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Also beware of people wanting to use MSN email etc to send photos, especially right at the beginning there is a high proabability they are a scammer.

If they can upload a photo to email or MSN they can certainly do it on POF. So why are they so desperate to get you away from IM on POF?

For a start they want your personal Email address (this can be sold to advertisers), few people use multiple ones in the older age groups. They can then embed in the photo attach a virus for you to open, which will most likey be a trojan or a keylogger that will report back to them every keypress you do on the keyboard. If you use internet banking or even online shopping they will have enough on you to steal your ID or empty your bank account/ top up your credit cards.

There really is no reason to stay away from POF IM, if you like the sound of them then have a chat on a disposable mobile phone. If they give you phone number that looks odd then google that number and you will be able to find its source. There are some very expensive premium phone lines in the cayman islands that look quite genuine.

At this point if you are feeling good about it all then its should all be ok.

These people are a rarity but i am sorry for teaching you to suck eggs if you know this stuff, but for those that dont then i hope this is helpful. Dating sites state about being careful with your personal info for a very good reason.

Just use some common sense, listen to your gut feeling and arm yourself with a little knowledge and dating is safe and fun ( when they bother to reply haha)
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Posted: 5/16/2012 6:39:10 AM
I thought you could hide your profile on the main site so that people couldn't find you in a search but that doesn't stop people with hidden profiles from instigating a contact, although I would imagine once contact was made, their profile would have to show up to whoever they contacted.

Another potential trick to watch out for is someone without a picture who then says they can't upload to PoF but will send you a pic via mobile phone. I always refuse these suggestions as it then means they can text/phone you - and I have an ancient phone so I can't do 'blocking'
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Posted: 5/17/2012 1:52:17 PM
Msg4 ....probably scammers or spammers. MSN is full of it and really dont know why people still use it.

I myself wouldn't instigate chat with anyone just like that. As someone else said its an invasion of privacy if they dont know you. Besides i dont know where it is. And not overly bothered.
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Posted: 5/18/2012 2:04:05 AM
Turned my chat off! Too many unsolicited requests! Open a few out of curiosity to find to my horror I'm a faced with vast acres of cleavage that would not only take ones eyes out that would permanently cause brain damage! Sorry I am not a breast man! Flash ya bits else where please ladies! Not impressed!
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