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I Am a Poet with quotes that caress smooth texts,
Vivid imagination like clear blue waters stationed near pretty sandy sects.
I'm in this forum now, bout' to turn it into a living room,
You know, where i eat at, watch tv at, sit in my pjs at?
Hovering over my poems like a tomb!
But, i blow life in this virtual paper.
I sweeten the visualistics far greater!
Hug your mate or sit and stare at these words,
That move fast like cars in the ghetto swirvin' around curbs.

It's your mind and my heart,
both covered in something that makes us interested in poetry.
Dust from idol time slowly progressing to spects of poetic leafs.
Orange-redish, pineapple-blueish?
You never heard this type of poetry before!
So let me dip you in its coolness.
My mind is an ocean and my swag forms coral reefs.
Excited about whats beneath?

The world as we all know, earth?
Has galaxies in opposing directions.
I write from a sophisticated literal stance for the Viewer's connections.
Winter time finally here though its already been here.
The weather that is.
Coats, boots, gloves and Walmart customers buying quilted covers.
Gonna be colder than a mother shoveler :)

I want a Louis Vuitton couch for Christmas!
So when i'm writing for my Viewer's its first class loungin'
Still, its hard to turn my flatscreen off when Charlie Sheen is clownin'.
2 And A Half Men!
I can easily blow through 2 and a half pens!
When im writing, theres an art.
Takes techinique, about 50%
The other 50%?

Chasing the ending to a sudden existence?
Wishing i had Chai Tea on my tongue!
Hoping you take this poem as a refined provision.
My warm gift to you in hopes you love outside of stereotype walls.
And prove that love is but one word!
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