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PC shutting down to preserve filesPage 1 of 1    
Click Start/Run and type chkdsk /f /r and press the Enter key. Follow the onscreen prompts and reboot your computer. Windows will check your hard drive for problems. Depending on the size of your hard drive, this can take quite some time.
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PC shutting down to preserve files
Posted: 6/1/2013 7:20:23 PM
As someone who is in the IT industry, and has fixed a lot of friends computers over the years, my first suggestion would be: Find a new PC repair person.

I would never give someone back a machine that kernel panic'd like that. However, to answer your question, no - your PC is probably not "kaput", the kernel data inpage error is most likely a software problem, not hardware. I've watched a lot of people "toss away" perfectly functional machines to get a new one, when they didn't really need to.

I also (having grown up with a TV repairman grandfather in the 70's - remember tubes?) used to fix up CRT monitors for people - I remember a friend I gave an old 19" TV of mine to, a year later it died in a lightning storm - rather than call me they took it to a local TV repair shop - the guy told them it was "unfixable" and sold her a 'refurbished' 20" TV for $200. I told them to get the old one back, which they did - I opened it up and the dust inside was totally undisturbed, the guy had obviously never even opened it up before deeming it "unfixable" - counting the $2 for two zener diodes I ran to Radio Shack to buy (quicker than ordering them - albeit 3x what they should have cost), it probably cost $5 in parts and 30 minutes for me to fix (I had the other parts).

Find someone who guarantees it (if it were me, I certainly wouldn't charge you to take it back and fix it if I returned it to you with a problem). I got a laptop from someone I know who had their "PC friend" install "AntiVirus" for them - the machine wouldn't boot into windows after (cmd prompt safe mode only) - they couldn't fix it - I had it fixed in 20 minutes flat. They've taken their desktop PC at home to their "PC repair shop" twice... at $100/each time, and both times it's come back with the same problems she wanted them to fix (don't get me started on why you would pay someone *twice* to not fix your machine), I'll probably be getting that from them this week to take a look at (she runs the Deli around the corner from my house - for fixing her laptop I got my morning coffee & a bagel for free for a week ).

(Also, that error should give more information when it blue screens, a series of hex numbers, the first would tell me more - something like:

Bug Check Code : 0x0000007a

The 007a could indicate a hardware issue (potential failing hard drive), but other codes could indicate a lot of other issues - including viruses/rootkits - do you have a good AntiVirus installed on the machine? )
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PC shutting down to preserve files
Posted: 6/2/2013 7:44:47 AM

If, and when, it plays me up again, i will quickly write down anything the screen says before i shut it down.

Thanks for your interest and i shall keep you informed as to what happens. I find the people on this forum extremely good with their free advice. I am in the UK or i would certainly pass the pc over to you!

Also, what exactly you are doing when it happens can be handy. As in, if it always happens when you are running some certain program. And yeah, XP is generally pretty stable - I've maybe had a handful of blue-screens over the course of like 6 years... and reality is, once a year or so I'm not gonna really panic over it.

And yeah, I looked at where you were located - if you'd been anywhere local I might've been up for a road trip (always nice to meet people). UK though, that's one expensive PC fix.

One thing to look for though, in your C:\WINDOWS (or WINNT) directory there's a folder called "Minidump", see if there are any .dmp files in there (with a date of one of your errors, or recent at least). Those should get created if you blue-screen.
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PC shutting down to preserve files
Posted: 6/2/2013 11:40:30 AM


This usually indicates a problem with the "paging file".
Please check and make sure that your "virtual memory" is large enough
Assuming Windows XP...
Click "Start"-->Right click on "my computer" and choose "properties" (bottom of sub menu).
Click the "advanced" tab from the System Properties Window.
Click the "settings" button under "performance"
Click the "advanced" tab under performance options.
Click "change" under virual memory.
Make sure that hard drive "c" is highlighted.
You can either choose "system managed size" Or,
Define "initial size (MB)" to equal your installed ram; Example, 2gb ram installed= 2048MB initial size
Define "maximum size (MB) to a higher number equal to 1.1-2 times installed ram;

Example 2gb ram installed...
4096MB maximum size at 2 times installed ram.
3072MB maximum size at 1.5 times ram.

