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Joined: 1/7/2012
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Hello everyone, I recently thought about giving online dating a try. I am new to the game so it would be nice if someone gives me tips on improving my profile.
I have no such experience. Thanks in advance.
 You go first
Joined: 5/1/2008
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Posted: 9/1/2012 8:39:02 PM
It reads more like a project than a dating profile. But- we can fix it.

Your main photo should not have the sunglasses - we want to see your eyes and bright smile. Change that asap. A few more full length casual shots would be good - got anything from a recent holiday?

The Interests are OK. What about a favourite food? tv show? author? ... something light so your viewer can get a sense of your personality and humour.

The goals list is dry. Instead of bullet format, why not just simply say you're hoping to be able to retire early and travel. If a woman reading the profile isn't on the same career/lifetrack, she's going to be gone really quick. Or - even better, if you're going to be incredibly wealthy, does she even need to bother working?? I'd sign up for that.

You say you like to make people laugh. Prove it.

What kind of lady are you hoping to meet? Are you open to someone of any ethnicity/background? Someone who may already have a child(ren) of her own? (If not, don't even mention it.) But do describe the personality type you find most attractive.

When you send a first contact message, keep it very short, light humoured and specific to one topic in her profile. Ask only one question so she has an easy way to respond if she chooses. If there is no reply within a few days, consider that your response and move on.

Good luck!

ps- when I read your username, my first reaction was 'Dog chow'. Any reason you went with Purina backwards?
Joined: 1/7/2012
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Posted: 9/3/2012 11:51:09 AM
Thanks for the advice. I made some changes to my profile based on your tips. It would be nice if you have another look at it.

I couldn't make much changes to the pictures part as I needed to transfer the new images from my camera to computer and I am bit busy now. Leaving that behind,
what do you think about my profile?
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