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The governments new benefits system.Page 1 of 2    (1, 2)
There's a bit of the deck chairs on the Titanic about it. But reducing the benefit incentive to produce lots of children you can't support has to be a good thing, particularly if that money can be redirected where it does more social good. I guess that part is unlikely with this government, though.
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The governments new benefits system.
Posted: 7/13/2012 3:07:21 AM
Fistly before anyone jumps all over me I have no objection to anyone claiming benefits that are genuine, I do object to people using benefits as a career choice. The whole reason they are shaking up the benefit system is the amount of people claiming fraudulently and I think it is about time.
The system has been abused too long the motability scheme is being used fraudulently over the whole country as is the blue badge scheme, I know of at least half a dozen mobility owners who don't even use their cars, they rent them out to other people as a designated driver who pays them £50 per week for the use of the car.
Surely if they need a car they should be supplied with a basic car not a Nissan Quashqui that costs £25.000 plus, if they use a wheelchair fair enough
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Joined: 5/23/2009
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The governments new benefits system.
Posted: 7/13/2012 3:21:04 PM
This has to be the stupidest government we've had for a while.
But their stupidity really 'channels' the stupidity of the populace.
The Daily Mail finds a few "benefit scroungers", and the government scraps benefits, for everyone.
In the same way that one 'mad mullah' exploits the Human Rights Legislation, so the government propose scrapping it, for everyone.
Turkeys, it seems, really do vote for christmas.
As long as there's a 'knee-jerk reaction' to something, to be whipped into a frenzy, this government will ruthlessly exploit it, to try to 'turn back the clock' .

If you all get so angry about people getting money for doing nothing, -for "not working", why don't you feel the same anger for the capitalist system, which is based on exactly that principle..?
Why aren't you all screaming about the Duke of Westminster, who owns £6Billion of property in Central London, and any company you deal with, which has offices there, is charging *YOU* for the rent they pay to him.

Similarly, a proportion of the cost of any food you eat, is rental paid to the feudal aristocracy of this country, who haven't done a single day's work, for the last thousand years!
They don't just "exist" on £67/week, that wouldn't even cover the cost of feed alone, for the peac0cks on the lawns.

I'm all for indignation about "freeloaders" and the "work-shy". But I feel you should cast your nets a little wider than the people at the job-center.

Mr Cameraman talks about removing benefits from people who "don't really need them".
I think he should start by not taking the £20,000 in mortgage payments, for his Oxfordshire home.
For the following reasons.
1/. He doesn't "need" a mortgage. He allegedly has c£30 million already.
2/. He bought the house after he was elected to the "safe tory seat", after he was "parachuted in", after losing two elections in London, where he lives, and already has a house.
3/. He gets free accommodation at No 10.
4/. He also gets further free accommodation at "Chequers! (Sp?)
So he currently has 4 homes, but still has the audacity to talk about "need".

Despite bleating for the last two years, that "We can't borrow our way out of debt".

Their latest brainwave, is to give several hundred more billions to the banks, again..
And they have announced today, a new scheme , to make the banks lend money more readily, and to be able to borrow money to do so, at preferentially low rates.
That should do it.

If he ever has a good idea, it will die from loneliness.
Joined: 1/2/2011
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The governments new benefits system.
Posted: 7/17/2012 6:08:50 AM
In my opinion the new system will be much better than the old one as it should prevent certain people on benefits being singled out for abuse and discrimination as they are now with the unemployed, single mothers and asylum seekers. However, whatever changes they make to the system will not, and cannot, make the system fit for purpose because benefits are intended to be a safety net for people who are temporarily without work or other income and there just are not enough jobs to go round under the current way we work.

There are some additional things that should have been done first IMO. The first one would be scapping all universal benefits such as pensions, bus passes, cold weather payments, child allowance and all the others and make them means tested. Secondly scrap the pension age and allow people to retire on a sliding scale of pension as and when they see fit to retire. Thirdly, reduce the working week to 30 hours and create enough jobs to enable full employment, this is including current OAP's and disabled people who can/want to work.

It is only when we get to a time when there are enough jobs for everyone who wants one that any benefits system has any chance of working in the way it was intended......
Joined: 1/17/2009
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The governments new benefits system.
Posted: 7/17/2012 10:35:19 AM

DT - perhaps you would enlighten us as to the frauds involving Blue Badges?

that fraud runs into millions, think about it ... blue badge means free parking, and how much does it cost to park a car for the day? i know a few who have kept the blue badge after the person has snuffed it .... as well as using it when the person whose it for is not anywhere near the car.

the benefit system needs to be overhauled drastically ... work should always pay no matter how many hours etc. the system should not have to pay out for those able bodied who refuse to go to work or pop out kids for the fun of it. pay for the first two and thats it.
Joined: 1/17/2009
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The governments new benefits system.
Posted: 7/18/2012 4:14:20 AM

I'm not totally sure what the situation is outside the West Country, but most council car parks seem to simply provide wider bays for disabled parking & grant, sometimes, 4hours for a three hour ticket (hardly all day, Badge).

Any all day concessions seem to be for long stay car parks which are usually not convenient for disabled use anyway.

they have to provide disabled parking or get fined for disabled discrimination act.

As for using dead persons badges, all badges are time-dated (3 years maximum) and then have to be renewed by the issuing authority, on submission of a CURRENT certificate, so that deals with that really.

not really ... as you admit they have a 3 year limit on them, so if a person who has one and died this year, then leaves the relative upto 2015 free parking .... yippee!! or sell them on as can get over a grand for one.
Joined: 1/2/2008
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The governments new benefits system.
Posted: 7/18/2012 5:38:09 AM

"EU and non EU migrants will be automatically be entitled to claim universal credit upon entering the country, as opposed to having to wait and then receive a reduced rate"

So, more money for immigrants while our own poor and needy (not to mention those of us paying tax) have to foot the bill.

When will people get wise to the fantically 'immigrationist" parties like Labour/Conservative/Liberals and reject their extremist "globalist" agenda?
Joined: 2/14/2007
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The governments new benefits system.
Posted: 7/21/2012 4:04:13 AM

Reject their "extremist globalist agenda" in favour of what exactly? The BNP who want to put all Muslims and black people into concentration camps? Because believe me that's exactly what would happen if god forbid Nick Griffin and his vile Neo-Nazis ever got into power.
That is a complete load of rubbish the BNP are far from nazis listen to this:
It seems you have been conned by media lies about the BNP. The media lie and sensationalise things in order to sell more newspapers.
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