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Let them chase you. If they are truely interested, they will persue.
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Explain this to me:
Posted: 10/7/2011 10:15:35 PM
"Man-speak" is almost always best translated instead as "practicality speak."

Most guys WILL say directly what they think and want, disguised only slightly by what they think YOU want to hear. The "practicality" aspect means we have to select each answer on a moment to moment, circumstance to circumstance basis.

Checking to see if YOU are seriously interested is just like pulling the dipstick to make sure there's enough oil in the car to keep driving. It doesn't have anything to do with the destination, just with whether or not he has to stop immediately. Since you indicated that he DOESN'T have to stop, he now has to decide whether or not to GO, and if so, WHERE to go. That he hasn't followed up yet, suggests that he doesn't have a plan either way.

In both cases you describe, neither guy said anything at all yet. They didn't say yes, they didn't say no. They aren't TRYING to communicate anything to you by doing that, as a woman MIGHT be doing (I've known a number of women who would, by exactly such behavior, were firmly placing the "ball" in the guys court, for him to act upon or not. Most guys don't IMPLY things like that, they either do, or do not).

Insisting on "no flakes" is like a woman insisting on "no players." It's like showing they have a license to drive. They think they have to do it in order to be allowed into the drivers seat, but it has nothing to do with whether or not they actually want to go anywhere. Nor does it have anything to do with whether or not they are THEMSELVES "flakes" or "players."

Anyway, this over-long post of mine, is all just to say that you are looking for messages in these guys actions, and there ARE no messages there. That's why it is mystifying to you. They've tested to see if you are available, but haven't decided what to actually do. Nothing more.
 christ on a crutch
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Explain this to me:
Posted: 10/8/2011 12:53:13 AM
you are not cut out for online dating.
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Posted: 10/8/2011 7:07:18 PM
Op. those on this site thats been around call this the catch and release program ,,, as this site seems to bring out that side of both men and ladys ..
take it for what it is and move on ''as for the man speak who know's ?
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