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The beautiful things I can do to you .
Written and Performed By Chris Lykes

The beautiful things I can do to you, you don’t believe me its true,
It’s almost like De JA Vue when I see you again
Fantasizing about me and you sipping on wine, holding hands, fingers combined in an intimate and loving touch
Deep soulful glances into each other’s eyes, deep within the soul, stimulation of the mind
Its so deep, were so in tuned to each other that it doesn’t take an instruction manual or spoken words to send a message but just a simple smirk or a soft caress of the hand that speaks a thousand meanings in between that thin line of love and lust friendship, lovers and trust
So talented in many ways, after that long day, all the hustle and daily grind, ill draw you a nice flower petal bath to lay, bath oils to make your skin soft and silky as I gently and slowly wash you all over from your beautiful neckline down to your luscious full breast how the water glistens off your body in the candle light, is it Camay or zest that has you smelling like a warm spring day in the month of May I guess
Ill take my time drying you off lotion your body up, Victoria’s secret to bring out this freak quick, you and I both know it aint a secret
You have me standing at attention just by a single touch of your hands in which I cannot get enough
All I want to do is massage your body, run my fingers through your hair I don’t care and maybe play some slow enticing rhythm and blues while I just sit there and admire you in the nude
Hand feeding you grapes and other fruits from a platter it doesn’t matter to me cuz you are my queen and it’s my duty to bring you to ecstasy
Tell me that I can kiss your stress away and ill do it
Point to any part of your body and ill plant my two lips (tulips) right- there..
Invite me inside of your body and soul, allow me to take control of this situation both of us drenched in perspiration, studying the oohs, aahs, and ohs, not for a test but for my continual education of…(you)
I’m here to allow your self to be free, free of all those other previous cats that held you down and couldn’t give you compliments when you deserved it or to be able to bless you mentally or sexual
Being there especially for you
And all the beautiful things I can do to you
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