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Like Sci-fi? Like Action? If you've got time, why not check out my latest series: F1nd1n6 R350lv3 on, or It's the last in a long running series of writing practice. I recently announced that I'll be rewriting everything for my book, which I will publish someday along with a sequel to finish the story. The book will be very different, and I warn those who can't take bad writing away from my first series, SMILZ, as it was written years ago when I was horrible.

Thanks, and here's a nice preview:

Remus was gaining more and more power, realizing the true depths of his powers. He had never seen Hadoshi, when he was Enro, freeze an entire planet in Pure Form, or when Thix had formed a black hole out of sheer Pure Form power alone. Remus was currently in True Form, his power having lain dormant for so long. His body was not ready for all the power he was using at once, yet it was forcing more out at his request. Remus had more power than he ever dreamed possible; he felt alive for the first time. He might even be happy if he hadn't seen that his people were dead. But regardless, he knew that if he didn't do something about the enormous mass of enemies pressing in around him, he would die. In the greatest, and last, display of power Remus would ever show, he rose on a tornado of water, high above the city. The water came up to his waist, spinning in a pipe shape all the way to the street and swaying to keep balance. Remus opened his hands, palms down, and held them at waist level. He slowly rose his hands, palms still facing down, and mustered every ounce of energy he had. The seas of the planet bowed at his whim, the lakes and rivers singing at his say-so. Every drop of water on the planet Pserra, twice the size of our Earth, was under the control of The Element of Water, Remus Gray. For a moment, the entire city of Arbite was swallowed by the sea. Remus excluded The Old District specifically. Every demon within the city, all remaining three million, were washed out to sea. Remus freed the city, drying everything that should not be wet. His tornado of water moved to the ocean, over where the demons had been washed in a splashing mass. Remus pushed them deep into the ocean, crushing them with the pressure. The tornado moved again, moving back to the square in front of the capital building, just in front of the stage where Jin and Hana stood, and where Asai hid. The tornado slowly receded, lowering Remus to the concrete. His feet touched the ground, his body glowing a soft blue, the water within still and dark. Remus stood there a moment, his eyes closed. His heart had burst and he felt it. Remus fell to his knees once more, just as he had in his sadness before his awakening. Jin jumped off the stage to help him as Remus keeled over to one side. Deep red spread from his chest in the water below Remus' skin. Jin moved to try and heal him, pressing his power on the body of Remus. But so great was Remus' power, and so all-encompassing, that Jin could not reach within him to help. Once more Jin watched, powerless, as an ally died before him just as his master had. Remus reached inside himself, his hand passing through his skin, and he pulled something out. It was a small bubble and within it was the most pure water Jin had ever seen. No bubbles, perfectly clear and unmoving.
"This..." whispered Remus, "...will save the planet from my death. Just being alive I kept the waters of this planet at bay. Cities would wash away. Islands would disappear. People would die... More people... I can't let that happen... Keep this safe. Never let it be smashed. Never drop it..."
Jin could only nod, blinking back tears.
"Jin. My countryman. My brother, I daresay. I never heard my people's voice. I never gave them their freedom. Do me one favor: free them from death. Save them. One day... One day they will find their voices. Give them that chance, Jin. And never hold your tongue... Tell Sito and Hadoshi... I'm sorry I could not lead you as you wanted... Save this world... Save all of them..."
Unknown to Remus, his words echoed in Sito and Hadoshi's minds as they took their first steps into battle.
Remus' eyes shifted to look at the clouds and falling rain.
"Arbite... Cry for me... But never cry in sorrow again... Shed your tears only in joy... The joy of hope... And the joy of freedom......"
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