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Joined: 11/15/2012
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I'm having an issue online and off. When I talk to someone new it seems like the conversations is one sided, even worse on here. I ask well thought out open ended questions and they respond with one or two word answers and never ask me any questions. After a few days my questions and conversation starts to get boring and dry and they stop communicating with me. I've had dates that have went well in the past and never had this problem. What gives is it something I'm doing or something on their side.

More to add a resent girl I talked with offline (friend of a friend) told her friend she was really interested in me. Yet the conversation was the same way had to drag the conversation along until I get uncomfortable and the convo goes dry. Then she lost interest....

Little help ladies...
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One sided convo
Posted: 12/1/2012 6:35:49 AM
Well, I dont have the female opinion your asking for but..

Happened all the time to me on here too. Didnt really hit that in real life but that could be because I never got to a date point with them.

Having to prop the conversation up was difficult. I used to think is it me? am I THAT boring?
I learned some people just have a difficult time communicating, not getting light humor etc.
I see that a lot still today in the non dating world too.

In a nutshell, if you cant coax them into a conversation, then give it up after a bit.

Chalk it up to, you tried, it didnt work, just go to the old standby option at that point, go for the sex and go home and never call them again. :)
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One sided convo
Posted: 12/1/2012 8:45:58 AM
For what it's worth, in my experience on here, the ones who send me two paragraph responses never give up the phone number so I can ask them to meet. It's weird, usually the brief ones on here wind up coughing up their number so I can try to set something up.

You might want to move for the phone number within two days or five messages returned. Question and answer sessions can get boring and the average 28 year old female gets A LOT of mail from men 25-40.
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One sided convo
Posted: 12/1/2012 9:44:18 AM
One of two probable causes.

1) They are on a PHONE. Half of pof uses a phone to access this site these days
2) They are not that interested or a terrible conversationalist.

Try asking for a PHONE NUMBER and talk to them and see if things go better

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One sided convo
Posted: 12/1/2012 10:16:12 AM
thanks for the replies. I'll keep plugging away surely I'll find someone that will talk. Lol. I'll keep these suggestions in mind.
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One sided convo
Posted: 12/1/2012 9:58:56 PM
That poster was right about the phone situation.
Most people are using mobile, and I'm sure you know how annoying that is hah .
Also, being blunt, they just might not be that into you.
Not enough to sit and type their hearts out.

BUT, girls have that same issue.
I just give it up, because we all need someone who can communicate and keep things interesting.
Its exhausting to do all the work.
Youll find someone :)

Good luck
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One sided convo
Posted: 12/1/2012 10:42:44 PM

More to add a resent girl I talked with offline (friend of a friend) told her friend she was really interested in me.

Should have phoned her ... Duh.
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Posted: 12/1/2012 11:01:24 PM
What is the subject matter of your questions. may I ask?
I mean, are you talking about spark plugs or beef stew or maybe what they do work a job/school?
And if so, are you interjecting your own information or is it an interview like conversation?
A conversation, to go well, means that 2 people contribute...and I hear you sayin' that you feel you're the only on doing the asking, but are you offfering up information or tidbits that roll the talk along?
Perhaps you need to widen your questions to find what the girl you're speaking to is passionate about?

Note: I've had this as well. I always figure one of three things, a. they're not into me, which is fine. b. they're nervous, which is fine. c. they're boring and not for me, which is fine.
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One sided convo
Posted: 12/15/2012 12:49:06 AM
That means they aren't very interested. Sorry.
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