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Joined: 2/3/2013
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LOL Is this training costing you anything personally (apart from your time)?
If you do not think that the A4E are satisfying their contract obligations or complying with government objectives then I suggest that you write a strongly worded letter to someone important to suggest reform....
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A4e coining it in
Posted: 6/1/2013 1:42:57 PM
^^^ thats one hell of a cut n paste hairy one !! :O)

EDIT..well, it was ! hahahaha

^^^^ whoa ! major finger sores with all that typing hahahaha !! :O)
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A4e coining it in
Posted: 6/10/2013 3:03:50 PM
I had to have my say on this I was unemployed for 2yrs up until last year when I started university full time. As i'm over 25 I was referred to the work programme after 1yr of unenmloyment. What was ridiculous is that I was referred a couple of weeks before Uni started so it was pointless for me to even attend The Work Programme because as soon as I got there, I'd be leaving to start uni. Typical Job Centre, they insisted I attend anyway. I explained to them as i'd be at uni full time, off benefits and studying hard, working was not an option. My student loans cover everything and I'd did my maths in advance and saw I'd be ok financially.

The Job Centre basically told me "You SHOULD get a job when you're at uni, how are you going to survive, why won't you get a job while at uni?'' Ummm..... "I won't be on benefits, signing on etc So what I do at uni is none of your business" was my reply. But they kept on pestering me and prying into my life. Anyway I was referred to a company called Prospectus in Plymouth (UK) and had a telephone interview etc They booked me in to come and see them the friday before uni started and I explained to them that that week, I'd be signing off JSA and HB so there was no point in me coming in to see them. They never got the message and kept writing to me for months while I was at uni threatening to stop my benefits blah blah Ummm....At that point, I was at uni full time, off benefits for months yet they kept phoning and writing to me re-arranging appointments and warning me my benefit would be stopped if I did not attend. WTF!!!

It's obvious the companies running The Work Programme do not communicate with The Job Centre. If they did they'd know I was off benefits. I had to phone Prospectus yet again to get them to stop pestering me. The girl I spoke to there was like ''Oh! Have you found a job? If so when did you start employment and where?....'' She was asking lots of suspicious questions and a friend of mine who too was once on The Work Programme, warned me that the companies who run the ''training'' are known to commit fraud. In his case they were very unhelpful and off his own back he got a job and signed off JSA. He did not even bother to tell Working Links who he was referred to by the Job Centre. They kept phoning him afterwards asking why he'd left? He told them he'd found employment and after that they phoned him non stop asking ''How are you getting on at your new job?'' My friend was angry that they were acting like THEY were the ones who got him the job! He hung up on them on one occasion. Therefore I did not tell Prospectus about me starting uni. Well I did, but gave very little info. No course details, uni name etc though. Because they'd more than likely claim they got ME into uni etc and try and get money from The Job Centre for something they did not help with. I got into Uni on my own with no help from The Job Centre or Work Programme!

Word of advice, if you ever have the misfortune of being referred to these companies, don't inform them when you've found a job on your own via friends or whatever. They will more than likely squeeze info out of you and claim off the government/Job Centre making it look like they got you the job.
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A4e coining it in
Posted: 6/11/2013 6:35:23 AM
All of these work schemes are a waste of time as they can only ever displace other job seekers. They are there as is the insistence on keeping kids in school until 18 and 50% of people going to uni simply to massage the figures.

We simply have too many unemployable people in areas where there is no chance of employement improving..

What is needed are more jobs or fewer job seekers.
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