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We've done the coffee thing, now I get to choose where we go on our first date. I really like the idea of dinner and a movie. Personally, I would rather do dinner or a movie for first date. I would like to avoid the whole bar scene, so far I know he likes to slow dance, I can wait a bit longer on that one.I will hold back on my karaoke streak if he holds back on his dancing.
The best first date I went on, was when we went for a country drive and had a picnic.
Looking for something a little less causal, this time.
Any suggestions?
 U make it entertaining
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First date ideas
Posted: 10/21/2012 9:12:36 AM
Found this on pinterest.
Hope one of them works for you ...

1. Make chocolate covered strawberries
2. Paris night: get a baguette, French wine, and cheese!
3. Read your favorite books to one another
4. Bake cookies together
5. Watch the sunrise, then make breakfast together
6. Attend a local soccer game
7. Watch an entire season of your fav TV show
8. Go for a long drive
9. Planetarium
10. Art gallery
11. Play board games
12. Movie
13. Visit garage sales
14. Volunteer for a homeless shelter
15. Go dancing
16. Go to the driving range
17. Build a snowman
18. Ride go-carts
19. Rent a movie
20. Have a carpet picnic
21. Go to an arcade
22. Play Frisbee
23. Go kayaking
24. Go ice skating
25. Visit the pumpkin farm
26. Go to a forest preserve
27. Go to ballet performance
28. Visit a place listed in an entertainment book
29. Bike riding
30. Study social media marketing
31. Bowling
32. Haunted house
33. Out for coffee
34. Visit a flea market
35. Play bingo
36. Go to an opera
37. Swing by a bookstore
38. Visit another city
39. Go hear jazz or reggae
40. See an NBA game
41. Play in the batting cages
42. Vegas anyone, lol?
43. Piano bar
44. Visit a nursing home and hand out flowers to everyone
45. Have lunch at a trendy new restaurant
46. Grab a fish fry
47. Grab a pint at an Irish pub
48. Chinese food and DVDs – the perfect mix
49. Attend a poetry reading
50. Attend an author reading from their latest fiction work
51. Go antiquing
52. Go out for drinks
53. Visit a winery
54. Attend a painting class
55. Visit an animal shelter – you may come home with a new pet
56. Go for a carriage ride
57. Visit the tourist spots in your hometown
58. Take a trip to the hobby store – pick out a project to work on for the afternoon
59. Take a walk – around a lake, in the moonlight, by the river, on the beach
60. Go to a festival
62. Create a scrapbook
61. Go to a shrimp boil
63. Attend a matinee
64. Visit the zoo
65. Go see a local band
66. Have lunch at a church festival
67. Go camping
68. Go hiking
69. Go rock climbing
70. Play croquet
71. Attend a farmer’s market
72. Have dinner at a new place
73. Try out a new cuisine
75. Take part in a community theater performance
74. Go strawberry picking or visit an apple orchard
76. Attend a live, outdoor music night in your town
77. Go see fireworks
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Found this on pinterest.
Posted: 10/21/2012 1:03:27 PM
Amazing ideas..
I don't know why there are two threads here, I will just answer you once..WOW THANKS..
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Found this on pinterest.
Posted: 10/21/2012 3:48:47 PM
I like going to dinner somewhere that I know isn't going to be crowded so we won't be rushed, so we can linger over dinner and
keep getting to know each other. Depending on the weather, a walk afterward is nice.
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First date ideas
Posted: 11/7/2012 6:43:57 PM
Dinner would be cool but the movie, not so much. You dont get a chance to talk more and get to know each other.
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First date ideas
Posted: 11/7/2012 7:35:02 PM
There are now movie theaters in most places where you can order drinks and dinner.
You sit in comfy chairs with a table.
Very cool.
Scoot the chairs together or keep your distance.

I love those dates.
And they always go well.

