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Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend! I was just wondering if anyone else from this area is having a difficult time finding single people that are in this area? Thanks for your input!!
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Singles in Kitsap County
Posted: 9/4/2012 10:11:41 PM
Yes! They are very dishonest in their postings, or don't reply at all slim pickings for sure.
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Singles in Kitsap County
Posted: 9/9/2012 9:29:37 PM
I live on the county line. I think women are just picky. Every profile I look at says the same thing; "I want an honest guy, someone to make me laugh, truthful, and loyal." I am all those things, but yet because I don't have a 6 pack, drive a vet, and have 12", they want to pass by me. Thing is, when you look for those things, you get what you don't want, those guys are looking for the next conquest, not the next relationship. Remember, if you drooling over them, so are 40 other women.
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Singles in Kitsap County
Posted: 9/13/2012 10:22:10 AM
Well, if you look at the demographs & statisics of Kitsap, it's not to great

Kitsap only exist becuase of it's Naval Bases, if it wasn't for them, it would be a logging/farming community
It's culture is based on it's Naval Legacy, and lacks a truly vibrant art's community
We have 3 Night clubs, mostly Hip Hop & RnB, and a lot of "Pull Tab Pubs"

We have a lot of single sailors, and a large amount of "Dime Store Pimps" in the clubs, who will say anything to get what they want. An really, at what point do women get sick an tired of the same pick up lines, and false promises?

For us guys, the women in the 30-40 range, are actively pursuing the sailor boys, for fun, or they are a flock of married women out having fun while their guy's are out to sea. The 20 somethings, well, they are getting hit on constantly by sailor, and the wanna be players, so they get their fill of drinks and BS. Someof the 20's somethings, tned to present themselves as single moms of several kids from different fathers, who tend to like to drink a lot, and complain that they can't find a decent guy.

The decent women are hard to find, the demograph screams, if your attractive, your either taken, or married, or not interested.

I prefer "in real life", I go and do non-night club events over there, that are focused on singles, that is not based off any singles site. if you stick around here long enough, you begin to assume you know the people, when you don't.
Out of town, in reallife, I am quite succesful on talking to women, and easily get phone numbers, most from the east side though!

To change this, I decided to host a few events in our area, and last night we had 13 out of 31 show up, which was somewhat succesful, and we had a blast! So, I recommend participating in these events, and letting any and all prospects know your going, becuase they are safe and positve venues.
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