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I will agree with what most women say
as long as it doesn't involve giving away
everything I own to some fat guy siting
on a mat in the lotus position wanting
my woman to get naked with him !
....And when a woman says, after a great
sex session..."Oh that was like a religious
experience!" know you got through
to her in some meaningful way :)
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Tao Te Ching
Posted: 4/8/2012 8:55:07 PM
That Lao Tzu had quite a way with words :)
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Tao Te Ching
Posted: 4/21/2012 3:51:04 PM
I have understood the Toa is actually pronounced Dou or Dough. Maybe it means the Way of the Fat Man, who has found out how to "fatten" himself as he becomes a glutton at the expense of others, who are starving due to his "fat" man way. When one looks at this philosophy and those who dumb themselves down to it's so called enlightenment it makes one realize there is more here than just the idea of peace and tranquility.

Also, I have understood that the good luck symbol of Bhuddaism is the Swastika. The Nazi emblem of The Way.
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Tao Te Ching
Posted: 4/21/2012 5:09:08 PM
The "natural" course of events may need some serious help or intervention. What if one is bleeding to death and needs a blood transfusion, or is dehydrated and needs fluids? What if a world is being fraudulently directed and enforced by armed gangs who call themselves justified law? I never could grasp the Tao Ti Ching or any of these languages. I do understand how I feel when I am in pain, or when I am happy and free from pain. This is my idea of truth.
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Tao Te Ching
Posted: 4/22/2012 1:53:39 AM
Most people do intervene when someone needs it. They do it because they want to or they do it so they're not liable for facilitating it (as it is in the U.S.). Tao says whatever you choose to do and whatever else happens is the natural course of events. If you want to change the outcome of an event, then do something to change it.
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Tao Te Ching
Posted: 4/22/2012 6:36:30 AM
Yes, I understand. If it isn't the Tao Te Ching, it is John The Baptist, Muhammed or Jesus the Christ. One "Thing" leads to another "Thing" then some one who is a carrier of "The Thing" tags you and says, "You're it!"
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Tao Te Ching
Posted: 4/26/2012 12:01:12 PM
The Way of Water
Takes Mountain to Sea
Then returns as rain

A Veil is Lifted
As Waves raise Water
The Wind is Revealed
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Tao Te Ching
Posted: 4/30/2012 7:43:24 PM
True words are not beautiful,
beautiful words are not true.
The good are not argumentative,
The argumentative are not good.
Knowers do not generalize,
generalists do not know.
Sages do not accumulate anything
but give everything to others,
having more the more they give.
The Way of heaven
helps and does not harm.
The Way for humans
is to act without contention.
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Tao Te Ching
Posted: 8/16/2012 7:34:07 PM
Similar but different.

Can't recall this.

Isolation tanks?

I see people walking the streets in blank enough states to think that we are having a zombie invasion but they were all somehow sedated into calm loiterers.
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Tao Te Ching
Posted: 8/18/2012 12:19:30 PM
The true Tao can't be named.

I guess Mr. Lao had to call it something, however, and calling it "The Way" was better than calling it nothing, or even "Everything and Nothing".

True harmony can be found in The Way, and The Way is harmonious, but on the other hand, one does not define the other. There is order in chaos, and chaos in order.
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Tao Te Ching
Posted: 9/3/2012 9:54:26 PM
The way only goes one way. Harmony only found when moving in it's direction. Chaos when moving against.
Like cutting wood. With the grain splits with ease, against the grain chops many times. The wood is still cut in the end but one way is much more efficient.

Like in plumbing, to use the least amount of abs pipe, visualising the shortest path from tub drain to ground works also saves time in labour as well as effort. The best plumber is the "lazy" plumber even though plumbing is very labour intensive.
the chaos of a roughin job can appear very complex, but when pipes are adjusted for the shortest path and graded properly, water flow is not chaotic, bustling the abs around risking abs glue seal break and leak. The drain water still reaches destination but one way is more efficient.

In pizza making, a dinner rush can be chaotic but the way tools and ingredients are placed well in respective spots, the maker does not have to look but just grasp without taking eyes off the pie. And may sway back and forth to keep a constant movement inorder for momemtum to be constant allowing him/herself to always be able to use it when performing tasks.

A human resource agent takes the chaos in an organization and uses it to recognize the needs of employees as well as considering the direction of the organization. The need in recognition and a well considered plan of action becomes the hr agents mode to stay employed.

In flatland it can look chaotic when a rider spins, pivots the tire, whips the frame into several differences in stance. But is harmonious because he/she uses momentum and gyration using pivotal angles of the tire as well as balance points dictated by the position of the frame.

In dishwashing chaos can happen when a station is not maintained or set up properly to allow the dishwasher to split his/her time up between dishes and pans. Proper station setup and placing dishes in an organized order in a rack allows him/her to grasp the clean dishes efficiently to put them away fast while keeping in mind the area of the kitchen to be traveled to bringing with him/her any other items that needs placement in the same general area.

An athlete uses the uncertainty of the key object at play to dictate where he/she is to position oneself. The athlete will place themself in a position that is centralized to an estimated area where the object may land. In this, it takes the athlete the least amount of time to move to the uncertain place of objectional landing as well as moving in it's destined spot while the object is in motion. The uncerainty of the gameplay becomes the guide of the athletes position and mobility.

