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Hello I'm Ben, and I wanted to share a story that happend a few weeks ago that made me think "people must flash before they pass away", and I want to say this story and get insight or opinions...

I was hit by a car like 2 and half weeks ago. I remember my body slamming on the hood of a car, and I heard a crack, slam, then I blacked out. I felt myself lying on the concerte, and i felt little pain, but I couldnt see anything at all it was black..pitch black. I remember a lot of commotion around me ( that was the paramedics around me ,and the rescue personel. Yelling, and talking "get me a chest tube asap!!"we got a 21 year old male hit.." all of a sudden I just felt like I stopped breathing, and I could'nt feel my body at all. Something in my body was aware of what was happening, suddenly I felt volts through my body, and I had this image that I woke up and the paramedics were reviving me, but my eyes were not open. all of a sudden I saw a light appear in the back of the people, and a woman apeeared, she was white, and had black hair with some head covering. She looked down at me smiled didnt say anything. Then she reached out her hand , and somehow it went through one of the medics body, and it touched me softly..didnt feel her touching me.. Then my body jolted the image instantly dissapered, and my eyes opened ,and I saw everyone around me again. " was alive"..I said in my head. i could feel my body at the was horrible pain, and felt blood in my mouth and running down my chin...I was rushed to the hospital for a broken leg, a collapsed lung, internal bleeding ,and a broken nose. I still think to this day... what did I see...Was it real..idk I think it was real...
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A Close Call With Death
Posted: 12/31/2011 2:53:47 PM
Very interesting event indeed, very. I've never heard anything like that before, but it's your experience, and if you are being truthful and this in fact happened then all you saw and felt did happen. And whether people believed you or not important. You are lucky to be alive, re-evaluate your life and try to make your life of some value to others and start living better, God was on your side son.
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A Close Call With Death
Posted: 1/1/2012 7:19:32 AM
Thanks..I think that what happend to me was real, and I felt like that god was watching over me. I am lucky to be alive, and if people want to or not believe anything, they can think whatever they want..This experience will be my memory for a while for the rest of my life
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A Close Call With Death
Posted: 1/6/2012 12:51:54 AM
If you feel that God (capitol G ) was with you then you can be sure of it. I have no clue what your life was like before and I certainly am not going to refer to it negatively but I hope you have the wonderful comfort of knowing God truly exists and pass it along if you're comfortable enough.

I have seen enough in various forums and sites that believers in God seem to be the minority and quite a few don't respect any type of belief in God. It's sad to see the outright mocking by so many. You could call it persecution.

I would have my faith without any miracles but I have had so many that it has helped increase my faith. Where we differ is that I also believe Jesus is the Savior , the son of God, always HAVE to add that!
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