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 Jo van
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Is the Fabric of Our Society Being Dismantled?Page 1 of 2    (1, 2)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've yet to see a post, whatever the topic, when "Day trader" doesn't use the word "immigrant".
I haven't watched the link yet.
But the fabric of our society is constantly changing.
It changed with the formation of Trade Unions, and 'collective bargaining', to get a better deal for those who worked. It changed when women were given the vote, and when the NHS was conceived.

The fabric of our society is now being shaped by those with money, and power, to further their own vested interests.

The Government is far more likely to listen to Roman Abramovitch (sp?)(or any other Billionaire) despite him gaining his wealth by means of some very dubious deals, with the collapsing former communist regime, in the former USSR., than they are likely to listen to a well-educated, informed and dedicated, 'public servant' in this country.
They prefer the advice of a "hedge-fund manager", to that of a Surgeon.

This government is trying to dismantle the "welfare State", on purely ideological grounds. (If you can call the profit motive for a few individuals an "ideology".)

Personally, I would like to see "the fabric of our society, dismantled", starting with the aristocracy, the 1%, who own 70% of the land and assets. (For zero effort).
That would be a good start.

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