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This is one of my 30 something blogs. I started with short blogs about life until everyone started asking for "The Sex Chronicles" then I started writing those. Please forgive the grammar mistakes/Etc. I will have a editor clean up the blog when the time is right. For now I just write what I live!

This is the girl that did the most damage hands down!! There is a few reasons I didn't title this one "Sex Chronicles, Bridget" but the main one would have to be that we only had sex once and then "POOF" she fell of the face of the earth. Not exactly a chronicle! She finally did resurface several months later and when I talked to her and told her about the blog and that she needed to pick a name. The name she chose was Bridget, she said she chose that name because she was good at burning bridges, I felt it was the perfect name for her!

I met Bridget at a tournament. The second I saw her I lost my breath. To say she is beautiful is a gross understatement in my eyes. She reminded me of my ex wife, looks wise, but even prettier. There was just something about those eyes that mesmerized me. And that devious little smile! The only problem.....Yep you guessed it.....she was married! At this time in my life I was over married women and all the headaches and heartaches that they entail. So for the next year or so I put Bridget in the "Friend that is married hands off" category. We would play together several times and become Facebook friends. Occasionally posting on each others stuff. But always staying 100% platonic. From what I could tell she was a very happily married woman and I treated her as such. There were no inappropriate hugs or anything. Yes we flirted and wrestled and played but in my mind it was all harmless.

It was October 2011 and I was living up in La Costa and Bridget was in Oceanside. We were getting ready to play Coed Worlds in Temecula, and since we lived so close I suggested why don't we carpool. I picked her up at her place and off we went. On the drive she started to tell me how difficult married life was. And how they were going through a rough patch. I was trying to be her friend and console her telling her how all marriages are tough and at times we all are unhappy but those are the times you push through and hopefully on the other side you both grow and learn from it. I didn't really think much of the conversation, to me it was just two friends discussing personal, private relationship issues. I had a girlfriend, she had a husband, it was just talking in my mind. We would end up playing all day and late into the night, finally winning the whole tournament. It was a great day to share with her and all my teammates. We had gone through so much turmoil and team upheaval that year that winning that Tournament with that group of people will always be something very special to me.We would all meet in the parking lot and have a celebratory drink. I would tell my girlfriend goodbye and that I would see her the following day, and then drive Bridget home. Nothing happened that night except a hug and a goodbye. By Halloween I had broke up with menopausal 44 yr old girlfriend and was comfortably fitting into my "I'm single no need for a woman mode." I had decided it was time to really concentrate on my son, work, gym, and health. There was no room for a woman or sex in the equation. I was really happy with my decision, my mindset was on point. I was determined and motivated to only concentrate on those things. And then came a tournament in Ramona that would change everything...

