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 aGent Lemon
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At the age of 27 while the lady was 24, we were together for 8 months, but she was never ready for us to get ultimately intensified, even after after asking if she could tell me know when, as fully agreed.

I had always separately asked my lady friends for their advice wanting to know what to buy, and how to properly conduct myself which she seemed absolutely estatic about every given moment.

However, as the 4th month had just gone past, it was supportively suggested to stop spending so much money on her to see what might happen, yet nothing otherwise changed at all to the end.

It didn't seem right for me back then to point out that the wait was too long in my opinion so I was wondering if there's some other honest excuse can be given considering all her friends and family will want to know.

So my excuse was... awesome as you are, J found myself so "overwhelmed" with my "desire" to be with you a whole lot more... which got me to believe we should maybe just end this relationship right now, so...

Then strangely enough, she began crying away and said it's okay... that she's been feeling the exact same.

Yep, what a coincidence from stretching the truth a little.
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Excuses, excuses!
Posted: 2/6/2012 3:54:03 PM
Can't say I have broken up with anyone for "bad Reasons" but there was one girl who was great we had a lot in common but I decided to stop seeing her because of the way she laughed.

I joke a lot and clearly she enjoyed laughing but it reminded me of Janice form Friends. I couldn't handle it.
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