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All things written tell us more about the author. I have written enough and read a few too many books to know this is all too true. I aam placing some of the poetry i wrote here in the hopes of getting some more feed back and to let other people get to know me. Hope you all enjoy.

A majestic scene
One done in fair relief
to see what has been
and what maybe beyond belief

First the fair hair virgin
virtous in her lack of sin
walks in on her naivity
showing ignorent bravery

Vibrant white coated unicorn
this wondering blessing forlorn
witness to all times high and low
bringing light in tow

the forest's tall trees
casting shadows with the breeze
the meadows life in green
a blanket of springs flowers to be seen

Then comes our demon...
thus chaos consumes the pawn
and the fires begin to blaze
all is obscured in the smokey haze

And our thoughts float along
on the notes of the final song
breaking into this gloomy night
dawns first brilliant light

Here comes the answer to the blight
gallently riding over the horizen
glory reflecting in this armored knight
to wipe away the chaotic denizen

The virgin looks up panting
her fearfulness relenting
no longer the innnocent image
reality shattering the mirage

The unicorn more red then white
stares with glazed eyes at death's delight
witnessing its own demise
its light dimming under blue skies

The forest's trees in burning
shadows coming and going
the meadows life drowns
in the sooty gown

The demon sights the knight
more chaos ensues... a fight
back and forth the wounds scroe
until one lies dead on the floor

Happy would it be
ending now to see
But life is not so easy
What would you believe?
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A way to know me...
Posted: 11/27/2011 12:47:27 PM
Here's another one.

flowers' silhouettes dance
in a field of romance
waiting for the sun's glance
deer flow through at a prance

dust whirling in the wind
branches chasing in kind
the clouds high and behind
a meadows glories bind

life's lust can be found here
love's zest home in the air
a time that does not care
free as it is
it won't always be there
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A way to know me...
Posted: 11/30/2011 6:39:04 PM
A rare request has come to me
A request to write what I see
The feelings of our first meeting
And that of our first tender greeting
So I take up the pen to blurt
Out these verses to sing and flirt…

Walking briskly to my empty seat
Bringing along my favorite treat
Upon reaching my station I spied
Exquisiteness sitting at my side
Chivalry so small the handing a chair
Whilst bringing another to bare
This was our first momentous meeting

To tell the truth it seemed so fleeting
“Will you be singing on this night?”
That was her first tentative invite
I stated “Yes, I will be tonight.”
And to my chagrined astonishment
I smiled with favorable amusement
She responded with spirited eyes
“If you sing I will dance for your eyes.”

And with patience I waited my turn
Predicting how her body would burn
The frantic music started thumping
Her hips started my heart a pumping
As an angel glided to the floor
The entrancement began to want more

Enticing the song and dance started
As the lover eyes locked and fated
Strange the pulls and twists of providence
As our gravity closed the distance
Her dance tearing away my armor
Guileless to her solitary lover

Her eyes reflect sparkling attraction
Her supple body’s rhythmic actions
Hearts skipping with steps and serenade
“Kiss her” the multitude’s shouts parlayed
Kiss her floated lightly through the air
Oh my lord, my eyes glued to her stare

My lips are made thirsty after hers
I wanted the warmth closeness confers
She started to say tha…
I stole the honey from her lips this way
And caressed her hair with my fingertips
Her hair fell in silky strips

Saying to her in an all too gentle voice
“thank you,” right then making another choice
And savoring all this guilty bliss
I ending this verse with another kiss

dedicated to gosia, hope she finds happiness where ever she may be.
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Last survivor in a white gown
Posted: 12/4/2011 12:53:41 PM
Mixed chaotic imagery
Death, final judge and jury
The white pillars and white walls
within without frightful calls
beseeching sanities halls
see kindly the hiding fools
lighting lakes of scarlet pools
silent sheep for the killer
cold bodies lies and litter
warriors dressed as sheep
in a hospitable sleep
the hot keys hanging on hip
run run to the edges tip
hide them keeping them hide them
they will survive and find them
the terrible key to hide
hide it from the blinding light
comes the battle blood red tide
neither side is truly right
so hidden darkness in deep
in the sick labyrinth hell-bent
insanity's final sleep
The bombs came down as they went
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a bow and arrow
Posted: 12/9/2011 1:41:29 PM
Life has its ups and downs
some are waiting for those to come around
passing into oblivion night and day
we place ourselves in the coming fray
and should we offer help its declines
yet we see the drawing of the lines
who is it that is our enemy?
who is it that deserves our emnity?

our friends should be there for us
when we are at our wits with this fuss
like so many arguments
the rage is allowed to ferment
we see red in each others eyes
we wait with tears as it dies
yet all who would listen silence given
awaiting our words to be bidden
who is it that is our enemy?
who is it that deserves our emnity?

far off i wait for the decison
like someones waiting an intermission
for the recession of hostility
so one may given hospitality
silence is waiting with some impatience
for the word to give the sentence
a term of help and relief awaits
for all those in heavens gates
all i want to know is
who is our enemy?
all i need to know is
who deserves our emnity?
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