We all drove separate cars and met up in the parking lot for some pre game****ails. In between games Bridget asked me If I would go to the store with her. Three of us went and on the way we laughed and rocked out to 80's music. At the store Bridget asked if she got cigars would I smoke one with her which I replied " of course" Back at the fields we would take our folding chairs out into the fields next to the parking lot away from our teammates so we could smoke and not bother any of them. While sitting there smoking she began to tell me how she thought her marriage was over, that she was moving out, and they were going to get a divorce. I was still in friend mode so I just kept trying to tell her "everything will be alright." I think I did make a joke that if she does become single we could be "friends with benefits" but for the most part I just tried to be there for her as a friend. During one of the games as I was running out to the outfield I found this ugly little silk flower in the grass, I picked it up and put it in my back pocket, when the inning was over as I was running in Bridget was up to bat she had struck out last at bat so I went up to her and I gave her the flower and told her relax and have fun, she hit a double! As the day went on Bridget started to get more and more intoxicated, and with that she became more and more flirty with me. It would start with friendly hugs here and there into longer more passionate hugs, to hugs with her whispering things in my ear like "Your so hot", to her kissing on my neck and biting my ear. All of this was going on right in front of everybody, so I told her we should move and go in between Flyghts truck and my car that way we were a little bit more private. I tried to explain to her that she was married and the softball community gossips and it was best for her to not be hanging on me and acting inappropriate in front of everybody. That I had respect for her and didn't want to tarnish her image. I explained her hanging out with me automatically made everyone assume she had sex with me and as a married woman it was best she stop what she was doing. Bridget just kept saying "I don't care what anybody thinks or says, I think your beautiful" On the side of the cars she would just keep hugging me and trying to kiss me all the while saying all the things I have ever wanted to hear a woman say to me. She told me she was getting divorced, That she was moving out, that she hadn't been happy in her marriage for over 3 years and that it had become worse since she met me, that the only reason she came out and played ball was to see me, she told me she had been attracted to me from the first day we met, and that she knew I dated a lot of women but she felt it was because I hadn't met the right one and she felt that the right one was standing in front of me right now, it was all so overwhelming!! Here I was happy and content being single and just concentrating on bettering me and my sons life, yet this woman that I had adored from the second I met her was telling me all her feelings for me and they were the same feelings I had for her. I finally gave in and kissed her. We made out in between the cars for what felt like a lifetime. I kept telling her she was drunk and when she woke up in the morning she would not feel the same way. She just kept saying "when your drunk, you tell the truth and say things you wouldn't normally tell someone" As the day went on the alcohol and the fact she hadn't ate the last two days really started taking effect. She would have to sit out the last game or two the coach feared she would get hit by the ball and seriously hurt herself. She spent the next game sitting on the dugout floor pouring the contents of her purse out all over the place. Accusing me of having taken her keys so she couldn't leave. When in actuality it was a teammate and a friend that had taken them away from her. She went from being loving and affectionate to wanting nothing to do with me. I finally just ended up leaving her alone. After the tournament a couple of my friends drove her home so she could have her car in the morning for work and didn't have to drive home drunk. That day was a emotional roller coaster for me. But I went to bed with the thought "wow Bridget could be the ONE"

That night I could hardly sleep. My head was spinning. In the morning I text her and my worst nightmare had come true... She told me she was so drunk yesterday that she doesn't remember a thing. She has no recollection of ever making out with me. All she remembers is hugging on me and telling me how attracted to me she was. I told her well you said and did way more than that. I began to tell her all the things she said to me word for word, and she said "everyone of those things was true it is how I feel" But she swears that she doesn't remember much of the day. After that we talked and text a lot and decided we should go out on a date and at least spend some time together away from the fields. We agreed to meet at Sushi around 4, right around 3:45 she called to tell me that her husband wouldn't watch their daughter so she understood if I wanted to cancel. I told her it was fine I love kids and if she didn't mind bringing her I certainly didn't mind her coming. I told her we could eat sushi then go over to the park so her daughter could play and we could all walk around the lake. Just as I pulled into sushi I noticed it was closed and then it started to rain.... No sushi, no park, all plans ruined. I called her to let her know and again she said I understand if you want to cancel, but I was determined to still hang out so I checked Fandango and found a kids movie playing next door at the theater and told her lets just go see a movie and have fun. As she pulled into the parking lot and got out she came up and gave me a big hug and handed me back the silk flower from the Ramona tournament. I thought she was being rude and just giving it back to me so I threw it in the bushes. She laughed and said I thought it could be our thing. I went back the next day in the pouring rain and on my hands and knees crawled through the bushes and found the flower. Ya I know I'm a sucker for love what can I say. The movie was cute and we had fun basically just staring at each other the whole time. We held hands and just had a very nice relaxing time. Afterwards I walked them to their car and and gave her a brief but nice kiss goodbye. And that was our first date. A total disaster that turned out to be a nice time together.

