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Joined: 1/6/2012
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been doing this for a while, but no luckPage 1 of 1    
You have a cute face, so that works in your favor.

The times square shot is useless, it's too dark to make out any details. Your on ly other full body shot is sideways.

IN your profile text I would leave these things out, or change them.

I am the strangest girl i know; not easy to crack, and understand off top. Just so its out there, and no one is surprised.

I have been celibate for almost a year.

Please all tall, dark, and handsome manly men apply.

Most people think they are unique, being strange isn't always a good thing.

Telling men you have been celibate for a year will only invite men to volunteer to help out with that.

You might want tall, dark, and handsome manly men. but I think that is better left to when someone MSG you. Meaning just reject those that don't appeal to you.

When you say dark, does that men Black only? Manly Man, are those going to be Players or Construction workers? Tall, how tall do you require?

Hard to say how men will interpret those requirements? Maybe you are joking, maybe serious, who knows for sure?

That's my two bits on your profile.
Joined: 11/6/2011
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been doing this for a while, but no luck
Posted: 3/6/2013 12:23:42 PM
You open up by saying you're 'unconventional'... I can like that, but the rest of the text really show only commonplace.
Give us some insight as to what makes you special or drop that bit imo. You can also phrase it better.

Do those 'lifestyle changes' for real and then come asking for healthy/fit people, as is, it's all talk.
Try to remove the negatives in the bit about your ideal manly man, only positives.
Last part is completely useless.

Pics 3 and 7 do you no good.

Good luck
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