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Joined: 7/20/2005
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I wish I had tried wrestling in high school. Although many still see it as a man's sport, some girls have tried out and gotten on the all-male wrestling teams in high school. Some even win matches !
Joined: 7/25/2005
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Mixed Wrestling In High School
Posted: 7/25/2005 5:25:28 PM
There Are 3 Girls On My High School Wrestling Team... But There All Ugly :(
Joined: 7/20/2005
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Mixed Wrestling In High School
Posted: 7/26/2005 8:10:20 AM
Sorry to hear that, kiddo.
 Legal Catch
Joined: 7/3/2005
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Mixed Wrestling In High School
Posted: 7/26/2005 7:49:37 PM
Being an OLD high school wrestler the only minus that I can see in women competing with men in high school wrestling is that they might do to well in the sport.Sure wrestling is a competition in strength but the strongest doesnt always prevail.The smarter wrestler has the edge over the stronger.It might be to traumatic for a high school boy to return to school the day after a gal whopped him on the mat.Embarrassment should be avoided in school sports before the college level.
Joined: 4/24/2005
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Mixed Wrestling In High School
Posted: 7/27/2005 1:21:02 PM
The guys who hold back might lose. A girl with great technique could win. Still, if a guy goes in there with all the animal rage he possesses and a desire to kill, my
money is on him.
 Boyfriend Lite
Joined: 7/21/2005
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Mixed Wrestling In High School
Posted: 7/27/2005 6:24:52 PM
Well, this was not an issue when I was high school aged, but as an adult I have met and trained with many female boxers, kickboxers, Thai Boxers and even a couple of female submission/bjj wrestlers.

As a rule guys will go out of thier way to make them feel welcome and accepted in the gym.

Yes, esecially in the grappling style of things the contact is a little intimate( Triangle choke, High Crotch Takedown, North/ South position) but it is not that big of an issue.

So to adress the issue at hand, I think that until womens wrestling gets big enough to stand alone, the girls who want to should be able to train and compete against the guys. It is good for the sport.
Joined: 4/29/2005
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Mixed Wrestling In High School
Posted: 7/29/2005 6:22:44 PM
I don't like it. Put me on a woman's booty and I'm humpin Hard(pun) to blame a teenage boy for doin the same to a teenaged girl.
Joined: 7/20/2005
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Mixed Wrestling In High School
Posted: 7/30/2005 8:01:14 AM
Sexism at its best, mr. man. My brother had to wrestle a girl and he won. He had to get his head on straight, though. He's such a gentleman...I told him to be a gentleman OFF THE MAT and be a WINNER while on it. He came home with a medal. Not bad for a 17-year old, hey ?
Joined: 7/5/2005
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Lauren Bee
Posted: 8/18/2005 12:39:21 AM
Hi Laren,
I love to wrestle with you anytime.
Joined: 8/3/2005
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Lauren Bee
Posted: 8/19/2005 8:10:02 PM
im 21....i wrestled since second grade and have now continued into mma grappling and all around combat fight training...........a girl should be against a girl bottom line
Joined: 5/9/2006
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Lauren Bee
Posted: 5/18/2006 10:41:40 PM
if the girl is tough enough to wrestle the guy then so be it for her. I wish they had more female leagues because most girls cannot compete with guys. Now i wrestle in the ncwa (College wrestling for those that do not have full fledge teams) and the olympic girls could put a whooping on me.

Ive been wrestling since i was 14 and i am 22 now. Its a great sport. I give all the credit to a girl who gets on an all guys team and takess their crap day in and day out.
Joined: 9/7/2006
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Lauren Bee
Posted: 11/11/2006 12:23:29 PM
I wrestled all through high school, on a mainly male team. I only wrestled males in practices, and females in competitions. Because of this, I think it made me a stronger athlete, and it challenged me in ways that practicing on females never would have been able to.
There was an understanding between all of us, and no boundaries were ever crossed on the mat.
I think co-ed teams are a great thing. I believe that they help to make a more repectful and supportive environment.
 Crane Man
Joined: 10/22/2005
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Mixed Wrestling In High School
Posted: 11/11/2006 3:44:35 PM
I totally disagree with Women competing against men like this. It takes spots away from guys who want to compete and would embarrass any guy if he lost. I respect a girl's right to compete, but if her sport isn't offered then she should look at starting a team then not to take some guy's spot because she's a girl. I hate Michelle Wie competing on the PGA events, she should not be allowed to especially since there is an LPGA.
Joined: 9/7/2006
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Mixed Wrestling In High School
Posted: 11/11/2006 7:51:52 PM
well, any guy that would get embarrassed if he didn't win against a woman, isn't much of a man. The embarrassment would come from him not thinking that women are good enough in the first place, which is straight up crap.
I agree that there should be womens' teams in conjunction with mens' teams, but if there's not enough interest from most women, I'm all for women making men's teams co-ed (or vice versa). Why should anyone have to sit out of what they really want to do soley because there's not enough interest from other folks of their gender?
Joined: 7/26/2004
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Mixed Wrestling In High School
Posted: 11/12/2006 6:08:23 AM
I don't have a problem with women on wrestling teams, especially since there isn't a woman's wrestling team. I think that if they want to do it, by all means, go for it. Just know what might happen.

Wrestling is really about three things when it comes down to it. Leverage, Reaction, and Technique. A woman has this ability just as well as any guy does, so why not. I've met some really good female wrestlers when I was in high school (1992-96) and have seen several of them come out on top. Let them do it, it's their choice.
Joined: 2/17/2007
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Mixed Wrestling In High School
Posted: 10/9/2008 6:44:43 PM
when men lose to a girl in sports, any sport, but fighting sports like wrestling, he has had his self esteem distroyed just to make the girl feel better about herself. it's the most brutally humiliating thing any woman should ever do to the guys, and they know this, and they still get mad when a boy says he will not wrestle a girl because he will not be her victim. when will the law stop this?

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