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A short story on men and Internet dating

A tall red head checked her phone nervously looking around at all the men at the train station. She had been on an Internet dating site and she was twenty years old with long reddie ginger hair and a pale complexion her eyes were a hazel green and she had a flat face with freckles childish and pinched, almost Elvin she was nearly six feet tall and very skinny like her body was stretched and with large thin feet and skinny legs but her beauty was her uniqueness. Her profile on had been pined over, feared and then written in an excited and slightly embarrassed way and put up with a photo of her in sunglasses and another of her at uni with her friends blotted out as they wouldn’t have wanted to be on the World Wide Web without permission. Her names was Elsie and her date was a man called Marc he was tall mixed race and handsome. Marc had messaged her first but not in a sleazy way like other men or a one liner like ‘what’s up? Babe you’re cute. Or even worse. He had been casual but interesting and not rude or aggressive she immediately liked the way he typed and the way he looked, he had dark eyes almost oriental and hair braided down to his waist he was slim but muscular wore tight jeans and listened to all types of music and enjoyed writing. Marc arrived five minutes late smoking a cigarette and causally put it out under his black boots, he wore tight grey jeans and a black coat he was striking and his hair almost clung to him in its braids, Elsie pushed her hands forward and greeted the tall and handsome twenty three year old. The area was Kilburn the pair headed off to a small bar called ‘powers’ across from the bronsbury station. Elsie drank baileys and Marc drank corona they chatted about music, politics the weather unit hour’s lectures and as Marc was repeating a year annoying lectures strange characters and odd professionals behind the desks in the library and there teachers and there odd coffee drinking habits. After a few drinks they decided to drink wine and Elsie made a lunge for the handsome and aloof male before her, Marc taken aback by the girl now sitting on his lap with her arms around his neck and her lips strapped to like they had been sewn on gasped, but Elsie holding on for dear life wouldn’t give up and so the two kissed in a awkward but slightly passionate embrace until Marc got up to go and smoke and blow his smoke in circles at the busy London road in front of himself. Later drunkenly the two returned to Elsie’s hall’s and talked and then as they were laughing Elsie removed her top and her skinny pale frame was revealed with a lacey red bra Marc took the hint and removed his black cardigan and shirt, his slim body cut the muscles defined and smooth and only a few hairs on his chest he reached for Elsie who excitedly grabbed at his chest and arms with a young immature and lustful drunken glee. Marc was a great lover his tongue which Elsie found darted everywhere epically over her hard nipples and his hands were tentative and strong but not to pushy and he knew how to touch her they made love quickly and passionately and then fell asleep in her small room. The next morning Elsie awoke to an empty bed and her room smelled of stale cigarettes and a durex wrapper lay on the floor discarded just like Elsie now felt hangover cold and lonely not impassioned like the night before. When she entered the kitchen sheepishly there was a note on the table, Elsie quickly grabbed it excitedly it read ‘ sorry had to go and finish an assigment.bummer, last night was great call me Marc xxx’. Elsie was an art student and as a eccentric and excited young woman she decided to shave into her pubic hair a M to show her affection for Marc so when they next met he would see how much she wanted him. However when Marc and Elsie met for a second time and when they were undressed he was less than impressed with her declaration, even fact he was quite afraid and when after there loud hard sex session involving her small desk and chair he made a quiet but quick exit, the moral of the story is perhaps don’t shave an ‘M’ into your pubic regions on a second date.
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a funny story on dating
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a funny story on dating
Posted: 6/18/2012 8:28:17 AM
Hmmm...You left Deb speechless, and I can see why. Very nice, OP.
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