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Joined: 2/8/2012
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So theres this girl in my college class im really interested in. A couple weeks ago we were assigned in the same group and then next thing you know i feel we have some sort of connection with eachother. On atleast 4 occasions we would get into these awkward gazing stares with eachother(she had green eyes, i have blue) I could look into those eyes forever. I was almost 100 percent she was attracted to me.(and if you look at me that much i dont see whats to be turned off about im 5'11-6ft skinny blue eyes brown hair) But i never really had a good conversation with her.

Anyways our group was going to meet again outside of school, today actually. So i decided to call her up (our group exchanged phone numbers) and asked her to hang out with me before our group meets up, about 2 days ago. She asked what time and i said 12 or 1230.(this was about 4 hours before our group would meet. She said she wasnt sure and she'd call me back because she had a lot to do that day. (shes jewish so shes busy saturdays) Looking back this was probably way too much time to spend for just a 1st time hang out but i thought we could check out malls or maybe eat watch a movie and conversate. She doesnt live in this area she lives in a big city so i thought it would be fine.

Anyways she said she would call me saturday night or text me so i waited till then. I recommended just me calling her at a good time but she said she would. So low and behold its saturday night 10 pm and still not reply. I text her and wait 30 minutes no response. Text her again just incase she didnt get the 1st one and no response. This made me extremely depressed it even made me cry and im not that type of guy.

A simple sorry im busy or even im not really interested would of been fine but no response just simply toyed with my emotions. I dont really know her but i dont know why she would do that especially when our group has to present this project in front a class for 20 percent of our grade in a few days. She made things extremely awkward and i dont know why she did that. Was it because she i had feelings/attracted to me but was afraid of saying no? Didnt have the courage to say 4 hours is too much time we should me for 1 or 2? Or did she just get some bf and decided screw me all together.

I know hang out could mean a lot of things it's something friends do all the time and i dont get why she wouldnt alteast mind being my friend. Ok i let a lot of dirty laundry out so what are your guys thought. i had to get this off my chest somewhere
Joined: 2/8/2012
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does she like me?
Posted: 2/12/2012 7:56:24 AM
Your probably right but this has been my problem all my life and i dont feel like i can get rid of it till i get into a good relationship.
Joined: 1/8/2012
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does she like me?
Posted: 2/12/2012 8:19:01 AM
"does she like me?"


Probally not, but then i'd need to read your post to make an accurate guess...
Joined: 2/14/2010
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does she like me?
Posted: 2/12/2012 9:40:14 AM
You cried when you didn't hear from her-a girl you never dated? And your idea of hanging out with her was to check out the malls? This has got to be a troll post from a 14 year old.
Joined: 9/10/2011
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does she like me?
Posted: 2/13/2012 8:57:25 PM
Okay, let’s slow down a bit.
She is in your group and you want to meet her before the group session? It sounds like you came across a bit too strong. She has to spend time presenting the assignment in the class, then more time in the group to prepare for the assignment and then more time with you before the group meeting? Dude, don’t you think that’s a bit too much to ask for? What if she has a life and wants to do other things?

Why didn’t you wait until the group assignment was over to ask her out on a real date?

A simple sorry im busy or even im not really interested would of been fine but no response just simply toyed with my emotions.

No response is the same thing. Btw, which school do you go to? Your spelling and grammar is awful. “Would of been?” Really? You don’t know how to spell “Would have been?”
I don't mean to be rude, I am simply speechless.
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