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I still find it hard to believe that we sold our water to overseas companies!!!!

Water is the basic ingredient for life yet we have given the power of ensuring it's supply to nations we have been to war with in the past and may well do so again in the future? None of us would last long of our supply of clean water was restricted or cut off totally.

Makes all politicians witterings about "National Security" sound like white noise to me.
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bad news on energy prices (again)
Posted: 10/12/2012 4:33:03 PM
I'm not very happy at all that British Gas prices will be going up by 6% next month.
They are always very quick to put them up but when it comes to bringing them down always take an age.
I think its obscene that they are allowed to make millions in profits every year and we are being ripped off.
There really isn't any point in changing supplier as they are all the same and don't care about us the customer.
(I'm off to find a lady to keep me warm this winter!)
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bad news on energy prices (again)
Posted: 10/14/2012 3:39:56 AM
Used to have a dual fuel account with Eon, then they informed me that they did not actually supply my gas, did not know who it was and it was upto me to find out who it was.. spoke to transco and it was Eon. They decided it was my fault that they messed up the billing and could I pay them £1500 now !

Told them to stuff it and paid it off £100 a month, looked for alternatives and could not find any better..

Few years down the line, had the same issue with electric, they denied being my supplier then found out they were and wanted to charge me lots, looked around and found equipower. Eon offered me a 9% discount, but too little, too late

Equipower are a non profit company and have no standing charge and a single rate making it easy to work out spending

Currently getting charged £8 per month for gas and £24 per month for electric, during the winter I tend to put on more clothes to keep warm instead of having the heating up high, seems to work :)
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bad news on energy prices (again)
Posted: 10/14/2012 9:06:27 PM
Funny how price rises are announced just as winter looms....I am just about to go down from 40 hours to 30 hours a week so looks like I will be joining the "Heat or Eat" gang
Most of our goods arrive on pallets and there has been a sharp increase in the number of people asking for them to use as fuel...Also I note lots of people opening up their old fire places ...The Eco warriors are going to go into cardiac arrest as people go into the woods at night and start chopping down trees to get fuel in order to survive the winter...
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bad news on energy prices (again)
Posted: 10/15/2012 8:17:44 AM
cannot believe people would actually be in favour of re nationalising the power companies, and obviously look back in those dark times with rose tinted glasses.

imagine it if for some stupid reason it happened .... we have a bad winter with lots of demand for the energy, step forward mr socialist demanding every one in his tribe gets a 10 percent increase in wages, government says no, workers out on strike, no or limited fuel for house holders.
 Marmite baby
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bad news on energy prices (again)
Posted: 10/19/2012 10:27:58 AM
Dark Knight,I agree;mortgage is up as well. Food prices are set to rise,but can't say that I've noticed so far. Friends with protein hungry teenagers have. Now that I'm watching what I spend I can't understand the obese because of takeaways,and expensive veg argument. There are offers on veg everywhere, for me its the protein which costs much more. Having a slow cooker and freezer reduces the price though,I'm really enjoying cooking at the mo. Food you havecontrol over,heating/mortgage ,you don't.
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bad news on energy prices (again)
Posted: 10/21/2012 4:20:23 PM
IF you are considering new carpets or flooring then look at getting rid of your radiators and installing underfloor heating.
The most economical is electric wire or matting. There are several reasons why
1. Radiated heat does exacty that - It radiates heat which rises and the really warm area is behind the radiator and just above it. Stand close you get warm , walk away and you get cooler ....

2. A radiator takes up space on a wall - The wall is wasted - You cant put any furniture against it

3. radiators can take up to TWO hours to reach optimum heating temperature - And your paying for that two hours...and when switched off the heat takes longer to dissapait.

4. Assuming you use a gas central heating system with rads then the life expectancy of a syatem is around 10 - 15 years and will require regular maintainance at a cost.
With underrfloor electric wire heating

1.If you use insulation boards - Not expensive Optimum heat is reached in less than 40 mins

2.Heat is spread evenly accross the room and rises - Wherever you are you get warm :)

3.If the free wire or matting is installed by a part P qualified sparky then there are systems that have a life time gurantee. No maintainence - Touch the thermostat off and on ....simple

4. Typical running cost of free wire/matting underfloor heating 6 sqm room @8 hours = £0.57p !!!!!!

5. Plus your walls are free so you can use that space !!

As gas prices continue to rise far far faster than electricity costs the days of the gas boiler and central heating system are very numbered
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