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The north south divide on povertyPage 1 of 2    (1, 2)
i have worked in many so called poor or rough areas, 1 i did repairs to central heating in nearly every house, i was told only about 5 families bring down the whole estate, 1 mile away next estate local thieves robbed cars in daylight i saw a van broken into the house i was in was part of neighborhood watch she said not point in phoning dibble as they take ages to turn up, the two that robbed the van asked me first if it was any of the workers owned the van i said no, looking at these type of areas if you had money would invest , as you can improve the area but not the all the people
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The north south divide on poverty
Posted: 5/22/2012 12:48:45 PM
I think what keeps people poor in not so much lack of money, but a poverty of expectations. I've come across people who are immigrants to the UK, dirt poor, yet battle against huge odds to ensure their children lead sucessful lives. Conversely, some born n bred folk will ignore the opportunities in front of them and just accept a seconday status is their lot.
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The north south divide on poverty
Posted: 5/22/2012 1:06:28 PM

clever ploy, defend the immigrants and slag off the Brits before anyone says anything negative about foreigners

Not at all, love my British brethern. All im saying is a child growing up to be poor will have more to do with the expectations of his parents than the comparative poverty of the area he grew up in.
 Jo van
Joined: 5/23/2009
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The north south divide on poverty
Posted: 5/22/2012 1:42:18 PM
I remembered reading this a while ago, it took me ages to find it.
It's quite shocking, and very sad.

Chris is 10. He and his brother are so malnourished that their skins are pale and they have rings under their eyes. Their older brothers have such an unhealthy diet that they have lost their adult teeth. They live in the sixth-richest city in the world – London. The boys are just four among thousands of Britain's hungry children – victims of a "silent epidemic" of malnutrition in the capital and beyond.
Amy, 20: "I was so hungry I would even chip bits of brick off the wall and eat those"

"When I was little I was very thin and was very embarrassed about it. I had developed a tummy ache which attached itself to eating and stress, which I believe was something I inherited from my mother's stress around not having enough food.

"I would wake up starving in the night but there would be no more food. When I went to people's houses their parents would make as much food as possible for me and more for me to take home.

"At my best friend's house I would fill up on dog biscuits in between meals. I would wait at my garden fence and ask passers-by for sweets or food. I would even chip bits of brick off the wall and eat those. When I lived on my own and on the streets I would spend days walking around London, hoping to be able to find or steal some food. I would look in every bin and on every bit of the floor."
Don't kid yourself that it's not happening here.

I can't remember exactly how many Billionaires now live in the UK., but a lot.
It's difficult for me to understand why there should be either extreme here.
regardless of geography.
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The north south divide on poverty
Posted: 5/22/2012 2:14:50 PM

London and the South East pay in most of the tax ...

True-ish (they pay more per person, for sure, I doubt it's 50% of the whole UK but it's certainly disproportionate to area or population).

... and the government distribute it on the basis of need UK wide

Not true at all, capital spending is almost entirely concentrated on the south-east (for example, Crossrail, Heathrow Terminal 5, Olympic upgrades, the Dome ... I can't think of any major capital projects centrally funded outside London apart from HS2, which is a London-to-somewhere, and bit-part road upgrades elsewhere), and welfare is distributed evenly where it's needed but again London takes a huge slice of that pie, particularly in housing benefit.
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The north south divide on poverty
Posted: 6/6/2012 10:52:37 AM

wonders how a northerner would last in the south after paying £3.75 for a pint!
and 1.50 for a bag of chips!

I live in the north (near Newcastle) and my local chippy is £1.50 for a bag of chips and I paid £3.50 for a pint on Monday in a local pub - town prices are even more.
Joined: 2/14/2007
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The north south divide on poverty
Posted: 6/11/2012 4:12:31 AM
London despite its wealth has got some of the poorest areas in the country. The boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham, Hackney, Walthem Forest, Newham and Harringay for example all have areas with very high levels of deprivation often just yards away from extreme wealth.

The north south divide is a myth as poverty is not just about low income but about ability to afford rents. In London for example a low income family would be faced with a massive rent bill which would eat up half their income. While in the north a low income family would only have to spend a quarter or less of their income on rent.
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