For the next week or so we talked regularly and decided we should meet again and this time pull off the sushi date. Only problem was we both had our kids... We wanted to see each other bad enough that we decided we would bring them. Bridget and her daughter showed up 45 minutes late but me and D didnt mind we were having fun and eating edamame and talking to our sushi chef friends. When she showed up she had dyed her hair and she looked exquisite I hugged her and then put the flower in her hand. I think she was amazed I went back and crawled through the mud to find it. Dinner went well the kids really got along, I felt a weird vibe from Bridget though like she was pulling back or with holding something, It just didn't feel right. After dinner neither of us wanted the date to end and since it was close to Christmas time I suggested we take the kids on a drive to Knob Hill so they could see the Christmas lights and sit on Santa's lap. At Knob Hill it just seemed so surreal, here we were the 4 of us like a little family, I could see myself living out the rest of my life with this woman. Watching our kids grow old together, family vacations, Holidays, the whole nine yards for the first time since my wife I could see myself marrying someone again. Yet the vibe was still there so I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I wanted. The kids on the other hand were getting along stupendous and had so much fun sitting on Santa's lap and taking pictures. It really was a great night. If the black cloud of guilt and uncertainty didn't hang over it. Afterwards I thought we would have some fun so I found all the hills in San Marcos I knew and I raced up and down them in the car all the while the kids were screaming and laughing and having so much fun. Her daughter was a little scared ...But she kept saying more, more so I kept going. I had a rare glimpse that night of what a married, family life with Bridget could be like... And I wanted it worse than anything. I was dangerously close to falling in love with her.

After that date we continued to talk and we were adamant about having a real true grown up date with no kids. Unfortunately that vibe I was talking about seemed to be Bridget starting to have guilt or doubt on whether she in fact could leave her husband and get a divorce. I never set out to destroy a marriage or even be someones thing on the side. I legitimately believed that Bridget was in fact leaving her husband and was not only separated but in the process of filing for divorce. When in all actuality she was still living with him and just contemplating being separated. If I would have known all this I probably would of never moved forward past the kiss in Ramona. Then again as attracted to Bridget as I was she might of been able to just tell me she was happily married but wanted to sleep with me and I might of did it. I'd like to think I wouldn't but who knows with me and alcohol, and sex I tend to make really piss poor decisions! If I am sad or lonely or someone tells me I can't do something, the chances are I'm going to get drunk and do something I shouldn't. My track record speaks for itself. I continued to try and set a date up but she always had a reason she couldn't and then she started not returning texts and FB messages. It was the holidays and I was at the airport getting ready to fly to Sactown. We were suppose to meet the night before but she ended up falling asleep and never calling me back. I was sitting at the airport bar so sad and so upset, feeling lonely and like she had played me I was drinking and reading "Tucker Max's" new book. By the time I was ready to board the plane I was completely sauced (I have never flown sober) and FB quoting any of the funny, mean things I could find in the book about women. Right before I boarded Bridget hit me up on FB and told me she wasn't ignoring me and that she had lost or broke her phone and had fell asleep the other night. After several posts back and forth we reconciled, and I spent the rest of my whole Christmas vacation texting her back and forth. Funny thing is I forgot my wall charger and only had my car one so I kept having to take rides with anyone going anywhere (the store, down the street, a neighbors house) just to charge my phone up enough to return a text. But I made do and we talked non stop. It made laying in bed on Christmas eve without my son or a special someone to share the holidays with a much more pleasurable experience.

