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Where am I in the best of all possible worlds? What are my dreams? Who am I? When does it begin and when does it end? In which direction am I going? How do I get there?

I go with the current’s flow. I relinquish trepidation as I descent into the river of the present moment, the waterway of my life, my place in the universe. I release the branch I’ve been clinging to and allow myself to move onward. I allow the current to carry me forward. I see things with brazen freshness and divine newness as I will never pass today again. I trust the current and my part in it.

I bend over to enjoy the happiness that is mine for the taking, just at my own two feet. In my desire to reach the “pot of gold”, the complete and lasting paradise that I want to pervade my life, I ignore anything which doesn’t seem worthy of such a large ambition. Happiness is all around me but it often comes in small grains. When I gather it grain by grain I soon have a basketful.

Each day I paint a portrait of my life with my thoughts. When I step back and look at the canvas, I notice whether the picture is alive with bright colors or if it’s dreary and lifeless like a dark cloud. My thoughts have the power to bring joy or sadness my way, depending on what I expect or look for in my surroundings. The choice of how I want my life to be is mine. Since I sketch a new portrait each day, I am always free to change the elements when they don’t please me. I have the ability to totally transform every area of my life, beginning with my very own power of choice. I believe that no dream is impossible provided that I first have the courage to believe in it.
Change is inevitable. There are times when I can influence its direction by making choices that are more likely to result in positive circumstances. A path of spirituality and healing changes the effect that time’s passage has on me and, consequently, others. I commit myself to my values and visions and I open to the process of growth for myself. Time is on my side as I develop a sense of my loving connection to the universe and of the usefulness of my example and service.

In my times of need it’s easy to focus solely on myself. It’s almost as if I climbed into my own womb conscious of only my feelings, thoughts, pains, and needs. Yet there are those among me who have lived through times just as trying. I widen my focus outward to promising solutions. It is in applying them that sheds light into the darkness within myself, and others.

I become empowered. The root of the word spirituality is spirit. Spirit isn’t something set apart from me. It resides inside me. It surrounds me. It’s the energy moving through the trees, mountains, rivers, and the spirit of others. I accept that this energy is moving through me, I understand that I am, by nature, connected and part of the whole.
I find the truth, my truth. My pain is the way to my truth and I choose to embrace this innocuous pain rather than become the pain. I feel the anguish, I give it words, and I find that place of true forgiveness. My pain resides in the same place as my joy. If I deny my pain, I also deny all my divine offerings, my purpose, my power, my own unique beauty, and the kind of love and joy I deserve to feel. My personal power lies in my truth. My love is mighty and comes from within, from deep within my heart and soul. I unconditionally give love without seeking anything in return. I experience this deep and powerful and beautiful love for myself and feel its wonder. I carry with me a testimonial of my unconditional love that I am loved just as I am and just because I am.

I have been given the gift of life. My appetite for life is premium. It keeps me reaching, growing, enjoying, and yearning to fulfill my desires. When my basic needs are satisfied, my innate hunger propels me to search for more elaborate gratification. My appetite motivates me to feed my body, my mind, heart, and spirit. My needs pyramid and my hunger leads me beyond my dreams to experiences that fill my emptiness. I read, I share, I accomplish, I pray, I listen, I love, as I feast on the fullness of life.

I may never have all the things I once thought were justly owed me and I may never know all I think I should know. But I am able to glory in, and share in the love around me. It is then that I shall have found the key that opens the door to the best of all possible worlds.

Faith is believing in possibilities. Doubt is manifested. If there were no doubt, there would be no need for faith. To live is to open myself to possibilities. There is no way I can spare myself or those I love the pains of living because they are inseparable from the joys. How grandiose I am to think I can save the world. All I can do is to live the best way I can, setting an example and strive toward a balance amid the forces that pull on me. If I can live so that I respond to all of them, rule out none of them, and yet enslave myself to none, I will have the best the world can give; the best of all possible worlds.
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