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You’ve already jumped; there’s no denying it. There’s no pause, rewind, or fast forwarding, either. The plane that once harbored your safety has now become the size of your thumb, drifting further away without an ounce of remorse. “Have fun and be safe,” it yells. Surrounding you, the endless pallet of blue procures the image of a desolate wasteland, leaving a heavy message that there’s no escape. The wind, with its dominating presence, howls loudly at your uninvited presence as you dive towards the land of the living. What the hell have I gotten myself into, you wonder. But with each waking second, panic begins to overrun your consciousness. “Someone, anyone… Help me! I’m lost, and I need a way out.” These are the pleas you begin to yell at the nothingness that confines you. It’s as if you’ve finally come to terms with the end. “Do I keep going? Or should I end it right here?”

The answer is obvious. How could anyone give up on a life that hasn’t even started? To have an autopsy reveal the cause of death as nothing but regrets and remorse? You couldn’t possibly want that on your death certificate, could you? What about the many aspirations and goals that have yet to be reached? Or the countries that have yet to be explored? Or possibly, the love that has still yet to be found? There’s an infinite amount of wonders that exist in your world. And you crave them to the point of salivation. “I want it all,” you tell yourself. You scream this over and over, until finally you’re forced to give up due to the pleasant soreness in your throat.

Suddenly, the air surrounding you isn’t as cold. There’s a tinge of warmth, welcoming you with open arms. And the howling wind that once beckoned for your dismissal now seems like a peaceful melody to the canals of your ears. “You’re free,” it tells you. “Don’t be scared.” And like a youthful gymnast, you begin to tumble through the air with ease. You spread your arms and legs as wide as they can go, soaring through the endless field of blue without a care in the world. The muscles in your body have suddenly decided to take a break too, leaving you with the same rubbery consistency of an old Gumby doll. Positive thoughts begin to pour within your mind. This is the happiest you’ve been in a very long time. You’re sky high, baby. And you ****ing love it.

As the ground nears, so does your realization that your journey is coming closer to an end. “Was this a dream,” you ask yourself. “That couldn’t have just happened to me!” Doubtful and worried, you look down at the ground, only to be mirrored by an unfamiliar shadow. It’s staring back, erect and full of confidence. "Go out and live," it tells you. "You’ve got so much more to offer."

Hope you enjoyed my short story! :)
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