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Joined: 6/14/2007
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do women enjoy phone sex? cuz i think its hot nothing better then hearing kinky fantasys and telling yours i know there are some married women that think its hot to get away from the hubbys.....on another note is phone sex cheating?
Joined: 8/27/2011
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 10:03:48 AM
Yes - Phone sex is cheating. If you are doing anything which you would not do if your SO was beside you, don't do it.
Joined: 4/3/2012
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 10:16:41 AM
My definition of cheating is lying. If you won't do it in front of your SO or won't tell your SO, it's cheating. If your SO is okay with it, then it's not cheating.
Joined: 4/23/2009
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 10:17:43 AM
Sure do! Call me now 900-HOR-KNEE. First three minutes are only $10.99.

is phone sex cheating?

Only if discovered.

nothing better then hearing kinky fantasys

Even *hotter*: twenty-somethings flipping me the bird. *squirt*
Joined: 12/21/2011
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 10:55:20 AM
Some women do I'm sure....and yes it's cheating. Talking about giving and receiving intimate things with someone other than your SO is cheating.
Joined: 12/11/2011
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 10:55:21 AM
No I don't like phone sex. I can never think of anything to say!
Joined: 2/2/2008
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 11:06:21 AM
Depends on what mood I am in and how good the guy on the other end of the line is at talking and getting my imagination stimulated!

Definately better doing it with someone you haven't met and are never going to meet ... such a let down if the phone sex is better than the real thing! :)
Joined: 5/11/2012
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 11:11:53 AM
You answered your own question Hot Rod. Some women do.
Probably difficult to objectively survey real percentages, depending on who admits it and how it's been determined. Might get a few but probably not a boatload of robust responses here. If you were here drumming possible contacts.
Joined: 12/18/2011
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 11:33:23 AM
I dont like phone sex or naughty texts with someone unless I am in a relationship with them, but each to their own. And yes I would consider it a form of cheating
 Miss W
Joined: 12/4/2006
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 11:49:40 AM
Phone sex is stupid...and I hate willy pics. And I am NOT a prude. One of my friends sends them to her gay boyfriends and then to the men seeking men on the list of Craig. She believes that she is doing "marketing" for them as they definitely want to show it off and the only people she knows who want to see them are gay men.
Joined: 8/12/2010
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 12:49:38 PM
Phone sex, cyber sex and all that, only leaves me frustrated so I dont do it. I want and need the real man.

And anything you do with someone that you would not want your SO to know about, is cheating.
Joined: 1/12/2012
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 12:58:32 PM
Phone sex is great when for some reason separated and unable to meet up in person. Sexting can be a lot of fun and makes for a cool foreplay. Just requires both parties involved to actually enjoy it, else it's crap.
Joined: 7/10/2008
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 1:03:06 PM
agree...if its with someone you care can be ...quite fun

with a stranger? thx
Joined: 9/30/2011
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 4:17:52 PM
I agree phone sex is great when you can not meet up with the other person. it is also good for people in relationships as it keeps that spark
Joined: 5/6/2012
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 4:24:01 PM
The real thing is most prefferd by most standards
 Silent Steel
Joined: 2/18/2009
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 4:57:35 PM
With all the touch screen phones these days, knowing my luck I would accidentally 3 way call my mother while I was having phone sex.
Joined: 4/23/2009
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 5:02:10 PM
With all the touch screen phones these days, knowing my luck I would accidentally 3 way call my mother while I was having phone sex.

Silent Steel: "I'm cumming all over!"
Steel's mom: "What's that dear? You're coming over?"
Joined: 2/7/2011
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 7:12:27 PM
I agree with the comments that it is fantastic when talking to a current partner.
but with a stranger, too corny and waste of time.
Joined: 4/22/2012
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phone sex
Posted: 5/16/2012 10:54:50 PM
With a stranger, it's awkward. Not knowing them.
I've had a couple of LDR's and we did the phone sex almost every night. Nothing compares to the real thing tho.

Whether or not it's cheating...depends.
Before I get flammed for this...let me explain. For some it is. It all depends on what you and your partner define as cheating. I consider being intimate (in a sexual way) with someone other than your partner cheating.
Joined: 11/14/2011
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phone sex
Posted: 5/17/2012 12:41:44 AM
Yes it is cheating and some women do enjoy it. I would say that most cases women enjoy it with people that they are actually interested in though and have some connection.
Joined: 8/11/2011
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phone sex
Posted: 6/27/2012 7:51:10 PM
yes, phone sex is cheating. yes women enjoy phone sex, too, but women HATE being used for just phone sex. if you are just looking for phone sex then pay a professional to help ya out with that. nothing is more INSULTING to a woman than to feel like she is just being used for phone sex. it's very very very insulting.
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