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Joined: 11/1/2011
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why does my ex still text mePage 1 of 2    (1, 2)
I think it's cause he knew you were the best thing he ever had...and he knows he'll never ever find anyone as great as you. You're so perfect.....for him....and he loves much...that he just can't bare to not at least know you. God he must be hurting inside...

Does this sound like total bullshit? Ya...well it is.
Joined: 6/29/2009
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why does my ex still text me
Posted: 2/1/2012 1:21:29 AM
The most common reason for that sort of breakup that I saw in my time in those ages, was that one or both people realized that they weren't done dating around as part of the search process. Not ready to settle on one person yet, but no less attracted to the person they were with. Just no longer at all sure that there wasn't someone else out there who was a better match.

If he hasn't obviously taken up with someone new, then that's probably what's going on.

It does take a lot of the magical feeling out of the words "I love you," though, doesn't it?
Joined: 6/14/2011
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why does my ex still text me
Posted: 2/1/2012 1:41:27 AM
....because you keep responding to his texts.

If his actions are confusing to you, then at least get some clarity about your own actions.

Decide if you want to continue to receive his texts...or not...and act accordingly.

You're welcome.

Joined: 11/27/2011
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why does my ex still text me
Posted: 2/1/2012 8:47:26 AM
leave him alone if ur not intrested, otherwise, keep playing this game till ur tired....
Joined: 6/14/2010
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why does my ex still text me
Posted: 2/1/2012 10:51:55 AM
Because you let him!

BTW, your profile cracks me up! You have a picture of you bent over and holding your bewbies, then you say this: if you're looking to "hang out" "see where it goes" or a F#@%&! please by all means stay the hell away.

Joined: 11/21/2011
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why does my ex still text me
Posted: 2/1/2012 11:02:32 AM
Same reason a majority of people who initiate break ups keep in contact. To pull the puppet strings to see if they can still make you dance. If you don't want to keep being strung along you need to cut ties. If he was "in love" with you he would be with you. End of story. Move on!
Joined: 12/31/2009
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why does my ex still text me
Posted: 2/1/2012 1:59:25 PM
LOL..Oh how naive you are..of course he DONT love you..or he'd be with YOU
Joined: 9/10/2011
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why does my ex still text me
Posted: 2/1/2012 8:14:08 PM
I think everyone already made great points. But I wanted share a few more thoughts.

i asked him why he is texting me he said "i love you but i just dont think i can give you what you need right now" (he told me he was dumping me bc he had to focus on school) and yet he STILL keeps texting me all the time.

This is hardly an answer to your question. So he is basically dumping you all over again AND he is still not telling you why he is texting you.

You are such a good catch. Why are you still going over to his place and receiving his texts? Why are you putting up with all that? If I were you I’d totally lose the dude.
Joined: 7/15/2011
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why does my ex still text me
Posted: 2/1/2012 9:23:57 PM
Hahahaha!!! "why is he doing this??"

Because he doesn't have any answers, any more than you do!

One of the questions most asked, most unanswered, most confusing is 'why'!!!

The funny part is both men and women do this, each in their own way. Men usually have solid and fact based reasons for doing things, women have emotional and feeling based reasons. That's not to say they can't have either, it's just how it works normally.

Your goals (immediate) may conflict with his school goals, or he may be about another woman. Only you know him and can shed light on that, none of us know him.

He wants to remain connected, it is up to you, whether you want this or not.
Joined: 1/27/2012
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why does my ex still text me
Posted: 2/2/2012 12:41:00 AM
...because he can.
Joined: 8/10/2010
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why does my ex still text me
Posted: 2/2/2012 6:38:51 AM
Today, we have so many ways to communicate right at our fingertips. It has really become to easy to reach out to someone. So he/she texts you because they can and it is right there and so easy. Any time they have a thought, think they have a point, counter argument, or want to share that they were reminded of something they can because it is all instant. It isn't like they have to write a letter, put it in an envelope, mail it and wait.

That all being said, if you want to put a stop to it, don't reply.....EVER. If they run into you and ask, you just say we aren't dating anymore so there is no obligation. Or say (and do it), I didn't even bother to read them. It won't take long then.
Joined: 5/2/2011
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why does my ex still text me
Posted: 2/2/2012 10:32:21 PM
because he doesnt have a new girlfriend 'yet'..and if he needs a booty call at 1am..due to all the stress of school..then he hopes by keeping in'll come over. He's not relationship ready right i guess you gotta tell him to move on..or block him..delete him..etc..and for sure dont go over to his or no sex..that also sends the wrong message to him!! Capish?
Joined: 1/27/2012
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why does my ex still text me
Posted: 2/3/2012 9:46:41 AM

Just a side note. I think some of you guys misunderstood what I meant by "why does he text me" I'm not saying it as if I don't want him to. My question is how do you think he feels. What do these "signs" mean.

Read lykecoastin's response a few posts up.

This idea that he broke up w/ you, for you, is spurious at best. I was married through my senior year of college and my ex's first two years of law school (anyone who knows someone in law school can attest to only seeing them sleep or typing for 3yrs), it's not impossible to maintain a relationship under difficult circumstances if it's what both want.

So, unless (i) you are some combination of too demanding, not understanding, unwilling to work with his schedule, or (ii) he's a med student in residency pulling legit 24 hr rotations, I call bullsh*t.
Joined: 8/13/2011
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why does my ex still text me
Posted: 2/4/2012 7:40:50 PM
why is he doing this??

B/c the ex is the easist piece of azz to tap. This is why he's keeping you on a string. Stop answering his texts. You're very pretty, you will have no problem meeting a nice guy who is more mature than your ex, & will treat you w/respect.
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