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High Levels of Radiation in IndianaPage 1 of 2    (1, 2)
hi. stumbled upon this today & want some feed back from people in the area.

from the source:
According to RadNet, the United States' radiation monitoring newtork, Northern Indiana is experiencing extremely high levels of radiation -- up to 100 times higher than normal. Live records for a radiation monitoring station near the border of Indiana and Michigan have shown radiation levels as high as 7,139 counts per minute (CPM). At 1:55 a.m., Eastern time, the radiation level was at 2,558 CPM and dropping. The level has varied between 2,000 CPM and 7,000 CPM for several hours. Normal radiation levels are between 5 and 60 CPM, and any readings above 100 CPM should be considered unusual and trigger an alert, according to information listed on the RadNet website. RadNet has not yet issued an alert regarding this issue or stated whether the monitor may be malfunctioning.

Read more:

This high level of radiation is taking place in the exact same location where 60' trees were recently snapped and earthquakes were recently felt by residents as described in this video.
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 6/8/2012 1:50:29 AM
Indiana Radiation Update: is Fermi 2 Nuclear Plant leaking?
love how i asked for someone from the Indiana area & i get someone from Cali instead. sigh... oh well. guess there's no radiation in the Pacific air currents or all the garbage hitting the west coast from Fukushima because they said it was ok. yeah.. right...

of course the government is trying to cover it up to save face & advert panic in the area. i've seen it before that 9/10 nuclear plants in the world have/are leaking radiation. with this instance either there's a leak or perhaps there was a train derailment nearby as they were trying to haul away radioactive material at night.

a safe reading level of radiation is between 5-60. Fermi 2 is over 2000 min... i'd like to see someone go take a reading on site but the DOD owns about 130,000 acres of land right in that immediate area so.... send in the drones ? :/

Airborne 300X Radiation Alert In Indiana, and How To Spot False Alerts

Fermi 2 Nuclear Plant Leaking? Radiation Indiana?
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 6/8/2012 3:55:41 PM
OP, you are a very tin foily sort of guy. Amazing story- has me on the edge of my seat. I hope someone from Indiana sounds off soon.
What if they've all been rounded up by the Illuminati/aliens/government co-conspirators?
Could a whole state just go missing?

Indiana, are you there??
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 6/10/2012 4:15:06 AM
i've been talking about the New Madrid fault line & soil liquefaction for a year now. been warning about the war games in Denver. i think the Nato/UN meetings last month was a distraction to filter Russian troops into the country. i knew the quakes in Virgina & Colorado last year were underground bombs going off.... etc etc

anyways, these are the headlines i'm reading :

Russian Troops Infiltrate USA, Responsible For Multiple Attacks
Wake up folks, these reports are true and we all need to be praying and repenting before God because this is His judgment upon America for all the evil that has been coming out of this nation. You will read in the Lords warning following these reports of clandestine Russian troop activity, that it is the Russians behind the wildfires in Colorado and New Mexico. They are are also responsible for the underground nuclear explosion in Michigan. They have brought nuclear devices into the US as a part of the so called joint training operations. They are also employing high tech HAARP like weaponry trying to set off the New Madrid. Get to work and spread these warnings....and start praying for God's mercy.

