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Purpose Behind The Pen (I do notice that I typed it...It was written first. lol)

I’m the equivalent of a kamikaze fighter
Put body and soul into crushing blows called rhymes
When I’m rolling on paper I can feel no brighter
Cause I get things off my chest and clear my mind

I am so relaxed and calm though flustered and confused
‘Cause when weight from my heart’s on paper it’s not as bad
That’s the only way this time bomb’s diffused
‘Cause it’s the way I know the exact reasons why I’m mad

I can sit down and realize what all I want to be
It all goes from my strongest urges and all my dreams
To my family and friends, everything that makes me me
Like a spectrum, black, white, and all that’s in between

And it’s a reason to share my feelings with someone
When I have to tell someone ‘cause I can’t keep it pent up
It also helps to say how I think things should be done
And it keeps me thinking positive I feel that I can’t give up

I love being in tune with all my thoughts and feeling
‘Cause it makes this hectic life a bit more simplified
It’s nice to bring order and rhythm to what I’m thinking
And make the most subtle things ten times amplified

It’s exhilarating to find that someone can relate
And realize in this world I go through the same things as them
And it’s so rewarding to find that there are others that appreciate
All the passion and motivation that’s behind this pen
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