Comedians take the chaos of a crowd through the ears, hearing high intensity laughter, low intensity, restlessness, and heckling in order to judge what joke is next best fit. The chaos of the crowd becomes his/her momemtum through his act and material.

An investigator walks into a chaotic mess and does not search to find clues but rather lets the clues find him/her. The harmony in an investigation is by an investigator not looking but rather stumbling upon without drawing conslusion but taking notes.

A teacher sees chaotic confusion in the mind of a student and uses the assumptions of a student to teach thus restoring order to a disordered understanding through questions and challenge in mental effort in correspondence with the student's assumptions. The momentum of a class' ignorance to a lesson becomes the teacher way of teaching it.

A lover, uses anothers, worry or insecurity as a means of understanding what needs to be said or done to satisfy and reverse the pain or stress in the other. The momentum is in responsiveness to distress or discomfort in a way that opposes the feeling rather than it's continuation. In the same reponsiveness, joy and comfort are returned in continuation rather than it's opposition.

A poet picks a word, any word, any word at all. Checks the definition and if it fits the miasion it is a word installed all while in recall of previous words used and puts control to cruise. Reads over what was written to see if anything is missing, if anything needs to be adjusted or deleted and whether or not the sentence is completed. The poem is treated like chaos undefined and harmoniously transcribed including rythme and rhyme, and when spoken well timed, can blow minds.

The recognition of the mistakes of a dumb**** becomes his way of learning the hard way. :)
The way only flows one way and that is in return.

Water returns through waterlines to flow from a tap.

A pizza maker eats his/her pizza.

A human resources agent clears his/her to-do list and is able to focus on more needs to satisfy.

The tire of a flatlander turns in a contiuous motion. And gyrates in a 180/360 degree turn returning straight in the direction of the momentum rider is moving in.

The dishwasher always has more dishes to clean.

The athlete returns to preperatory positioning after releasing the object from his/her possession.

The comedian always returns gratitude to his crowd.

The investigator always returns to his/her notes to make an well estimated conclusion.

The teacher always returns a deserving graded mark to the student.

A lover always returns the favor.

A poet returns to every word when using the next, in a way that compliments it's sound. Whether it be through alliteration, assonance, rhyme or reason, it gets around.

The dumb**** always returns to make the same dumb**** mistakes in brand new ways. :)
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recents passed now passed along
Posted: 9/18/2012 8:58:08 PM
No answers to be had; no questions to be asked. Though quest still remains; bah! ebb ought flow on.
Innocence is to dream as knowledge is to vision as coordinates is to wisdom.
When someone is having a hard time figuring something out. It is usually because they are figuring it out on their own. When someone is reluctant to ask for help, It is usually because they have found no use in it from past experiences.
God give us choice. Fear confuses thinking in how to choose. Faith does the right thing without knowing but feeling.
Two kinds of deception: Wolf in sheep's clothing; a mean domesticated dog.
Choices are ever present always. Choosing out of fear brings fear. Choosing out of happiness brings happiness.
Information; confusion
Wisdom; peace
Telling; delusion
Showing; decrease
Movement stirs; when nothing is to know
Stillness remains; when only stars glow.
Truth is within thy self.
Not through transpiration
from within one self comes inspiration.
Close a window that does not help.
Lose fear when losing self.
Gain courage when finding self
Vision without dream sees nothing.
Dream without vision does not manifest.
Manifestation of dream comes without losing vision.
Vision dissipates without defining origin
Manifestation begins within mind
Vision sees manifestation through
Waiver changes path. Buying takes what you have.
Claim gives way to path. Selling gives what you have.
Have self with contentment.
Have others with contentment.
Claim self; claim path in contentment.
Waiver is uncertain.
Happiness feels the way.
Thought knows the way.
Fear feels astray.
Thought doesn't not feel the way.
Contentment with self, path, others; guides.
Choice within words respects what is not defined.
As there is strength in weakness, there is also danger in security. As there is weakness in strength, there is also security in danger. Knowing stance; knowing no enemy, knowing steps, direction unknowing. Acutened senses from a dull mind walk a fine line just fine. Know what is already known, sense knowledge to come. Seeker gets tangled in knots. Watcher unties them.
Dull the mind to acute the sense. Slowly, walk slow in confidence. The best measure in a mili-meter; very accurate and a million make a meter accurately spaced. Life is precious and is about taking it easy and taking each step with care.
Searching for knowledge brings misfortune. Accepting wisdom is virtuous.
Retirement is crucial
Anticipation over Expectation
Life is a meaning and should end once passed through sense. When meaning exaggerates in the mind, sense becomes overlooked.
It's funny how a window makes all the difference. When you look out a window its glorious! You see everything that is happening in your neighborhood or you could just zone out for a moment of clarity! But on the other side of the glass… It’s really creepy. Unless the window is open, which changes everything.
Wise intelligence doesn't need to compare itself to a lesser intelligence to feel intelligent.
Even what is set in stone is weathered by the elements.
Life is a film. Heaven is a picture. Hell is if you’re about to sneeze when the picture is taken.
Presents are bought, gifts are thought.
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