around by the media.

We were watching the TV in the conference room when the second plane hit. It was terrifying to watch. I was in total shock for what seems like weeks. Every time I turned on the news, there was the devastation. The most powerful nation in the world brought down to her knees. I couldn't imagine being one of those people who was trapped -- no one hearing their screams -- and then just finally dying alone. It broke my heart. I prayed every day. And cheered when they found a survivor. I knew in that very instant I watched that second plane crash into the second tower that our world was forever changed.

I'm still not convinced we're safe from terrorism, but I don't feel particularly afraid right now. And I still pray for all the families who lost their families and for the heroes who died trying to save the victims.
 Irish Eyez
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/11/2012 6:33:00 AM
I watched it all happen on TV, even when the 2nd plane hit - this was no accident.

My youngest son was about to go to school; I withheld him and got him to stay home that day. I prayed for all those who lost their life. Frankly, I think each year bringing up this anniversary year after year should rest in peace and leave it alone.

I grew up with untold terrorism in my homeland of Northern Ireland. All through a child's eyes, mine, I witnessed incredible destruction, death, bombings, pieces of bodies, war zones, firemen washing blood and guts off walls after a bomb would explode etc., so 9/11 was no real surprise to me at all.

At the age of 13, I walked straight passed a bomb that was sitting in a black plastic bag outside a post office about 50 yards from where I lived. I turned the corner a further 25 yards later and it exploded. I think I am meant to be here on earth, otherwise, I would be sitting on a start right now.
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/11/2012 7:05:21 AM
PG you are welcome, of course there are other memories I didn´t mention as well, there were so many..

thanks for mentioning yours as well, and to everyone posting here

of course seeing the heroism of so many FDNY firefighters & NYPD cops running INTO a burning/collapsing building that the people on the inside of course wanted to run OUT of was astounding.

the image broadcast on TV of two people, a´man and a woman, high up in the tower at a window, holding hands, then jumping to their deaths together will haunt me forver, I admit it, I cried like a baby when I saw that (still do when I think about it), even though ´boys don´t cry´

as you said these moments hopefully override the petty bickering we sometimes see between peope of different nations, including on these very forums.
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/11/2012 7:50:11 AM
I remember being at work when a co-worker stopped by my office. He told me to go to the boardroom to watch history in the making. When I got there, and saw the first tower on fire I thought he was playing a joke on meby playing a sci-phi movie. Then, awestruck, the horrible reality set in. It intensified when the second tower was hit. My mind struggled to accept the reality of it all. God bless all of those who lost their lives that day and all those who remain here without their loved ones. The incredible sacrifices of many who tried to assist others to safety, those who helped the injured. A day of tragic loss, astounding bravery and sacrifice by many
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/11/2012 10:17:56 AM
It was very sad today to only see a few stories that were almost buried.

I will never forget that day. I was at work sewing not feeling well. At 7:30am I got this strange feeling of impending doom. They played this radio station that never had news. They broke for news after first tower was hit. then went completely to news after the second was hit. I got one call through to the husband after that phone call I could not get through. After the plane crashed in Pa I asked to leave work( a casket company). I went directly to my son's school and picked him up. My uncle worked at the pentagon we did not reach him until Friday.

It was the most beautiful day day out. The weather was perfect. Beautiful blue sky with clouds floating by the kind you could make into animals and pictures.

I had to tell and 8 year old about bad people.

I was pregnant and didn't know it. I had failed fertility treatment 10 years before that.

I found out I was pregnant at the end of the month. It was so hard to be happy in a sad world.

They lock the baby formula up now. The world will never be the same. I do miss the American flags everywhere.

Seems like it is low key this year, but it feels like everyone forgot.

I always felt like God knew it was going to happen and that I got one of the souls that were lost. Before she was born the hospital was booked solid. I had to wait for a discharge to get a room. After that there were very few babies because no one wanted to bring a child into that world.

My uncle was told to leave work and he got home in 20 minutes usually it was over an hour with traffic.

We could do without the extra hate.

I remember we did not go out to eat for a few months.

Internet was down most the week and phones too. We played a lot of board games with our son.
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/11/2012 12:59:29 PM
this was one of those things that just shows how brutal man can be
if i live to be 100, i will never forget
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/11/2012 2:29:26 PM
The father of my children was in NYC that day, so I was concerned for him & horrified about the whole situation. I felt tht the NYC that I was born in, worked in, where my Grandmother lived until her death, was raped.

My Mom, who used to work for GHI on the westside of midtown Manhattan, had the sort of bad luck to be very close to the buildings (same street) as GHI was remodelling & temporarily relocated their offices...she walked to 59th Street & over the bridge & w/o any sort of communication, my elderly sick father was there waiting 4 her...they knew after all those years how eachother thought. She was covered & inhaled...had an awful cough. We told her to go to the hospital for prophylactic care...she refused & was diagnosed later w/ cancer associated w/ inhaling...debris...she had surgery, treatment & is doing good at age 78.

After that I stopped going into the city like I used to. I also don't like to think of all my years in NYC- the memories are just too damn painful...

I cannot imagine what it is like for folks who lost someone that day...
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/11/2012 2:55:44 PM
I was on my way home from a local trip and stopped into a Staples to pick up some office supplies.

I walked into the store and the place was deserted, it was like a scene out of a movie.

I walked around and in the back of the store was all the staff and a couple of customers watch a TV in the break-room.

I was not to see what they where looking at, but it hit me there was home theater place next door so I went there and saw what had happened.

I was suppose to travel to La the next day for some meetings. When I got home I looked at my ticket and I was booked on a flight from Halifax to Boston and then on American Airlines Flight 11 Boston and then on to La on Sept 12th.

Was certainly retrospective moment for me, but what makes me take comfort is knowing that what happened is in reality a very rare occurrence and something that many people in the world deal with on a daily basis who's death tolls make 9/11 look like a fender bender.

I do not think many people can fathom what it is like to have two buildings knocked down let along your whole country blown to sh*t based on a bunch of lies.
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In Memory of 9/11 - Thoughts and Feelings
Posted: 9/12/2012 3:55:40 AM

I was home with my children who were 4 and 2. We had emigrated to Canada just two months before and were still waiting for our furniture to arrive so had a small portable TV in the corner of our rented house which the boys were watching whilst eating their breakfast. Of course, the programming on all channels was interrupted and my parents were on the telephone with me as the second plane hit the towers on live TV.
My ex sister in law and her now husband had just left us the day before, heading into New York for a conference before heading home to the UK. His conference was actually scheduled in one of the Twin Towers on 11th. He was on route to that when the planes hit although thankfully, had not yet arrived for it.
For my parents, I think that brought home to them that their youngest daughter was no longer in the range of their protective wings.

I was suppose to travel to La the next day for some meetings. When I got home I looked at my ticket and I was booked on a flight from Halifax to Boston and then on American Airlines Flight 11 Boston and then on to La on Sept 12th.

I've had a moment like that. I was heavily pregnant with my first son and had been into London for a 10am meeting a the House of Commons, after which I was planning on doing some shopping and catching my usual train home at 5pm. When my meeting ended, I decided to give the shopping a miss and head directly home which I did. A few hours later, I had a call from the person I was in the meeting with, checking I'd made it home safe.The train I would have caught had I stuck to my shopping plane, had de-railed and crashed resulting in 69 people being injured and 1 fatality.
Accident at Watford on 8th August 1996
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