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Joined: 12/4/2012
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I'm guessing everyone says their a genuine, funny, fun who loves cuddles and kisses etc..... Well that's a given, who doesn't like cuddles and kisses!? Lol, it's not exactly a unique selling point which is what i'm sure this box is for, expressing what's unique about me.

Remove this, pretty lame. Actually you sound like you are bored to tears in your profile, like it's all a joke and beneath you. Fishing for mermaid is fine, no need to add cheesy enough? Why the irritation?
 You go first
Joined: 5/1/2008
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Lots of views no replies, help needed
Posted: 12/8/2012 9:54:16 PM
Agree on the cuddles paragraph. Lose it. Also, no need to downplay your job - these days you're lucky to have one at all.

I'd have been more interested to read about the half-Egyptian heritage. Ever been there? Want to? Speak the language? Do you have Egypt in your Interests field? Half your Interests are pretty generic. Replace some of them with one or two-word specific examples and add a few more.

What are your messages like??
Joined: 3/14/2013
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Hey guys, been away for a while
Posted: 10/11/2013 3:55:54 PM
Too much guy love going on. I double checked to make sure you were looking for a woman. Seriously. Your main pic should be you and only you. Your friends are good looking. I wouldn't feature them. It detracts from the main attraction. You need clearer pics in better lighting.

Write up isn't bad, but your ideal girl is pretty general? Delete the "lol" at the end of your First Date description.
Joined: 8/23/2013
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Hey guys, been away for a while
Posted: 10/13/2013 7:55:19 PM
Guys don't get enough messages to warrant filters so you don't need them.
Your "about me" is ok, but doesn't have much life. Inject excitement, share something personal--something to set you a bit apart. You want to be interesting...memorable is even better.
Joined: 8/23/2013
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Hey guys, been away for a while
Posted: 10/14/2013 1:48:23 PM

That being said I'm not all work and no play, I have a good work life balance (7 weeks of holiday a year) and I enjoy going to the gym a couple times a week, by no means an addict though, walking the dogs, time with friends, meals out, cinema, weekends away, as comfortable in an atmospheric pub as I am in a club.

need to split that up.

What do you do with that 7 weeks off a year?
If you separate canoeing and kayaking, they will show up as blue and then be searchable. Where do you like to go? Do you have anything planned?

Interests: socializing, new places, meeting people, friends, days out, new experiences can all go. Think more in terms of what activities you enjoy that you can share with a girl. She wants to see how your lives might fit together.
 You go first
Joined: 5/1/2008
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Hey guys, been away for a while
Posted: 10/14/2013 4:16:53 PM
Other than more photos where we can see your smile, losing the generic Interests and deleting the last line, it's really quite good.
Joined: 8/23/2013
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Hey guys, been away for a while
Posted: 10/14/2013 8:47:07 PM
Nice work, Matt! It looks much better.
Now scoot off and get us some great pics of your handsome self!
Joined: 3/15/2011
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Hey guys, been away for a while
Posted: 10/15/2013 1:36:02 AM
^^ What? No, don't do that.

Profile looks good. Now you just need some good photos. The main is bad quality and over-saturated, the second is bad quality and has some dude in it.
Joined: 9/25/2013
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Hey guys, been away for a while
Posted: 10/15/2013 4:33:53 AM

Take shirtless pics at the beach

Says the only Floridian who needs a spray tan.
Joined: 8/23/2013
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Hey guys, been away for a while
Posted: 10/15/2013 2:35:08 PM
^^^^It will make more impact than anything else you do.
Joined: 7/20/2014
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Hey guys, been away for a while
Posted: 5/1/2016 1:40:36 PM
I've taken the liberty of re-arranging the stream-of-conscious thing you had started with. Removed the fluff, cleaned up the text talk, typos and put like ideas together. Feel free to keep/change/expand/ignore as you see fit:

I know what I want from life and there are lots of things I still want to tick off my list. I'm the type of person who truly believes in living life rather than just existing. I am very happy with the way things are and I'd like to share that with someone I can get to know and who can get to know me.

My work is in Taunton and Bristol. I'm very ambitious and have a very successful career that I enjoy. But I'm also relaxed, with a sense of humour and give as good as I get. Low maintenance, no baggage, genuine and honest.

I love to go on holidays, check out festivals, and work out 6 times a week. I do the workout thing because I love food, cooking and eating out :) I find walking my dog and exploring about also keeps me active.

No particular favourite music genre, but I enjoy history, cultures, films and just generally making the most of my free time. I just like to have fun and do and experience as much as I can.

Who am I looking for? Someone special, fun, active, chatty, good sense of humour, ambitious, adventurous, dog friendly and just looking to make the most of life with lots of laughs and adventures along the way. Basically looking for a relationship to complement my life, not to fulfill or complete it. I don't want a pen pal - I think the best way to get to know someone is to meet them in person, go on a few dates and just see how it goes. No pressure, no rushing in to anything serious just going out and having fun and see where it leads :)

Matt x

The red photo would be perfect for a main if it weren't twisted. As someone who claims to be active, you will want to add at least two shots of you actually doing some of the things you claim to do. Or - at minimum - a full length casual shot, shirt on, no sunglasses, no obvious selfies.

Your occupation is noted as General Manager. In what industry do you generally manage? (it could be strip clubs or resort hotels, big difference to your viewer....)

If someone drives 75 miles in any direction from your home, are they not still in the same country/UK? Pardon my lack of your local geography, but it does kinda seem like overkill, no?
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