May 24, 2012

Steve and Hawk,

I am a U.S. Air Force veteran of the cold and vietnam war. I guarded nuclear weapons and uploaded nuclear B-52 bombers at two Strategic Air cCommand locations in the U.S. during the early 70's. I was trained to recognize various types and configurations of enemy and friendly aircraft from that era I said this in order to qualify myself to you as to what I observed in Denver Colorado on May 8th. I had taken a business trip to Denver for a week and spent a week there in the Aurora section of Denver. On May 8th I entered a large park to walk my dog in Aurora at approximately 10 a.m. I noticed a large solid white aircraft fly over the park at approximately 500 ft and it was traveling about as slowly as a jet aircraft could fly without stalling. It banked right and turned to the side and I stood there watching it and trying to figure out not only what it was doing but exactly what type of military aircraft that it was. When it completed banking right I was shocked because I was now looking at a large clear****pit for at least two men and a nose confirguration that was uniquely Russian. I then realized that I was looking at a Russian Back-Fire Bomber that was painted completely white with no markings whatsoever. It seemed to be circling over the city either to observe Denver or even to be observed almost as if it were showing off. It then left the area and I never observed it again. Almost every day I observed U.S. F-16 traffic on after-burners flying low over the city. Usually these planes were flying in two's but once their were at least 3. Military helicopter traffic over the city was common all day long. I dismissed this as U.S. bases in the Colorado Springs and Denver area. I am still unsettled about what I observed on May 8th and I still possess an ominous feeling about it. When I returned to Indiana on May 12th I listened to Alex Jones and Hawk for the first time in a over a week. You both were talking about russian troops in Colorado around Denver and Colorado Springs. I can only believe now that I witnessed an element of this. Buy More Ammo. D.H.

Eyewitness To Russians At Fort Carson–Notice The Soldiers, Intelligence Handlers Action And Demeanor/From Listener
May 13, 2012

A week ago I was at Fort Carson on business picking up surplus equipment for the town I represent under a government program that gives surplus military equipment to local law enforcement agencies.

We’re going into what is commonly referred to as a boneyard as a group of soldiers were coming out through a small gate. I accidentally bumped into one of the soldiers and he turned and apologized in Russian, I took a quick look at his uniform and noticed that there were no insignias of any type or name tags.

Being that he told me he was sorry in Russian I responded no problem in German and received a very dirty look. At that time a man that looked like a 1950s KGB agent walked up to him grabbing him by the collar and shook him as he screamed at him.

“English, you idiot, English.”

By the time he finished yelling at him we were out of range and I couldn’t tell what else was said but this was a platoon size unit of young man that seem to be very fit and I would not doubt that there are members of the Russian special forces. I have a little experience in spotting soldiers as I was in the Army as a military police officer for 10 years.

Will return to the administration building I ran into someone I met after Hurricane Katrina and we began speaking as I congratulated him about his promotion “whose name and rank I will not divulge” he tried me to his office and we spoke for about 20 min. while our chief law enforcement officer was signing out the vehicles.

The conversation turns in the past and present as he was surprised to see me in the uniform I was wearing and I asked him about the Russian troops.

He started to stammer and he said what Russian troops? And my reply was the one I bumped into that study excuse me in Russian and his KGB handler who start raising hell with him.

He broke in to remind me that KGB no longer exist, on my reply was that, yes to KGB’s gone, but they’re using another name now and they are still in business.

He acknowledged that there were Russian troops on the base by head nod and asked him are they training with the 10th Mountain division again all I had for an answer was a head nod, then I asked why in the hell are we training the Russians with our best troops and he whispered that we are not training them, where training with them. At that point he said he was busy and had to get back to work, it was nice seeing me and get the hell out.

I think your assumptions on why Russian troops are on American soil training with US combat troops could be right.

The government knows that state and local law enforcement would most likely refuse an order to seize firearms from legal owners, and they only way to disarm the American public would be by force of arms by a an overwhelming force of military personnel. Being that we don’t have enough military troops they would have to resort to bringing in troops from other countries.
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 6/10/2012 8:26:04 AM
How does all of this tie in to the "High Levels of Radiation in Indiana"?
I am sick with worry about those people.
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 6/10/2012 3:37:13 PM
@ Nr 3 ...

" ... love how i asked for someone from the Indiana area & i get someone from Cali instead. ... "

@ Nr 7 ...

