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Joined: 8/4/2011
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POF no longer recognizes PW and Email addressPage 1 of 1    
I'm writing on behalf of my roommate. She is unable to access her account.
She joined POF 3 days ago. All was going very well until last night. She was receiving over 20 unsolicited messages daily. Her Email showed many new messages and when she attempted to Login last night the system gave this error message:
"Your username or password was incorrect.
During the change from to all saved passwords were reset by your browser.
Forgot Your Password? Click here to email it to yourself"

She has entered the Email address over a dozen times and receives another error message:
"That email address is not in our database
If you forgot your password, enter your email address and it will be emailed to you once you press submit."

All information she enters is identical to the confirmation letter received containing User Name, Password and Email address.
The PlentOfFish site no longer recognizes her account.

Is there a Tech support unit she can contact?
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POF no longer recognizes PW and Email address
Posted: 2/22/2012 10:25:56 AM
Thank you for responding to my inquiry. Seems she messed up worse than I thought. In the midst of initially registering for her first ever account, she was called away from the computer. Quite some time elapsed before she was able to return to the registration process and when she did, as she continued, she received an error notice telling here that Email address was already being used for another account. Believing that person was herself, she attempted to rectify the error. Since she was unable to Login, she felt frustrated and threw her hands up.
She could not locate a telephone number for POF Member Services and could not access Help or Forums section since she could not Login. She could not find a resolution.

She began registration again, using a different Email address and was successful in creating an account.
She is now being denied access to that account and we believe it has all been related to this misunderstanding. Since her first attempt at creating an account has been deleted, she has no intention of managing two accounts.
She was experiencing some success on Plenty Of Fish in only 2 days before access to the account was withdrawn. Since her initial attempt at creating an account has been deleted, is it possible she might have what has been her active account reinstated? Unfortunately, she did not make a backup copy. I do have her User Name, Password and Email.

I thought the issue might be a result of my roommate and I sharing the same computer, apparently I was mistaken.

I will hope we can come to a satisfactory resolution since her error was not intentional.
I'm requesting your assistance.
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POF no longer recognizes PW and Email address
Posted: 2/24/2012 5:03:25 AM
I helped simplify the explanation and my friend sent an Email to

It turns out she had not read the message previously received from them because her Inbox was full.

While she was attempting registration she ran into a problem when the POF site timed out. She was locked out of the system. She contacted Help with this Email:
"2/19/2012 244 AM
I have forgotten my USER NAME. I know my password. Can you help me? I want to change my User Name, just signed up a few minutes ago. Thank you for your help!"

When she did not receive a reply she began a new registration, believing the first attempt had not been accepted.
All went very well for 48 hours and she had great success. Suddenly she could no longer Log in.
In sifting through her Email she found the following message from csr:

"We have reviewed your situation and it appears that you had more than one account. Duplicate accounts will be detected and automatically deleted by the system. Please refrain from opening any more accounts. Failure to follow this policy could result in your main account becoming permanently banned. We appreciate your co-operation. Regards, RobinPOF Team"

Apparently her first attempt at registration had been accepted even though it had not been completed, yet the system did not allow her to Log in. She is banned from accessing both accounts. The first account has zero activity, the second account she had received over 150 messages in less than 2 days.
Their communication said her main account would be permanently banned. She is blocked from accessing both accounts.

She has contacted csr with copies of supporting information displaying dates and times and requested one of her account be reinstated because it was not her intent to open two accounts.
She has not yet received a response.
Since she is unable to log in I'm trying to help. Does she have any other options or someone to contact? Is there any other recourse?
Does csr operate only during regular business hours?

We're both very grateful for your assistance, thank you.
Joined: 9/25/2005
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POF no longer recognizes PW and Email address
Posted: 2/27/2012 2:31:36 PM
I must be a blip in the system. My account was deleted for user inactivity a few years ago after I got married to my fishy and didn't log in for eons. Just last week I started getting emails with my matches again! I tried to email for help but could not follow the directions because the message kept telling me I had the wrong username or password. So today I typed in the username to retrieve my supposedly forgotten password and POOF! There is my whole profile just the way it was 5 years ago! Well, hello forums (LOL I missed you guys) but HOW on earth did my profile reactivate?? I was deleted by the system, not hidden, not deleted by myself. I have not received POF emails in 3+ years and suddenly I am getting matches and I "exist"....BIZARRE!

(Thank goodness I met my husband here! He would NEVER believe this otherwise!)
Joined: 2/4/2013
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POF no longer recognizes PW and Email address
Posted: 5/30/2013 2:14:50 PM
Some friends of mine are having the very same issue
No matter what email or user name they try to switch to
Today he was able to contact people and had several messages sent and received and got messages from the site
then for no apparent reason he is gone again and all memory of him is gone too
I had several messages and had him in my favourites and now there is no sign of him ever being here
I know Markus has put in some new rules and i know he was not sexual in any way so why he has this problem is unknown

I would like to offer POF this suggestion.
No one can logon with out an email address and if pof would send an email to the users explaining what the issues were that casued them to be deleted.

I have heard from friends who i am still in contact with that they are now scared to make new friends since they are not sure how long they or themselves will remain before they are deleted
Most are starting to think its best to leave POF while they can and take the friends they have with them befoe its to late .

If anyone has heard more please post if you can even open your account.

Sounds like they were ip banned.

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