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Alright see I've thought about this for some time now but I really don't know if this would be the best way to go. I have an older gateway laptop. It's my everyday laptop and right now it's running Windows 7 operating system. I believe it's 32-bit.

My deal is my laptop is designed for XP. I'm wondering if I should downgrade the software. I don't really have any major problems with windows 7 it's just that. With the older computer I'm wondering if it's better for it to run Window XP instead of 7.

I know a lot of techies but I don't want to go asking them seeing as I've tried before and I get sort of brushed off with topics like this.

Such as one thing about my laptop is that pictures on certain sites get pixelated and are a bit chopy to view. Even videos and that's another thing I was wondering if the OS could be causing. It may not be because as I said it's an older computer though I still want to make sure.

My laptop has 1.60ghz possessor
and about 2gb ram
with 32-bit operating system.

If anyone has any ideas on it please don't be afraid to speak. (Besides the, best thing to do is get a new computer. Trust me I got that in the making but I'm not rushing with getting one right now.)
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Older Laptop Windows XP or 7
Posted: 12/21/2012 12:16:15 AM
I'm no tecky that's for sure, but I use to prefer xp on my older pc. xp just seemed to have my pc running faster I found, while windows 7 was more demanding, and therefore slowing it down. XP runs pretty well to. I got a newer pc, and windows 7 is what I run, and I do love the bells and whistles that comes with it. It seems to be, that every time I get a newer windows, it is much more user friendly; I have to say that I never did play with vista. Xp was easier than whatever I had before (don't remember the name now, maybe 2000), and windows 7 is easier than xp.

I never thought of it as in, the pc was built for a certain windows program. You're computer can run on linux even, or something else. Windows 7 is just a little more demanding, and windows XP is still pretty good, as well as an accepted format still for many games and whatnot.
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Older Laptop Windows XP or 7
Posted: 12/21/2012 1:55:10 AM
I don't know what your cpu is because i don't know what the make or model number of your laptop is to look up the specs on it but If you say Windows 7 is running fine on it then there is no need to go back to XP. XP was a great OS for its day but Windows 7 has become the OS of choice now seeing as Windows 7 just surpassed XP in market share a couple months back.

Windows 7 is more secure and more stable then XP. Not to mention Microsoft is going to end XP's support in 2014 meaning no more security updates and you are basicly on your own to fix system security issues that may come up in the future. Windows 7 on the other hand will continue to get support from Microsoft until 2020. Normally when Microsoft stops support for an OS so does many hardware and software venders, so that means you'll start to see less and less future hardware driver support and program support for XP once Microsoft cuts support for XP next year.

While XP's life is coming to a close Windows 7's life still has a long life ahead of it. So those are the factors you have to think about before going back to XP.

Personally i loved Windows XP, but it was time to move on for hardware reasons. I really like Windows 7. I didn't care for Vista and I can't stand Windows 8 and its metro style UI and its easter egg like charms. Not to metnion they got rid of the start menu and aero glass which makes the window scheme looks like something you would see in Windows 98. Going back to Windows 7 felt like an upgrade after using Windows 8. lol
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Older Laptop Windows XP or 7
Posted: 12/21/2012 10:46:51 PM
go into Computer -> Properties -> advanced system settings -> Performance -> settings -> adjust for best performance

To give your older system a slight boost. Also, if possible, double your RAM to 4GB (will only see about 3, but hey)

Win 7 will run OK, not great. just don't try to do too much, i.e., run too many programs.

AS for the pixelation, take a look at the manufactures support site and see if upgraded drivers are available. Even if not WHQL approved, use 'em, better performance and quality.

Whiel I have nothing against WinXP, you'll be better served staying with Win7 , esp. in the long run,

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Older Laptop Windows XP or 7
Posted: 12/30/2012 10:43:26 AM
I have exact same config on my system also added sdhc card as a ram booster dedicated function of 4gb
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Older Laptop Windows XP or 7
Posted: 1/1/2013 12:56:28 AM
I still use 2 "2003 era" IBM G40's with a 3.6 GHZ single core processor and 2GB of memory. One of them is an XP3 - I use just to monitor business cues on a "distributed data network" (the "out of the box thinkers" call that The Cloud- I call it what it is in the real world ) , runs Outlook 2010 with Lync and I still use it to pull up technical documents in Acrobat. I often surf with it using Google Chrome browser. VLC is a better media player and less resource heavy. I still run ITunes on the machine also. It just my screw around notebook that always stays at work and doesn't tie up my work machines or my personal ones. Windows XP Service Pack 3 works just fine on the machine, and I see no need in replacing it or upgrading it for what I use it for.
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Older Laptop Windows XP or 7
Posted: 1/1/2013 5:35:28 PM
I can bost my computer start up speed with a ssd drive but my mother board only has room for 8 harddrives.
having a 6GBS harddrive boot up faster with a 6gbs ssd drive may not save any time

I have windows 7 starter on my metbook that I never use.
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Older Laptop Windows XP or 7
Posted: 4/10/2013 9:12:22 PM
I'd say with those hardware specs Windows XP would be best. It will still run pretty much anything you need and takes less resources.
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Older Laptop Windows XP or 7
Posted: 4/11/2013 11:41:08 AM
Lets not forget that XP is susceptible to the "windows mud" slowdown effect after a while of use. Windows 7 does not have this known issue. I would never go back to XP from 7. I've been a network admin over 16 years...
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Older Laptop Windows XP or 7
Posted: 4/17/2013 6:00:51 AM
don't forget that xp is due to end the support from MS soon

try linux mint, ubuntu etc, all free and updated regularly

the software is all free as well :)

given away all my xp licences :)
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Older Laptop Windows XP or 7
Posted: 4/17/2013 10:49:40 PM
I have windows 7 starter on my 4 year old netbook windows xp will just slow down my netbook.
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Older Laptop Windows XP or 7
Posted: 5/22/2013 2:13:17 AM
You need to explain what you mean by better. Better how? In what you can do feature/function wise? In performance? In userfriendliness (I remember facing a learning curve going from XP to 7)?

Really, your issues seem to be more about drivers or web browsers. Your OS could be at fault if indeed your computer is sharing video RAM with the GPU and thus not adequately supplying enough for the video. Just open up your task manager and you can see how much physical RAM is used and what's free. Those details will help lead you to resolution.

In 7, press CTRL+ALT+DEL just once and you should be taken to a list where you'll see Task Manager listed at the bottom. You may also go to the control panel and click on "Performance Information and Tools," click on "Advanced tools," on the left and then "Open Task Manager."
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Older Laptop Windows XP or 7
Posted: 5/30/2013 1:58:54 PM
Don't go back to XP as this is totally obsolete and not supported anymore. Win 7 is probably the best Windows that is still supported, and if it's running well why change it? If you have some performance issues a much better idea would be to get Ubuntu which has better performance, is more stable, more user friendly, and also FREE!
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