" ... i've been talking about the New Madrid fault line & soil liquefaction for a year now. ... "

Well well well ... You live in Saskatoon, yet you freely admit you've been popping off for a year now about the New Madrid, which, as everyone knows, is located in New Madrid, Missouri. Interesting double standard you've put in place. You can mouth off with impunity, but as soon as someone else dares utter a dissenting viewpoint, you have the chutzpah to call them out ... ? WTF ... ? The lady at Post Nr 2 is free to comment as she sees fit even if she lives someplace other than Indiana, especially since she's correcting your MISinformation. It's called 'Freedom of Speech'. I know that's not something enshrined in the paper you folks use as a 'governing charter', but it is in the First Amendment to our Constitution ("Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances".) Please start using a different brand of tinfoil for your hat - it may make all the difference. Or not. I'm thinking 'not' ... I'm probably gonna have to tell Alex Jones about you now ...
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 6/11/2012 12:53:38 AM
finding reliable information is what a good researcher does, is it not? i'm trying to take your advice & find some but nobody is talking so i have to make do with what i find. i never said she couldn't say anything. i just wanted some first hand information from someone in that exact area. i just made my point & left her alone. besides, you're attacking me every chance you get. personally i think you're just trying to show off for the girls on the threads. if you weren't, you wouldn't have skipped over the 2 new articles i posted and dealt with it instead. don't preach freedom of speech to me when you're the one who's letting your president take all of yours away. (ndaa, sopa, pipa, bans on protests, drone strikes, kill lists, UN running the military instead of congress, voter fraud, etc)

you were right that nothing would happen in Chicago during the NATO summit but the more i think about it, the more i realize it was meant to be a distraction for all the foreign troops coming in at the same time. how did that not make front page national news ? what's strange is there's lots of video of troops in helicopters coming in, but i haven't seen any of them leaving. they've got to be lying in wait underground at the Denver base under the airport. remember Obama's executive order in may "foreign troops will be brought in to enforce the foreign laws upon the people of the United States"? guess that one just happened to slip your mind.

this is why the New Madrid fault line bothers me:
1- has gone off before, last being Dec 1811-Feb 1812 with the 4 biggest registering 7-8.0
2- BP's spill in the gulf is at the mouth of the Mississippi River/ fault line weakening it
3- quakes are going off in the States in weird places- Oklahoma, Arkansas, Indiana, etc
4- if it goes off, St. Louis, Missouri and Memphis are at the highest risk. Haiti's 7.0 killed 230,000 ppl
5- all the flooding last year on the Mississippi River's banks have supersaturated the ground
6- all that's missing is a large vibration to cause soil liquefaction, say a nuclear blast of some sort

does the USA not call for martial law in times of natural disasters like during Katrina? with the economy on verge of collapsing completely, wouldn't the people in charge want the muscle in place just before everything goes haywire? i know i would. so what better way of doing it than with a false flag attack. maybe an explosion in a major city like Chicago? even you're against the marxist unions with their thug like mentalities so why not go after real thugs. "the only rational way to deal with these people is to defeat them. " the swat teams could go in and wipe out the mafia so when Obama goes for total control of the country, he won't have to worry about his homeboy Uncle Rahm influencing him at all.

so why are Russian troops important? they're the operators of this mess. they're not regulated to uphold the constitution so they're allowed to get away with whatever they want to. the one article i posted talks about the Russians starting fires & possibly set off a mini nuke in Indiana. of course Obama is aware of their doings, it's all part of the master plan. Obama does not want to let go of office and seems like the type to do anything to achieve those means even if it means becoming a totalitarian dictator. i just think he's smart enough to do it gradually & make it seem like the people want him in charge. they give him temporarily full power over everything and he just keeps making excuses to give it up until he just says screw it, i'm in charge. bow before me or else i'm sending you to the new Russian FEMA death camps. remember the island give away deal? what else do you think they'll use the old military bases for?

what's the chances it's just the military doing a live containment exercise? the the high number of drills going on the past year or so, they're preparing for something happening soon but what...

btw the radiation is being picked up in Colorado & Florida now. radiation has a signature to it so they know where it originated from. if it was from Fukushima, they would know but it's not like they're going to tell us. radiation levels go up, the government just raises the safe acceptable level. awesome... could be worse. in Canada we just shut off our fallout detectors in March 2011. yay us.

ps. don't bother telling AJ about me. i've tried posting to him & i get ignored. oh well. besides i know about him anyways & take what he says with a grain of salt now. as long as he doesn't address Israel's part in world events, he's just a mouth piece. what's the quote... if you want to find out who's really in charge, just find out who you can't talk bad about. Israel is off topic on that show so do the math.

pps. i don't have a problem with Jews either. it's the Zionist control freaks that bother me. most of them aren't even Jewish or so i hear. :/
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 6/11/2012 5:42:41 AM
@ Nr 10 ...

