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I have written these for friends that have been having problems.

To the air by Ashley

To the air I give my song
A sweet melody of light,
No darkness can touch it,
In the shadows it gives light.

To the air I give my love
A slight sadness hands over me,
As the air takes it to you,
It gives it to you for warmth.

To the air I give me life
As the wind blows it carries my soul,
My soul hangs like a shadow for you,
But you push it away as you do me.

To the air I give my heart
My heart you put it in a jar,
As you throw it in the lake,
As you try to force me away.

To the air I give my body
So that it may travel after,
I have passed on,
As the nether world calls me

Questions by Ashley

Have I wronged thee?
Have I made thee want to leave?
Have I made things difficult for thee?
I am a torn still for the damage of the past.

Have thine eyes turned hatred my way?
Has thine heart closed so that the cold can take me?
Has thine feet turned to walk away from me?
Or have I made the want to leave?

Have I made things for thee more challenging?
Have I wrong my self or have I wronged thee?
Please I call for thee to talk, but all is silent.
Why have I made thee go away?

Why do you not speak to me?
Why do I feel as if I have made you mad?
Why can't I feel happy because you won't talk?
Why can't I see what you feel?

Has thine heart hate or love?
Has thine eyes turned from me or for me?
So many things I feel, but don't have the answer for.
So many things I feel I have made difficult for thee.

All in time will you tell the truth.
All in time you will show how you feel.
Just don't hide for ever.
Show how you feel so I can feel the same or help.

Let me know if I can stay or you want me away.
Tell me if things are good or bad,
And I will try to right them.
Or simply send me away so thine heart can be happy.

To the fire By Ashley

To the fire I give my past
For the fire to consume,
So I can heal from the damage,
The fire is like a prowling tiger.

To the fire I give my paper
So that the painful past is taken,
As you call to me I continue with my task,
You are slowly fading.

To the fire I give the screams,
So that you do not harm me,
So that peace may be with me,
As you go silent.

To the fire I give the soul,
You lash out in anger,
As you are forgotten,
You are not long forgotten pain.

To the fire I give your body
So that there is no connection to me,
So that I may finally move on,
And you will leave me alone.

To the fire I give your memories
The painful memories of which you,
Once use to say "I love you",
You lied to me many times.

To the fire I give the song of pain
So that it may echo in your mind,
So tat it will make you sad,
So you may torture yourself.

To the fire I give all pictures of me
So that you may know,
What you are missing,
Your end is near.

To the fire you give your life
So that you may torture,
Your own soul for your wrongs,
So that your pain shall end.
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