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Glimmering Night

Drawn by the deep-booming beat of hand drumming,
My feet led the way through the inky black evening
To the welcoming glow of a crackling blaze
Encircled by timeless rites of revelry.

The upbeats tick-tapped clearly as I drew near
And soon heard the shink-tinkling of shiny gold coins
Adorning the hips of a shimmering, jeweled dancer
Who stepped, twirled, and drop-popped in flawless time.

A flourish and flip of her gleaming blond hair
Lit up the dark with sizzling charm and panache.
I watched in awe of her finesse finely winding–
Swirling skirts, jingling hips, undulations galore.

Myriad curves and soft form masked not her skill
As she layered shimmies like a glimmering gem.
She flowed with the grace of a lithe prima dancer,
Masterful isolations accenting each step.

Never before had I seen this sensuous dance
Which emanated from her as freely as breath.
Uncommon allure imbued with perfect poise
Bore evocative feminine force and command.

As the celebrations wound down to a whisper,
Soft shapes slithered into my imaginings.
I’d been marked by a beauty that branded my soul,
Inspired to new heights one bright night at Clan.

*Written for a story writing contest, this is the true account of the first belly dancer I ever saw perform and how she inspired me in 2005 to take up the art. Because the story content is my intended focus, I played loosely with the meter and chose to incorporate the poetic devices of alliteration, assonance, and consonance instead of end-line rhyming. Each line has 11 or 12 syllables except for 7 and 8, with “shimmering” meant to be slurred as 2 syllables and a brief pause after “popped.”*
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Glimmering Night (belly dance poetry)
Posted: 8/21/2012 5:47:17 PM
"Clan" is the name of an July event for a medievel combat recreation group called Amtgard.
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