When I got back we agreed we should go out on a real date with no kids. I called and asked her if she wanted me to pick her up or just meet me somewhere. She said even though she told her husband we were going out on a date and that we were going to spend New Years together that she would just meet me somewhere that way she wasn't rubbing it in his face. We met off the freeway and headed downtown, Once she got in the car I gave her a Christmas present (A beautiful tree ornament that I went out of my way to win in the steal a gift party but ended up having to pay my neice double for since she won it) and a gift for her daughter (some art supplies, what little girl doesn't like art supplies) and of course the flower. When we got Downtown we dipped into a cute little wine bar we found around the corner from where we were going and had a glass of wine before the show. Bridget looked stunning that night, I couldn't keep my eyes off her. After a couple glasses of wine it was off to my good friends comedy club at the top of Horton Plaza. Once inside we got the VIP service, drinks at the bar, best table in the house, all the drinks we could have at our table, all on the house. The comedians were good, the conversation was better! Bridget looked amazing sitting there in her outfit. We laughed and had a marvelous time together. The whole night all I could do was stare at her. Those eyes, that smile I literally sat there and drank in her beauty. I could see myself being with this woman my whole life. After the show we stayed for a bit and had****ails with my friend and I asked her if she wanted to go to another wine bar up by where we lived that had a outside fire pit we could sit around and talk, and really get to know each other. She responded with "No, lets go back to your place" I knew at the time that was a bad idea and It was moving the relationship way to fast... But how could I possible turn down the opportunity to have sex or make love to Bridget? We ended up having sex I had learned my lesson with Crystal that it was best to **** or have sex the first time out then to make love. Having sex with Bridget was everything I wished for. The only thing I would maybe change was I would of preferred us to be sober and to have made love. But everything else was magical. She had a amazing body and I soaked in every inch of it. We ended up falling asleep naked in each others arms. We woke up around 4am and I drove her back to her car and dropped her off, The last image I have of Bridget is her walking to her car with bed head driving home to her husband.

I never physically saw her again. Guilt set in and she slowly started to pull away. We had planned to play a tourney together which would of been the first time I had seen her since the night we hooked up, but she saw pictures of me with a good female friend getting inked up and she text me "Have fun on your date" I responded with "She is only a friend" and then went on with my night. I figured we would see each other the following day and I was beyond excited to see her again. The next morning the whole team showed up for the tourney except for Bridget. She no called, no showed, didn't return any of my texts or calls nor did she return the coaches. New Years eve was approaching and we were suppose to spend it together, I had a group of 5 female friends that knew I was hurting and that my plans for the new year was falling apart so they kidnapped me and took me to House Of Blues for a concert and then the following morning a large group of us drove to Vegas for New Years Eve. I spent new years in Vegas partying hard all the while wishing I was home with her. Everyone in Vegas was with someone and sharing memories and new years kisses while I stood under the fireworks, drunk, lonely by myself, wishing I was anywhere else but there. By the time I got back home she would deactivate her facebook account and disappear for 2 months. Over those two months I wanted to call or text or reach out to her, but I knew it would be useless she had made her decision and her decision was to stay together with her husband and work on her marriage. I couldn't hate her for that. Life is all about timing and I have the worst. None the less I still felt she could of said something to me. She didn't have to end it that way. All she said to say was I can't leave my husband, and I can't see you any more, it would of hurt but I would of understood. Instead she did the most cruelest thing you can do, she ignored me and left me wondering what happen.

I'm not sure how I ended up with the flower but I did and best believe it is still resting in my center console waiting for that one opportunity to see her again and place it in her hand. When she did resurface on FB she made no attempts to contact me, no calls, no texts, not even a "like" on a status post, nothing! It hurt to see her on there, posting about the gym, tanning, her fabulous vacation with her husband, how happy she was... But I was happy for her, it seemed what ever she needed to do to get her marriage back in order she was able to accomplish. For as much of a hopeless romantic that I am I couldn't feel anything but love for her. I wished it was me that was making her feel that way, but thankful none the less that at least she was happy. The whole way everything went down and what happened ended up coming to a head one day when I was just over her absolute disregard for her teammates and her disrespect of me. I was sick of seeing all the look at how awesome me and my life post were that I finally put her on blast on FB. Below is that FB post. I didn't do it to be mean, I did it because I wanted to hear from her, I wanted closure, and I felt she owed a apology to her teammates and a explanation of what happen to me. Or at least a "**** YOU" so I could just move on happily like she had.

