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The I That Is Me

I have been wandering in the Land of Neverness and Lonely.
The journey has been long and my heart heavy.
Tears and anger ravaged me and I no longer see
The I that was me reflected in the glass.

Leaving behind the misspent days of my past,
Wrestling with the how and where of my compressing future,
I ask myself, through whispered prayer,
“If I were the me that I once was, what would I do?”

“Probably“, I answer myself,
“stand as awkwardly unprepared as I stand now.”
Looking ahead into a world with no one but me to consider
Is so unlike the me I was ever expecting to be.

Now, I question, as I try to set my course again,
Who is this person I must become,
So that I can feel content
With the “who” that I am?

How can I be happy with the me of my life
When I am so unfulfilled not being an us?
What joy is there in seeking pleasures I can not share?
A laugh, a picnic, a song, an adventure, a reason to care..

A discovery, a hug, a memory , a beautiful sky
And when my days come to a close
Will there be no one for me to tell good bye?
How will I be remembered if the me that I am is not I?

I am love. I am laughter. I am joy and caring.
I am a song. I am a dance. I have a heart for sharing.
I am a poem. I am a hug. I am a whisper and a cheer,
I am…..and yet, alone with me… I am not here.

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The I That Is Me
Posted: 12/10/2011 7:29:10 AM
I hear you - something from my 'mutterings' for you (about 160 more - if you'll read them )
if you do, let me know what you think - I think you might like (some of) them

Love (My View)

Love you do
but not for you
Love you give -
for this you live
Love do not take
or ever fake
Love won't disgust
but always trust
Find Love sincere -
not in a mirror
Sweet Love you kiss
and always miss
That Love you save
for it you crave
The Love you borrow
give back tomorrow
You lose a friend
and Love again
Suffer the strife
love not your life
And though you die
for Love you cry
through all travails
Love never fails
- 2011 -
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