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Besides absolutely loving the "told ya so" qualities of this article, I found this fascinating, as it is a real, live NEW discovery. Amazing that we're still finding things in our universe hence unknown.

Where do you think this will lead us? What will this help, improve, help create?
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Pentagonal Symmetry
Posted: 10/6/2011 8:13:22 AM
Thank you for listing this ! New knowlege surely can lead to better things, but there is always a double edge to everything. Even when we focus our intentions for the greatest good, there are unintended and unforseen consequences. Examples of this abound, with nuclear energy being the most dangerous and dramatic I can think of.
It is fascinating and ironic to me that by fantasizing and writing about a doomsday weapon, H.G. Wells inadvertantly inspired a scientific breakthrough, leading to the construction of The Bomb. How will this new discovery pan out? This is where the "fifth element" that mystics talk about comes into play.
~Namaste~ The Grey Vulpe
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Pentagonal Symmetry
Posted: 10/7/2011 7:05:07 AM
@tall2012 scipress has a cool representation on just this, go check it out. :) Do you believe any developments will arise from the study of these?

@greyvulpe i've always loved how science fiction tends to provoke and portend scientific advancements. i think the potential for good and bad to come from these advancements is always there.

@andyaa i thought the same - this guy could even prove by showing and they still discounted him. i thought it odd!

@chemicalchaos no doubt, as this is the basis of all life, but isn't this concept ancient? too lazy to look up when this was discovered, but fairly sure it was one of the foundations?
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