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Kansas may be flat, but it's never boring for this traveling salesman. Search for "Mapping Kansas" at the web site for your favorite ereader. Chapters include The Smolan Slut, Dinner in Dodge, The Lincoln Lay, and here's a sample from Ménages á Topeka

The van needed servicing, so I headed back to Topeka to the dealership where I had bought the vehicle. And I wanted some special purpose hooks installed inside for reasons about which I’d lie to the service manager.
For a big city, the capital of Kansas is pretty bland. The dealership gave me a loaner car, and I went to a motel that was next to a little strip club that I liked. I hate those big gaudy Vegas-type strip places. Too phony: fake boobs, foo-foo drinks, and far too much make up. This place was seedy. A cinder-block building with a dirt parking lot on SW Topeka Boulevard on the south part of the city. The girls were down-to-earth. Some of them played a decent game of pool.
I’d get me a burger, beer, maybe play some pool, maybe get drunk because I could walk to the motel. Maybe take a girl with me, if that worked out.
When I pushed in the front door there was this beautiful bottom in cut-off shredded jeans pointed at my nose because its owner was bent over the table taking a shot. I closed the door, and, as my eyes adjusted to the dark, I watched that ass like a peach shake a little before the pool cue was drawn back and then forward with her stroke. I heard a click and a plop. She stood up. Her long brown hair was braided into a thick pony tail that reach the top of that bubble butt. The thin girl turned around to look at me: sharp chin, wide jaw, broad forehead, good cheeks—in the face I mean—and big brown eyes.
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Sexy stories from Kansas
Posted: 12/3/2012 4:46:11 PM
I think I knew that place in my youth. LOL
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Sexy stories from Kansas
Posted: 8/31/2016 12:53:26 PM
HECK,I was there many times,stopped there on my way to denver,,,,I think I met that same girl.....
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