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So, what's happening in Syria and why? Page 1 of 1    
What is happening in Syria, as it did in Lybia, is that we have seen a significant change in tactics by NATO and our allies in our war on terror and not before time too in my opinion. The war against the extreemists has raged for over a decade now with little or no signs of a final victory due in no small part to the almost endless supply of Jihadist madmen from Lybia, Syria and several other bandit states in the Middle East and in Africa. These crazed lunatics have been sent into Iraq and Afghanistan with the blessings of their families and the covert support of Gaddafi, Assad and the other despotic leaders of ME countries who at the same time have given the false apearance of working with us against the terrorists. The peoples of these countries sent their sons and daughters to kill and maim our service personnel and welcomed them home again as heros or idolised them as martyers when we cashed in their vouchers for 72 virgins.

Turning these terrorist dogs on their owners and on their own people has been a strategic move of supreme brilliance as it has lead to the removal of many of the worlds worst enemies of decency such as Gaddafi, Assad, Ben Ali, Mubarack & Saleh etc without the need to shed a single drop of NATO blood. It took nearly 30 years for the peoples of Northern Ireland to become sick enough of the terrorists in their midst to turn away from terrorism and towards peace but putting the murdering gangs in charge of Lybia / Syria etc will hopefully make the peoples of those countries realise what murderous dogs their children have become much much quicker and they will then cease to provide Jihadist gunslingers in such numbers and with such relish in future.

So long as no British or other NATO servicemen and women are being put into harms way we should let them get on and destroy their own countries and infrastuctures. Not a single drop of NATO blood should be spilled in these conflicts.

Sadly the deposed leaders such as Gaddafi et al are but heads on a Hydra. Cutting off those heads is all well and good but it is not the final solution to the terrorist problem we need. The Hydra itself needs to be slain and the name of that Hydra is Iran. I hope that the armed insurections we are currently seeing are only a prelude to the same thing happening in Iran & Saudi Arabia and then, and only then, will the Hydra will be mortally wounded and the war on terror finally won IMO..........
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So, what's happening in Syria and why?
Posted: 7/25/2012 3:55:18 PM
I think the Syrians have seen how dictatorial governments have been removed by an uprising in other countries (Egypt and Libya), and the regime there has suffered from the loss of perspective that dictatorial ones tend to, so they've just kept pushing their civilian population to the point that it thinks it is worth joining a revolution when one is sparked.
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