The mixed drinks are strong so be careful.
(must be why those dates went so well/LOL)

The one here is called Main Event.
Its a chain.
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First date ideas
Posted: 11/7/2012 8:48:05 PM
lol at Entertaining.......Playing frisbee?

That reminds me of a first date I had with a single father. We went to a park where his young son could run around. Was a lovely day.

I have a unique idea on my profile to which I've had many responses. :)
I dont like the idea of watching a movie because what if you dont like each other? If you do, you cant talk.

In my opinion, a coffee or a drink with a very light lunch is brief, in the daylight and IF the date goes well you can decide after that.
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First date ideas
Posted: 11/8/2012 4:22:39 AM
We got snow around here: ice skating, skiing?
No, I will offer to go and share shoveling her driveway.
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First date ideas
Posted: 11/8/2012 6:47:37 AM

I really like the idea of dinner and a movie

Then go for it... there is absolutely nothing wrong with a traditional date and the movie after dinner will take some of the pressure off to keep up the conversation. You can just hold hands and relax. Often, we will have a drink after the movie and the movie itself gives you something that you share to talk about.
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First date ideas
Posted: 11/8/2012 2:22:20 PM
I suggest you throw the ball back in his court and see what he comes up with.........
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First date ideas
Posted: 11/8/2012 2:41:03 PM
Late lunch (late enough to have a drink, but then, it's 5pm somewhere) and then a art gallery where you can learn about each others views. When someone thinks you're actually listening to them, they tend to open up to a deeper level of conversation.
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First date ideas
Posted: 11/8/2012 5:44:36 PM
Going to a arcade can be alot of fun. You get to see how much fun he could be. See each others sense of humor.
Good luck!!!
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First date ideas
Posted: 11/8/2012 6:26:46 PM
If you fancy each other then you want to spend time alone, surely. Country drives and picnics are casual are they not? Why not ask the guy what he suggests? He will be paying for it if he invited you, if he is a gentleman. Dinner is a good idea and then dancing perhaps. Movies are for those who dont want to talk and who are quite intimate already I would say.
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First date ideas
Posted: 11/9/2012 7:57:09 AM
What ever you decide to take it lightly. There will only be one first date. It's special. Treat it that way.

I wouldn't suggest doing the best idea you can think of by the time Saturday comes along. Agree to go out when either one of you come up with something that just screams YES! THAT'S IT! Good things are worth waiting for, just don't let it wait too long. If you both are excited about the possibilities one of you will come up with something good.

I did Post #1's last on the list. The fireworks for a first date. We went on a Friday the 13th, rescheduled July 4th after a crippling major storm and the night was magical. Definately one to remember even if the relationship doesn't last.

A small town carnival or festival is always a good one. Out of season now, but you get the idea.

Avoid activities that entertain you. You are the entertainment.
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First date ideas
Posted: 11/9/2012 5:05:35 PM
Go for a walk in a beautfiul area and enjoy the scenery as you talk. Don't do the usual "first date interview" kind of questions. Just talk about fun stuff.

A man is more likely to open up to a woman if they aren't face to face while talking. Something to do with facial expressions, I think. Whatever, just listen when he speaks and NEVER be judgemental no matter what he says. He'll learn to feel accepted for his own beleifs and open to talking wih you later, if you want things to progress. He'll also tend to learn that he can be honest with you about any subject. (Saves you from "surprises" later.

Remember, ladies -- a man is MUCH more likely to call for a second date based on whether or not he had fun on the first.
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First date ideas
Posted: 11/9/2012 6:01:14 PM
I agree with Cowboy on this topic. IMO, a first date should focus on communication and getting to know each other. A movie certainly does not allow for any communication. I would save that for another time.
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First date ideas
Posted: 11/9/2012 7:29:36 PM
I would like to have dinner and then maybe { considering it's getting cold here } go ice skating or visit the science center, something like that so we can talk and get to know one another. A drink afterwords would be nice and a good way to end the night relaxed.
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