I love seeing people on here that did me and others wrong and still can't do a simple thing like text/post/call/email and just say "sorry" You screwed over me, you screwed over 11 other people that expected you to be there, that had to play short, that had to pay extra, you deleted your FB account, and fell off the face of the earth for 2 months, Now your back and for a month you still can't man/woman up and take responsibility for your actions. Cowards run, I thought you were a Marine? Actions will always speak louder than words!! Dye your hair, hit the gym, get your fake and bake on, Hell even go on a vacation, but in the end your character is weak!!
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Friend #1 You're gonna vapor lock, kid. Take it easy
March 20 at 3:28pm · Like

GG: I'm good! Just don't like the disrespect to the coach and other teammates. I've let it slide and gave a fair amount of time for the apology. I don't need or want one but the others deserve it!
March 20 at 3:31pm · Like ·
friend #1 That a boy. Brush it off. Sucks that people are like that, but just shows that you don't need em
March 20 at 3:33pm · Like
friend #2 Yeah. Take that beeotch!!!
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GG: Dead to me till there is an apology. You can't no call, no show, the morning of a tourney, then deactivate your account and go stick your head in the sand. She is a fricken marine for dear God!
March 20 at 3:35pm · Like
Friend #3 Amen to that bro
March 20 at 3:55pm · Like
friend #4 Wait!! You said marine!! Marines are supposed to have integrity!! Its drilled into them from bootcamp. What a POS!! Its one thing i love about my marine!! Sorry you had to come across that.
March 20 at 4:01pm · Like
friend #5 I said I'm sorry.....and I don't fake n bake....lmao!! Well said buddy!
March 20 at 4:02pm · Like
Friend #6 put her on blast so other teams are warned of what to or civilian that's just plain DIRTY
March 20 at 4:03pm · Like ·

GG: I think it's just this particular female Marine Because every Marine I've ever met male or female had integrity!!
March 20 at 4:03pm · Like ·

GG: I won't do that Jrod because she doesn't even play anymore. But I do have her husbands # I'm sure he would be interested in her extra curricular activities. It would behoove her to apologize to her teammates, then she can tell me to **** off and delete me.
March 20 at 4:06pm · Like
Friend #7 I love reading anything u post cuz it just makes my day.... smiling......
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GG: Love you mags!!
March 20 at 4:09pm · Like
Friend #7 bk at ya.
March 20 at 4:10pm · Like
Friend #8 I'm sorry Grace just saying but that fake and bake is classic I'm going to borrow that one HOMIE hate when people do that
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Friend #9 You got served!
March 20 at 4:40pm · Like
Friend #10 Sorry
March 20 at 4:45pm · Like
Friend #10 lol just kidding, it wasn't me...
March 20 at 4:46pm · Like

GG: And finally we have closure! Now woman up and call/text Danny and apologize. And while your at apologize to the rest of your team. As for me don't sweat it I know where I stand in your life. Don't worry I'd never stoop as low to call you man, but the fear of it get you to pull your head out of your ass!
March 20 at 5:01pm · Like

GG: Your*
March 20 at 5:01pm · Like
Friend #6 this was almost as good as a blog!!
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Friend #11 Sorry Garey ok... but ur still a****cuka... LOL btw my wife loves ur blog...
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Friend #12 Two blogs converge into one here?? ;)
March 20 at 5:11pm · Like

GG: Jrod this particular person will be a blog in the future for sure. Gilly tell your wife thank you and I am humbled and honored she reads. Drake not yet but you know this girl so you know the story is coming.
March 20 at 5:15pm via mobile · Like

within minutes of the "I have her husbands #" post she would text me and apologize. Saying how everything I said was 100% true and that she was deeply sorry she didn't contact me and apologize on her own. That it took me putting her on blast to finally get her to do the right thing. Everyone that knows me knows I instantly forgave her like I do, anybody that does something wrong yet admits it, and says they are sorry I will always forgive! I just don't forget. So as I type this Bridget is happily married, I am single and lonely yet still my usually happy, fun self, and me and Bridget are friends. I wish nothing but the best for her and her family and who knows maybe 1, 2, 10, 20, years down the line are paths might cross and we might be at places in our lives where the timing is right ;-) all I know is if that does happen I will greet Bridget with a huge hug and hand her OUR FLOWER!

Much Love and God Bless! Thank you for reading I love each one of you and can't express how humbled I am that you take the time out of your crazy, busy, stressful life to read what I write.
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