Download and run this program to defrag "paging file";

Now, you could have other issues that are causing the page file problem such as hard drive failing, faulty ram, corrupt files, loose cable(s), motherboard, cpu overheating (cooling fan not working).
Hope this helps.
Back up ALL of your important data VERY IMPORTANT!
It is always a good idea to reinstall windows every couple of years (format, reinstall).
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PC shutting down to preserve files
Posted: 6/2/2013 4:30:33 PM

the mysterious removal of a stick i never followed up. Perhaps this is part of the problem?

Yes, if you don't have the required "ram" to install and run programs, you can get paging errors, especially if you are multi-tasking and/or what little ram you do have is faulty.
XP requires a minimum of 128mb of ram.
But, with memory intensive programs (i.e. Photoshop) you would be well advised to have at least 1gb or more.
At 128mb, your pc will run very slowly, especially if you are multitasking.
Ultimately, it is very advantageous to "max out" the amount of ram your pc can handle and allow Windows to handle the virtual memory. Ram is relatively inexpensive and increasing it is one of the cheapest ways to get more speed out of your pc, limitations of your internal bus speed notwithstanding.
Joined: 11/22/2012
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PC shutting down to preserve files
Posted: 6/2/2013 7:43:01 PM
On the blue screen of death just below the line that has the Kernel Data In page error. There should be a line called stop code. It will be an 10 digit sequence with 0x at the beginning. Forums1 mentioned about it in his post about the bug code. It would be nice to get it as it would help us narrow the problem down.

Generally though a kernel in page error is related to windows swapping data between your computers memory and the virtual memory on your hard drive. The following are a list of possible problems. A bad ram module, a bad ram module port on the motherboard, a bad mother board (although this would be a last resort). Your hard drive might have a bad section, that happens to be where your virtual memory is stored. Another possible cause is a bad power supply or a cheaply built power supply.

Most times when I have seen that error on my computers it has almost always been caused by a bad ram module or modules or a bad power supply.

It could possibly also be a software issue with windows and possibly another program.

The best thing you could do is try and narrow down how you get the BSOD. If you can easily reproduce the problem when you do a certain sequence. Then it helps tremendously to narrow down the cause. And if you can get that stop code I mentioned that would be great. :)
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PC shutting down to preserve files
Posted: 6/3/2013 9:01:03 AM

The best thing you could do is try and narrow down how you get the BSOD. If you can easily reproduce the problem when you do a certain sequence. Then it helps tremendously to narrow down the cause. And if you can get that stop code I mentioned that would be great. :)

While I agree, and with what 63T said to check... I've also worked helpdesk (many years ago, early 90's) and I know that the average user would have no clue how to do most of that, nor would they want to try (regardless how "easy" we may think it is). I remember spending *20 minutes* with someone who, in WordPerfect5.1 for DOS (long time ago), kept getting "garbage" on their screen when trying to get to their files... when I finally got it out of them that their "garbage" (that they'd rebooted their machine 5x trying to "fix") was "text - letters and numbers", and got them to read it to me it was "FILE NOT FOUND". ("garbage"... uh, yup, ok.)

Really, she's probably far better off taking it to someone local who knows how to fix it. Just because I can take my computers apart, swap/replace memory, install new hard drives, etc, and have little fear of going in and tweaking registry entries and the like, doesn't mean 99% of the people I've *ever* met would be anywhere near comfortable with that... IT has been my career, not theirs.
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PC shutting down to preserve files
Posted: 6/3/2013 3:44:13 PM
Yes, Forums1, that is very true. I bet you could share many similarily funny stories. :-)
I've heard and experienced a few over the years myself.
Hey, I gave it a shot. You just never know. Someone else may read this and decide to give it a go.
It's a good reference.
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