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I understand a few of the rules on a forum. Things to keep things polite and not hijack folks topics or rant on in a obnoxious negative way but there are two rules that just baffle me.

First is the Redundant rule. Lot of folks are getting slapped verbally or even rules wise for this. people will say "this topic has been posted before do a search". Well I'm sorry to say but a LOT of topics have and will be posted again and again because new people come on all the time and have similair issues sometimes slightly different or the topics have been posted but long enough ago its old old. If we stuck to this rule religiously no one would ever be able to post because someone in the past will have posted something similair. Do we really want to bring the forums to a grinding halt because nothing that's not completely new isn't being posted. All of you wonder why you see the same posters over and over. Its because a lot of people who would post ..don't because of this rule and because of the next rule.

Pity posts seeking attention: I dare you to NOT define every post on the forums right now as not seeking attention. They ARE seeking attention or they wouldn't post at all. If you don't like excessively pity posts then don't read them or respond but a lot of people who are hurt, and feeling rejected and the need to vent are either not posting or being thrashed verbally for posting or being deleted.

Anyway this is MY two cents. I've posted a couple of replies to other posts but I have not really done much on creating a topic and I wont' and I've heard some others say the same things. Again I understand the rules but you have tightened it up so much that people are not adding new and fresh stuff because I sure am bored of seeing the same peeps posting month after month.

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