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Joined: 5/29/2009
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Would love some input on my profilePage 1 of 1    
Wow...your profile is way too long in my opinion!

Great pictures, shows some good qualities (baby, cooking, funny with the stache)

I'd really cut down on the length of your profile A LOT!!

And the other thing that I noticed and I would think that women would think the same thing. When you're 26 and you list your age range of women from 18-43 that just says "hey I want to meet women that I can bang". If you're actually looking for a relationship I would move in my age range from say 21 - 30 or something like that. What are you going to have in common with anyone over 30 other than sex?

Me personally if I'm doing anything with someone under 27 or 28 I only want one thing from them.

Just my thoughts man.

good luck
Joined: 2/12/2010
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Would love some input on my profile
Posted: 12/25/2011 7:58:41 AM
tooooo long and too negative. Tell me, do you think there is anyone left after all your preferences? me hardly thinks so.

interests: cartoons? oh that is really going to bring in the ladies ( eye roll)

some of your hobbies are really out there, like the zombies. Your profile comes off as your being very immature, so you might want to rethink your profile and what you want to say.

you should message me if section: need to omit all that, reeks of conciet and immaturity for instance this:
". I don't do boring or plain. Also, if you wake up each morning just hoping there's been a zombie outbreak, you'd be ideal. "
any mention if your love for serial killers should also be omitted.

I just googled your handle and there are pages of pictures online you have posted of yourself in the mirror. That is going to run lots of women off as it appears very self absorbed.
 Pretty RI Lady
Joined: 11/25/2009
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Would love some input on my profile
Posted: 12/26/2011 8:27:03 AM
Well that is quite the narrative and if I were a young woman reading your profile I'd be afraid to message you if I didn't fit even ONE of your criteria on the type of woman you're looking for.
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