" ... ps. don't bother telling AJ about me. i've tried posting to him & i get ignored. ... "

The hell you say ... ! Talk about raging paranoia ... I'm going back to sleep now, 'mkay ... ? Stay - umm - 'safe' ...
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 6/11/2012 10:43:12 AM
Paranoia about the Russians is so 1960.
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 6/12/2012 3:57:24 AM
makes me wonder what kind of world we live in when things are so easily dismissed without looking into it at all. things are so out of control right now that even the wildest of stories might actually have some merit to them. take for example:

UFO Hauled Through Illinois To Radiation Spike Site
Jeff Wagner WCIA - State police say they received a permit request to help escort the mysterious load along the highway. all they can tell us is that the hauler is Diamond Heavy Haul Inc. Police couldn't tell us what exactly they were hauling, nor who owns the load. All we know is it was headed north along I-57 before taking a break at the rest stop. Police also blocked off the rest stop entrance so drivers couldn't enter the area.

Is it a flying saucer? Maybe a top secret US military fighter jet? Either way, it was parked along I-57

another article that came thru the news threads. Sorcha Faal has been flagged as a disinfo site. perhaps it could be hiding the truth by telling you exactly what happened for most people won't believe it anyways:

What Really Happened in Michigan?
by Former White Hat

More bizarre disinfo cover stories for the battle with the Annunaki. Sorcha Faal reports this:

A shocking Federal Security Service (FSB) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that last week an “intense” battle erupted in the US State of Michigan between military forces loyal to the Obama regime and American rebels that killed at least 380 men, women and children who had gathered to oppose their nations slide towards a totalitarian dictatorship.

According to this report, nearly 500 people opposed to the Obama regime had assembled for a “clandestine” meeting in the Michigan country of Alpena in an effort to form a 50-State alliance of local law enforcement and political officers seeking to “turn the tide” of their nations path towards dictatorship even, should it be necessary, by armed force.

The FSB states in this report that hostilities erupted when the American rebel forces gathered at this meeting identified “several” undercover FBI informants who were seeking to “escalate tensions” and arrested them whereupon, “within minutes,” a contingent of “heavily armed” Obama regime federal police forces attempted to, in turn, arrest these rebel leaders.

After a “prolonged skirmish” between these rebel forces and Obama regime federal police, this report continues, the US Military launched a series of airstrikes, the largest being a 2,000 lb laser guided bomb that hit in the middle of those gathered at this meeting killing over three quarters of them instantly.

To how powerful this blast was we can read as reported by a local Michigan reporter named Bob Powell who wrote: “At 10 a.m. on Wednesday, 6/6/2012, a mysterious explosion shook homes over hundreds of square miles in Northeastern Michigan. The ground shaking explosion was heard from Presque Isle to Lincoln, and out west as far as Hillman.”

Important to note is that this reporter was swiftly detained and arrested by Obama forces when he attempted to gather more information.

Over the next nearly 48-hours since the initial bomb drop upon the rebels, this report continues, Obama regime military forces “numbering in the high-hundreds” descended upon Michigan [photo 2nd left] utilizing nearly 85 combat transport helicopters and A-10 Thunderbolt air-to-ground missile equipped fighter aircraft.

Confirming the chaos of this battle we can, also, read as confirmed by the Natural Society News Service which, in part, says:

“Eyewitnesses on the ground near the media-blacked-out elevated radiation zone near the border of Indiana and Michigan, where radiation levels hundreds of times higher than normal were quickly removed from public viewing by the EPA, are now sending in a large number of photos and videos documenting massive explosions accompanied by unmarked helicopters, A-10 Thunderbolts, and military personnel.

