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Don't know about SP - but since hitting the menopause, I have some really crazy dreams. And I always remember them when I wake up. It's like I dreamt some weird movie and thinking what the hell was that all about.

Last night's dream - I was with a friend and family. There were 3 cats - one little, one medium and one big. The big one kept chasing off the other two if they came for my affection. And suddenly there is a dog there too and big cat started licking the dog's bum. Then started choking and we were pouring water down it's throat to try to stop it choking. It stopped breathing and then I was doing CPR - but then the cat was tiny. I mean the size of my hand.

How nuts is that?!!! I dread going to sleep these days. My dreams are wacko and I wish I didn't remember them.
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Sleep Paralysis
Posted: 7/4/2012 3:29:47 PM
Your description is the only way that I can descibe my own day-dreams/hallucinations. I used to have these regularly when I was married some years ago and going through some pretty stressful times. I hadn't had any recurring since then until very recently when it well and truly came over me. I was at work and I work as PA to my two company directors. I found myself holding what seemed like a normal conversation with them; I could also use the computer etc. but all the time I am I am hearing voices and 'seeing' my dream.

I can usually feel it coming on. I feel very light headed, even though my eyes are open I am 'seeing' a dream. This 'dream' is like deja vu; I am thinking to myself, 'this is a repeat of last time' and is always based on the same theme but I can't recall enough to write it down on here. I often wonder if I should try and write during one of these 'dreams'.

They are not frightening (unlike the nightmares and bad dreams which I often have) and sometimes the light-headedness and hallucinations can last up to 2 to 3 hours. I've never known what triggers them. I had thought they were a result of quite a lot of stress but a work colleague suggested that an ingredient called aspartame which is used in sweeteners can bring on hallucinations. I googled and found that this was the case so I no longer use sweeteners and I haven't had a 'funny turn' since but that could be just coincidence.
Joined: 8/9/2011
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Sleep Paralysis
Posted: 7/4/2012 11:10:17 PM
I've had the experience of sleep paralysis twice maybe, I'm not too clear on the second experience, I do remember the first time vividly though.

I woke up feeling absolutely terrified because I was unable to move and I was desperately trying to scream for help but nothing would come out of my mouth...shortly after I started seeing crazy flashing lights and hearing strange ping zing whoosh whish zing ding dong thwack thwack type noises ..I literally felt as if I'd been transformed into a human pinball machine and thought I might remain that way forever.

I told my mother about my strange experience the following morning...telling her I'd had an amazing dream and she was like "Oh you know what that was don't were having a flashback" The very cheek of her! I was so shocked at her imagining that I was some kind of freak for acid or lsd in my past that I decided that sort of experience should never be spoken about in future, lest I be so accused again....

I think I've done some astral travelling too albeit not deliberately, it just sort of occurred - for a number of nights I used to take flight travelling through bricks and mortar in a direct line to a friend of mine's house then along down towards the bottom of the main street of my local town - that was nice, it actually felt really good to be zipping along like a ghost-like superman

Is astral travel often confused with outer body experiences?

A brother of mine used to boast about having floated out of his body purposefully....apparently he used to practise that a lot...separating himself (soul and mind) from his physical body...floating above, having a gander at his earth bound form (knowing him he was probably quite impressed with it) and then just sinking back into his complete self once again.
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Sleep Paralysis
Posted: 7/6/2012 10:03:10 AM
Sleep paralysis is caused by lack of sleep I think. I think it happens when you are very tired and fall asleep.
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Sleep Paralysis
Posted: 7/6/2012 6:51:18 PM
I have had SP on several occasions ... and like the OP usually when I have fallen to sleep on my back ... they have happened when I have gone back to bed in the afternoon mostly (which I don't do very often these days) I have suffered with night hallucinations for years. I have to pre-warn anyone I might sleep over with as I scared the life out of my last boyfriend.

I have had injuries from some of the hallucinations too when I have either jumped out of bed in fright and once nearly broke every bone in my fingers and hands when in fright I ended up in a kneeling position on the edge of my bed, fell directly downwards and broke my fall by landing on my fingers... they were pointing downwards so I landed on the tips.... that was so painful and the fingers on my right hand are still out of shape ... that was about 7 years ago!

Night hallucinations are very real at the time and very frightening. I suffered about 2 or 3 a night when I was trying to get my ex husband out of the house and that took 3 months!
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