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I’ve always wanted to be this for you, a place to rest and a haven of desirable retreat. So long have I been captivated by your presence, the sheer thought of our joining one to the other motivates me without hesitance. To quench that thirst which only you can satisfy. I feel the cool breezes from the desert winds as night falls, moonlight glistening on the water the sound of the waves as the wind rushes over it. Lying there with you beside me. Enthralled by your touch, the fragrant odor of your body, sweet myrrh with a hint of frankincense. The beat of your heart racing ever so rapidly as I lay my head upon your chest. Your arms envelope me with a grip that is unshakable, not wanting you to let go.

Yes, a place of refuge is what I wish to be for you. When the mundane becomes to frequent, and the chaos seems unrelenting. An oasis I will be; a place to forget, to unwind, relax and just be. Ripened figs, succulent dates, and the juiciest of pomegranates, sweet wine made from golden honey and the grapes of Lebanon. The taste that lingers on your lips. Gentle kisses entice me; the warmth of my body, the touch of my skin against yours, hmm…capricious, yes this is how you make me feel, the mood is struck, I can no longer deny that which is to follow. Oh yeah…we are reaching that plateau of exquisite delight. If I were a Genie in a Bottle, what would you command me to do, the possibilities are infinite. Desert winds compose a melody that plays ever so softly here among the palms, can you hear the sound of my heart? Locked solidly in your gaze, dark brown pools of passion, reading every movement. Speaking without words, mere words alone can’t explain the raging within my soul, the delight and the pleasure of this night, Oh my dear and best beloved, can we remain here for all time? To dwell here at this moment and many moments to come. To belong to each other, I am forever your Oasis, should you desire rest.
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Oasis - A Poem
Posted: 5/7/2012 9:47:16 PM
you made me hungry
and lonely at the same time
loneliness brings on more hungriness

who cares
just feed me.
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Oasis - A Poem
Posted: 5/7/2012 10:53:16 PM
longing and love very deep very feminine righteous redemption!
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