Those on the ground report that the explosions are ‘loud and deep’, sounding like fireworks with a kick. The explosions are oftentimes followed up with a squadron of helicopters or other aircraft, oftentimes black and unmarked. One Michigan resident reports the following, and is then backed by dozens of organic comments which confirm the findings:

“EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE! Also, Large helicopter heading away from Local Air Force base flying toward scene of explosions! These explosions are seriously consistent, loud booms for the last hour or more.”

Russian nuclear experts contributing to this FSB report state that the elevated radiation levels associated with this attack by the Obama regime upon these rebel forces state that they were caused by the bombs used because they contain depleted uranium, and that there is the “strong likelihood” various other rebel areas of the States of Michigan and Indian may have been targeted too.

This FSB report further states that the “massive retaliation” against these rebels by the Obama regime was due to their having military grade weapons in which to defend themselves and their families.

In less than 48-hours, however, after this attack an “angry and livid” Obama regime put a clampdown on its program that has supplied US local police forces with military weapons, and as we can, in part, read as reported by the Fox News Service:

“The Defense Department has stopped issuing weapons to thousands of law enforcement agencies until it is satisfied that state officials can account for all the surplus guns, aircraft, Humvees and armored personnel carriers it has given police under a $2.6 billion program, The Associated Press has learned.

The department’s Defense Logistics Agency ordered state-appointed coordinators in 49 states to certify the whereabouts of that equipment that has already been distributed through the long-running arrangement overseen by the agency’s Law Enforcement Support Office.”

This FSB report notes that the death toll they projected in this report is, indeed, an estimate, but further state that based on the number of body-bags requested by Obama regime forces in the aftermath of this battle it could even go higher.

Unknown to the vast majority of Americans, and as we had detailed in our previous report “Russia Shocked After Thousands Of Americans Beg Obama Not To Kill Them”, the Obama regime is operating completely within the law of the United States that now gives their President unprecedented powers to kill and imprison any citizen he so chooses without either evidence or trial, and even newer laws that allows the US government for the first time in its history to deliberately lie and deceive all of them for any reason whatsoever.

Why this cover story? For anyone who has been vaporized from radiation, killed or injured by debris, or eye-witnessed to the battle who have now disappeared, it will be said they were part of this rebel militia. Those with severe developing radiation symptoms will be “arrested” as domestic terrorists under this story.
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 6/13/2012 5:42:35 AM
I'm about 45 minutes south of the Indiana/Michigan border and this is the first I'm hearing of this. Just goes to show how crappy our news stations are... lol

On the plus side, I've always wanted to glow in the dark so this is a bonus for me. ;)
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 6/14/2012 1:42:31 PM
Radiation is leaking alright and it's washing ashore and drifting. They are covering it up because they don't want to pay to fix it and they do not want people demanding safer power. They want to be the ones who decide when and which and from where our power comes from.
The insurance for nuclear power plants is astronomical because they are greedy and their finger is in the insurance pie too. They say it's so expensive that our governments have to cover the cost or else we'll not have enough people willing to build the plants. It's expensive because they charge too much. Cement is still the best way to contain a leak but that messes with the plant, they don't want that. Use water...what's a few lives in an over populated world anyway. Their projects are more important.
What we should be demanding is that they be held accountable. Throw them in the plants, cover them with cement, get on with using safer power options.

There will be financial payouts, but the payouts will come from your pocket in the form of taxes and it won't be nearly as much as they charge. Clever eh?

OP, watch that you don't start believing the wrath of god b.s., that's another one of their lies to keep you believing that power is outside youself.
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 6/14/2012 4:52:05 PM
maybe the quake released argon/radon gas(?) Don't claim to be an expert on gases, but I do know Co has higher rad bc of Argon or Radon...
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 6/15/2012 2:57:08 PM
Well NWIndiana has always had high levels of whatever...........steel mills,BP,Gary burning, dead bodies and who knows whatelse.............all I know it's getty hard to sleep with that GLOWING blob in the wait it's me.
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 6/18/2012 2:15:56 AM
perhaps it's just something as simple as an underground radiation dump that's been exposed by a leaking container or something dug into it causing the spike. more likely it's a hidden underground nuclear reactor experiencing some severe difficulties due to wear & tear. it would explain the explosions being heard in the area & helicopters buzzing around. there's one under Rochester, New York that most people don't know about.

an older story but maybe can explain what's going on. from Sorcha Faal, again it's only info until proven true:

October 21, 2011
US Nukes Underground Texas Base After ‘False Flag’ Terrorists Captured
The Foreign Military Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General Staff (GRU) is reporting today that the battle for control between the various factions vying for power in the United States heated up yesterday after another of their top-secret underground bases was destroyed by the detonation of an atomic device.

According to this report, the attack was made against the largest US Military base in the world named Joint Base San Antonio which is an amalgamation of the United States Army Fort Sam Houston, the United States Air Force Randolph Air Force Base and Lackland Air Force Base, which were merged on 1 October 2010, and located in Bexar County Texas.

The reason for this attack, according to the GRU, was the ‘escape’ of 5 terrorists from CIA control that Russian intelligence analysts believe were about to launch a ‘false flag’ attack upon the United States using shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles smuggled into that country this past week from Libya and delivered by means of a recreational vehicle (RV) from New York City to its position outside of the Bexar County Courthouse where it was equipped with supplies and potential target information.

The uncovering of this plot, this GRU report says, began last month when the North African nation of Morocco dismantled a terrorist cell linked to al-Qaida and discovered that some of its members had been ‘removed’ to the United States by the CIA for ‘further training.’ Especially worrying to Moroccan officials was the evidence they obtained showing that at least 20 shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles from Libya were ‘removed’ to the United States too.
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 6/19/2012 4:52:12 AM
ok... so Fukushima - no alarm.
weakening infrastructure reports - no alarm.
last years wildfires & floods around nuclear facilities - no alarm.
possible radiation leak, hidden info from public - an alarm goes off.
hmmm... wonder if we should be worried yet...

June 15, 2012
Emergency Disaster Planning/Preparedness Support
Solicitation Number: HSFE90-12-R-0035
Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Office: Federal Emergency Management Agency
Location: National Continuity Branch

The Request for Proposal is for Program Management Support (subject matter experts) for the FEMA Domestic Emergency Support Team and Nuclear Incident Response Team. Place of Performance is Washington DC and Contractor's location.
This procurement is a 100% Small Business Set-aside. The NAICS Code for this procurement is 541990, with annual receipts of $14 million. This is a new requirement with no incumbent. This requirement is to acquire subject matter experts and technical support for the DEST and NIRT.
The support is envisioned to be programmatic and technical in nature.
Subject Matter experts will support readiness operations and perform other support actions during exercises.
The contractor will also perform analysis as tasked and participate in meetings.
The period of performance is for 3 years. The contract will have one (1) one-year base with two (2) one-year option years. Due to the nature of the work, FEMA will award a fixed rate Indefinite Delivery Indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract, with task orders to be issued at a later date. FEMA anticipates two (2) IDIQ contracts will be awarded.
The solicitation is anticipated to be released on or about June 29th, 2012. The solicitation will be available to download via this website. Potential offerors are encouraged to check this site frequently for updates.

If you would like to see this for yourself you can go to FBO (Federal Business Opportunities) and under keyword/Solicitation search this: HSFE90-12-R-0035
 Soul Union
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 12/20/2012 1:10:34 PM
You are wasting your time here, CreativeStoryteller. All that matters to people today is the telly and how many reruns there are of The Simpsons, and who won the NFL and which dirty Babylon queen is strutting her stuff this week and being worshipped and who's having whose baby behind whose back and who's getting divorced and what new suit Michelle is wearing and who is being charged with racism this week and who won American Idol and what Simon is saying . . . and so it goes on and on and on. Brilliant distractions. They work every time.

As for reality? Don't give me that stuff. Don't want to know. That's too hard. Give me pink glitz and marshmallows and lots of Hollywood brain-rotting mush. Give me delicious scandalous whispers. But don't give me reality. I won't stand for it.

Geez, my Sky TV subscription is about to run out. I'd better get on to it and plug into the Illusion in case reality creeps in.

CreativeStoryteller is just one brave soul trying to bring a crucial message to the world. If people think this spinning, minuscule rock, with its endless wars, terror, rapes, murders, paedophile priests, corrupt politicians, assassinations, disease and unrest is 'normal,' then they need to look at themselves long and hard and ask some fundamental questions about life. But then again, within three years from now people won't need to ask, because the answers will be fearfully apparent.

As for the increase of FEMA concentration camps across America, the bizarre number of heavy plastic coffins being assembled and churned out, as for the HAARP installation and its mind-blowing agenda, don't waste your time, CreativeStoryteller. People don't want to know. Not as long as we have the pink fluff and the marshmallows and the latest anti-perspirant and the grand opera-like TV commercials for cat food and the multi-porn channel. Don't tell them about the actual agenda behind the increase in school massacres, like Sandy Hook. (The Lone Gunman theory doesn't work anymore.) And don't, whatever you do, tell them about the Great Alaskan Pyramid that was discovered several decades ago, a pyramid so large it makes the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt look like a garden hut by comparison. Don't talk about that stuff. Shhhh.

It's too late to turn back the clock, folks. The wool is well and truly dyed. Our collective ignorance and arrogance will, literally, be the death of us.

CreativeStoryteller is a voice crying in the wilderness, a wilderness choking in clouds of dark, dense, thankless apathy. Frankly, we don't deserve his efforts on our behalf.

Best wishes to everyone.

- Peter
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 12/20/2012 4:13:58 PM
Russians being snuck in is an old reoccurring story.
Over 100 years old next year.

The first version had Russians secretly landing in Britain
during World War 1 to fight for the British.
(they were also there to fight all those Kaiser troops
that had secretly infiltrated England.)

The "Secret foreign troops" plot has seen
many versions since.

Secret Japanese or German Troops during WW2.

Back to Secret Russian troops during the cold War.

After the demise of The Soviet Union that plot line
became unbelievable. (Even for Tin-foil heads)

But in the 90's when Evangelicals labeled The UN as the Anti-Christ
then the "secret UN troops" conspiracy began to take shape.
Even so...The UN is a pretty Lame evil entity to power a world domination theory.
They couldn't even dominate Haiti much less us.
But all the really evil empires had perished by then.
So the UN had to do.
They had to pick some foreign organization
to keep the fear based money rolling into their websites and tele-commercials.

Add secret Russian troops and it almost becomes plausible to ignorant hicks
with more guns then sense.
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High Levels of Radiation in Indiana
Posted: 12/21/2012 2:22:48 PM

" ... CreativeStoryteller is a voice crying in the wilderness, a wilderness choking in clouds of dark, dense, thankless apathy. Frankly, we don't deserve his efforts on our behalf. ... "

Huzzah! Huzzah! Yay! At last - a post that properly gives CST (izzat an acronym for 'Central Standard Time'?) 'credit' where 'credit' is 'due' ... kinda / sorta ... I guess all that " ... choking in clouds of dark, dense, thankless apathy ... " stuff can kinda get to ya after a while, but hey, for those who proudly wear the Tin Foil Hat, it just goes with the territory. Live for the danger, sweat through the thrills. Indiana Jones had his fine light brown beaver felt Snap-Brim Fedora, CST has his tin-foil ... and all's right with the world once again. We are most certainly not a deserving audience for his " ... efforts on our behalf ... " - but we are tolerant ...

Only thing better than CST's 'reportage' was the 'Farm Report' on 'SCTV' with 'Big Jim McBob' and 'Billie Sol Hurok'. None among us will ever forget their insightful commentary which followed the demise of every guest on their fine program: "HE BLOWED UP REAL GOOD!" With luck, CST might yet be a guest on their program should it ever be given sponsorship again ... just sayin' ...
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